Consciousness is A Holographic Projection of The Quantum Potential

The Holographic Reality

  • The self is a projection of the unconscious mind.
  • The brain creates the projection powered by the spirit or pure awareness.
  • The brain cannot come into direct contact with physical reality.
  • The pure awareness operates through the brain, which only creates a holographic representation of physical reality.

Physicality comes forth from the sub-quantum energetic layer. The energetic layer contains the information for all the possible steps through what we consciously perceive as change through time. The personality we are conscious of in waking consciousness contains the results of filtering the unconscious potential through the particular memory set or history of the brain and body. This identity has access to a set of possibilities dependent on the ability of the personality to adapt to change.

Without the conscious observer aspect, IE: body consciousness and the awareness of the present moment, there is no separation between the environment and the self because all would be perceived as one connected existence . This may relate to a superconscious state or a state in which one’s mental existence is unified with an originating energy field. The idea of soul groups and the morphogenic field theory is very relevant.

The physical self or conscious waking mind is not the ultimate observer aspect and contains only a partial awareness of the fractal holographic view of the whole pattern of experience. The personality is an image brought forth by the interference pattern between all all encompassing self and the particular memories and psychological imprints that limit the self to a set of ideals or phobias.

Each personality coming from eternity in a way has to be brainwashed or mind-wiped in order to become aware as a physical being. There are notions of this being related to the specific catastrophes that have taken place across Earth, some of those being genetic changes. Whether or not this is due to the morphogenic field or the electromagnetic field of Earth changing, or an attack or a natural decline in activity, the subconscious mind contains the knowledge of beyond the physical universe and humanity has been manipulated and distracted away from it.

There is evidence of many civilizations knowing of these properties of the mind, the brain and the frequencies and how this relates to the creation and exploration of the universe itself.

This process can be referred to as “manifestation” of an actual definable reality out of the possibilities that are streaming around in any given situation. The story of time develops based on the physical properties, the given possibilities of the present, yet there is an integral transfer of information from the unconscious mind to the conscious and back again which invisibly shapes the background of experience and ultimately the conscious foreground as well. The unconscious mind from which the conscious personality is carved contains the answers to the conscious minds most important questions about life. The memories that shaped the personality and how to see the world are kept deeper in the mind accessed at frequencies that the conscious mind or waking consciousness is not present through. These memories show the construction of personality through certain experiences that change the way we see ourselves or existence. The changes in consciousness we experience are the method of communication of the knowledge of the unconscious. This is the area of mind where we are connected with the collective as well as other versions of ourself. The unconscious has access to all versions and connections so the conscious mind is a projected image that is relevant to a single body.

This is a kind of projection system where the information contained in the whole picture is filtered or limited through the conscious mind’s relationship with the unconscious mind. The more information one is capable of becoming conscious of through the unconscious mind the greater detail and scope of time one has access to in the Universe.

Time and space are arbitrary terms as they are used to define the projection yet they are a part of the projection itself.

The Manifesting of Consciousness From The Unconscious

This process takes place out of the conscious frequencies of the brain. Our physical perspective is seemingly removed from the source of the actual processing of our existence. This is commonly understood as the basis for the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind. The present cannot be ‘presently’ defined by consciousness, it is always moving out of view as consciousness is actually what is experiencing the motion, not what is being observed.

Consciousness has access to the level of awareness that processes the cleaving of time between future and past, but only through the brain’s ‘uplink’ or interface with what can be referred to as the soul, energetic bodies, or mind. The brain itself is a part of the projection system and therefore cannot be used to witness the projection taking place, but only to gather details and discrepancies which will give glimpses of the larger occurrence of the physical, mental and emotional layers throughout the whole experience simultaneously.

Consciousness cannot be used to become aware of itself, an abstraction must be made through a mirror image of reality through which the self can be propagated and thus witnessed. A refraction from the original must occur in order to give something to work with. This is an external/internal duality which is generated by the body/mind system and the conscious and unconscious mind. They filter and reflect one another’s information and they filter and reflect the information of the environment. All information is reflections and projections. The brain could be said to be the mirrors while the awareness energy is the smoke.

It is all a show and in order to become aware of this the illusion must be comprehended  to assist in disengaging one’s consciousness with the processing of reality as a purely physical objective occurrence. Physical reality is intrinsically linked with the subjective internal reality. How and through what mechanism? It is through this projection system that the subjective experience shapes the physical. The conscious mind sees only a portion of possibilities and takes a journey through steps towards goal while making growth patterns of weakness and strength in various areas. The unconscious mind is projecting the growth pattern in order to lead the conscious mind towards a clearer perspective of the self. The whole view of the self is kept separate from the conscious waking mind as a kind of catalyst for the conscious mind to keep searching. Often there is trauma which is part of the shielding process, yet the process of stepping down from original existence is literally a kind of traumatic process. We naturally experience the removal of that through what we can call experiences of interconnectedness, oneness, or heightened states of spiritual awareness. There is a bliss and a clearing of trauma, a reconfirming of the true self. This is the weight lifted from the original ‘traumatization’ of spirit seeing through the body. This could also be related to the “veils” of reality that are placed over pure spirit and reconfigure one’s consciousness to remove the ability to correctly identify the self, the power of the mind, and the true nature of reality.

In order to free one from the restraints of body consciousness, programming, trauma-based responses one must use their mind just as much or in harmony with their body.

What happens when one is using their mind more than their body? What does it look like and how is this done? Is this just through meditation? Or can one use their mind to make mindful decisions in life which reflect a shift in power from the image and reflections that the body contains to the observer aspect which does not have to limit based on physical experience? This could be seen as the overcoming of obstacles or difficulties by willfully changing one’s attitude or perspective, or it could be seen as simply being and maintaining each step in the decision making process from a focus based within one’s mind instead of the body or the “room” that one is physically in. Retaining this inner space allows one to maintain a steady frequency which will generate a pattern that connects each moment to one another instead of taking broken steps based on each individual new “thought”.

By utilizing principles that relate to higher knowledge then one can transcend physical persuasion and rely on these underlying notions in order to produce the desired response or outcome. The principles do not need to be aware of every little detail or stimuli. The awareness can attain comprehension of these principles and then apply the knowledge to a given situation. This transfers power from the reactionary self based on the physical neuro-chemistry to a mental aspect which does not necessarily require the physical relativity in order to determine the self or the desired outcome. This allows the self to be defined relative to knowledge of the self, rather than the stimuli of the physical environment or body (including programming, trauma, belief-systems or specific memories). The self is freed from reaction through reason and intellect which seeks to define the intangible principles of Universal harmony. Through that, we are forever redefined based on principles of emotional and mental balance.

The brain and neuro-chemistry wants to continue whatever processes that are taking place. If awareness is simply allowed to operate through automatic stimulation and response of this realm, then the information of the environment assumes control over the perception and journey of the self. One becomes guided by the self by taking mental control and seeing how the attitude and perspectives we have access to determine the scope of possibilities we contain in a given situation. When we use our mind instead of reacting to a given situation more informational or energetic access is given to the mind to the information of the soul. When we use our body consciousness and react from the lower mental or physical perspectives then we give more energetic access to that area of existence. This could be considered related to the chakra system where energetic convergence centers exist up and down the spine and around the body. When awareness energy is given towards one group of centers then the conscious experience gears more towards that frequency. By determining how our awareness energy is moving through and around the body as the energetic fields of the mental and emotional bodies we can see whether we are feeding a neuro-chemical response pattern of the body or accessing greater control through the mind, soul and spirit.

If one can operate the brain to integrate with the perception of the self via a balance between internal and external, mental, physical, and emotional layers of experience, then which one is really in control? Is it the physical layer, the body and brain? The mental and emotional energy bodies? Is it one or the other? It is one, the other, another, and all three. This is a union of “parts” to the “Whole”. Without the harmonious interface between all of them allowing simultaneous communication, then they are just parts. When they are together, then the whole being is present. This whole is more powerful than any part. The whole is an interconnection created, it is not tangible, it is a coalescence of awareness energy placed in three realms simultaneously and brought together to the “middle”.

This takes place in the energy fields and mind as the physical body is not required to organize the energy. Motions, stretches, activity, exercise and other clearing processes will help the energy flow, but the energy is of the mind. When one physically moves in a balanced manner their momentum and muscular influence reaches a peak of efficiency. When the non-physical aspects are organized in harmonious relation to each other then the awareness becomes “efficient” or activated into the present.

In this text we can refer to the mind as the energy which connects with or through the soul. The brain and body is a physical interface for consciousness to achieve union with the soul. This soul field is a form of information transfer beyond the limits of the physical Universe. They are linked across space and time, across Universal boundaries. This may be better referred to as “soul-knowledge” as the information that is often involved is not numbers, symbols, or objects but about life-experiences, feelings, and the development of the self beyond the physical perspective alone. There is often knowledge contained regarding other life experiences or experiences on other planes that are occurring simultaneously with the physical plane. The actual occurrence of experience is simultaneous. It is the conscious projection system which creates a perceived separation from all other experiences. It does not create this experience, but limits awareness of the other multitude of experiences.

Gaining Access To The Soul Field

In order to gain conscious access to these fields of information the brain has to synchronize the neuro-chemical processes with that of the bio-emission fields. When this conscious feedback loop has been generated information can transfer from the field to the brain and body and from the brain and body to the field. The consciousness of the physical brain must be linked with the feeling of the emotional and mental fields in and around the body.

From this state, the process of pure, timeless awareness and the physical space and time we presently experience becomes intertwined with what our perceived trajectory through the possibilities will be. Consciousness builds out a storyline based on what the hidden information of the unconscious mind projects through the ego or conscious mind as a middle-man with a reality that is observer based in the first place.

Stepping out of the linear perspective allows us to look into the possibilities. Some people refer to this as destiny or fate but this is merely information or knowledge about what is to come and what one is likely to experience based on predetermined ‘blueprint’ knowledge regarding existence. This blueprint knowledge is the soul knowledge and contains the knowledge of the living essence across all planes where one’s awareness is present. In order to make use of this knowledge we must learn the language or format for information on the soul level and we can read into the possibilities based on how the journey of the self develops. The stepping out of the linear is literally done by synchronizing one’s mind and actions across all realities or possible realities in existence.

The sub-quantum layer of reality contains all the information and energy while the view that is relative to waking life extends from that based on the particular deviations or limitations of each atom or molecular structure. It’s all energy, living information and frequencies and it is shaped into waking reality by deviations or step downs from that all encompassing energy.

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