Spiritual Degradation

In the projects there were certain effects as a result of experiments and operations.

This effect was a form of brain-degradation or mental trauma which caused the closing off of synapses to familiar neural-networks in the brain which induce an original flow of awareness and behavior.

This was likened to a form of ‘brain-eating’ virus which causes or relates to spiritual degradation which is simply referring to the mental and emotional energy fields of the body.

There is a way to heal, to return the DNA and energetic bodies to a balanced state but this must first take place in the aware center of the individual.


One thought on “Spiritual Degradation

  1. I am about to commence on over two years of intense graduate study in the area of trauma: individual, social, generational, and beyond. A fascinating thing is the connection with “addictions” and other maladaptive and compulsive behaviors, including violence, with the set up of perceived isolation, helplessness, and trauma. Most of the hard science research thus far has been performed on caged, involuntary animals and does not represent natural environments at all, let alone flourishing and supportive environments. One study, Rat Park, shows that if the rats are not subjected to the stresses of confinement and isolation they are extremely unlikely to resort to even the most “addictive” of substances (this is based on old conclusions btw), regardless of any preset physiological dependence that may have been put into play. The scope of these studies goes much further, but the environmental trauma seems to be one key factor worthy of further research.


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