Cyclic Time, The Unconscious and The Present

We can judge reality based off of the information that is received by the 5-senses. This generates a solid image of physical reality from which we can reference our internal states. When we see organizational patterns within the occurrence of events and our internal states we develop a personality that lives and learns based on experience.

De ja vu is felt as a reversal of the primary function of experience as a linear movement through physical reality based on the 5-senses. This is occurrence of time from one moment to the next and the awareness of what is present.

We can perceive solidity of the physical realm, yet how do we gauge the passing of time? Can we measure the actual shifting of one moment to the next? We can create arbitrary ticking devices to help us, but these devices do not measure the changing of one moment to the next. If we speed the device up or slow it down, there is no change in the perception of time. It is like playing a tune that will help us focus, that is all.

The actual changing of time happens outside of the physical appearance of what is perceived through the 5-senses. We can see the results of time, the changes, but we cannot see the actual source of the occurrence. The present is fleeting and we can get as close as possible to it, but we are always just outside it looking at the more and more immediate results of the actual occurrence rather than witnessing the changes as they happen.

This generates an organization of events as they happen and then lead into the awareness of these events. When we experience de ja vu there is a reversal of the perception of the flow of time to a pattern of first awareness and then the events that are occurring. This enables change on a level that is not physically perceived. It occurs within the mind and violates the preconceived linear restriction of perception and physical reality.

What this leads into is the notion that the unconscious mind has access to a wealth of information that is connected with the level of processing that the entire physical realm is operated through. Where we see the visible layers of physical reality and say, “I am present here, now.” The unconscious mind is aware of all other times and all other aspects of reality.

The conscious mind as a projection system as a front to connect with and communicate to other unconscious minds in the physical plane and beyond. The unconscious mind has the ability to know the answers to all questions consciously asked.

The function of time through cycles transcends the idea of a specific beginning or end because the same occurrence is happening over and over again simultaneously. Everything is happening in multiples. If there is one of some event, then there are likely many more multiples of that same event which take place in a slightly different manner or pattern in the over all picture. This brings up an interesting notion of whether there are some events that there are just one of, even within a system of simultaneous multitudes of possibilities. Could there be “superevents” that all other opportunities and events lead up to?

The appearance of time through life and death as a linearity is relative to the conscious mind as this enables one individual to function or communicate or within this physical realm or with other beings. The appearance of the function of the present moment as a linearity is dependent on the unconscious mind already knowing the multitude of events or possibilities which are simultaneously taking place beyond the limits of waking perception. The lack of awareness of the actual occurrence of the shifting from the present into the next moment and the resulting effects of that linearity of perception through the physical realm, the 5 senses, and the brain’s memory separate one’s consciousness from the wealth of knowledge and create an identity that is separate from the whole. This identity is a projection of the unconscious mind who already knows all patterns and possibilities.

The unconscious mind knows, the conscious mind is a projection based on the lack of that knowing. Through this parallelization of two simultaneous streams of awareness, one of linear perception one of cyclic, we experience existence as a realm being moved through where there is more knowledge that can be experienced to further unveil the truth about reality and the self. Time can be reversed and reorganized to witness how there is just as much awareness before the events relating to them, as there is awareness after the events that we perceive. And we can find more and more knowledge regarding the true self which is both the projection, the projection system and the observer aspect by choosing to become aware of one parallel occurrence, the other, or both simultaneously integrating the two into a third. Each pattern opens up into new levels, there is a mountain of inner space that can be ascended through the expansion of the perception of time, the inner workings of the personality and soul and the true nature of consciousness and awareness.

More information is only found through an integration of the parallels while sticking to one or the other produces a continual shifting back and forth. This shifting back and forth from the parallel of the conscious mind and the parallel occurrence of the unconscious mind is what initiates a turning of tides/time and creates the ebb and flow of perspective from which to see the deviation in self through the two. We are doing this many times a second and then each day and night. These are huge wave-forms throughout our conscious experience and we we merge them we get a greater overall picture of the whole that is not accessed by either alone.

Time becomes reversible by awareness as well as the journey of the self through progression and limitation of growth patterns. We can see our conscious mind from the view of the unconscious and witness exactly what it is that we can utilize to organize and refine our perception from a perspective that is not hindered by the conscious mind itself.

This would be impossible without some kind of projector system, a mirror, or another person from which to go off of. The parallel between the conscious and subconscious mind and the different functions of time and existence in each allow one to perceive ‘outside’ the conscious self and see from a larger perspective. This allows for growth as one can see themselves for who they are, without the conscious mind filtering information. The conscious mind filters as it goes, so what is witnessed is always painted a certain degree off of the original image. That is the main issue with why there is room for progression and the appearance of illusion. The conscious mind cannot perceive without first selectively focusing on certain details and ideals based upon how much the belief-systems shape the personality and determine the inner perception of reality.

A person must clean their conscious mind of influence and programming from belief-systems and repeating patterns otherwise they will not align that parallel of awareness with the parallel of the subconscious.

That is the main conclusion, the conscious mind must adapt to that parallel of awareness to the parallel of the subconscious mind in order to attain synchronization and thus knowledge transfer. The issue is that the conscious mind is linearly counting seconds along, 1,2,3,4, while the subconscious mind is not counting seconds but watching the whole of time from start to end and even beyond those limitations. So how does one view merge with the other? That is the journey and it is through a simultaneous integration of the linear accounting of time and space with the cyclic occurrence of the simultaneous system of projection and experience. The unconscious is aware of the events before and after, as well as the self that we will become. The conscious mind is aware of just one side of those equations.

How to merge is a slightly different topic.

When we are aware of the possibilities, we are coming to awareness of the parallel where all is contained in a simultaneous multitude. That is a initial pathway into that view.

The imagination is a part of this process.




2 thoughts on “Cyclic Time, The Unconscious and The Present

  1. I have a question, Aug. The theory that we are creating this holographic reality from our beliefs makes sense to me. OK, so where are the belief systems located that we are manifesting? Are they located in a brain center that was programmed primarily in the first years of our lives? This is the theory that I have seen on some Healing Therapy websites. And one can buy CD’s that have subliminal recordings that have positive messages to rewrite over the negative belief systems absorbed/experienced in childhood. These CD’s are to be played at night while asleep. This indicates the beliefs are in the subconscious mind.
    I have had experiences in my life that I could have never dreamed possible, had never heard of before, and did not believe should be allowed to exist. How can this be something that I created from my subconcious mind? Is it because I was programmed by absorbing the fearful beliefs of others and also probably television/radio when I was a baby. And then the mind just takes the EMOTION of the fear that is instilled, and creates dramas in order to show you what is stored in your subconscious?
    I am having trouble “wrapping my mind” around exactly what the scenario is, and how to locate the precise target area that I can focus on in order to change my programmed belief systems. Can I just request that all of the fearful programming be removed from my subconscious mind? Of course, I’m beginning to do that. But should I be focused in another more effective direction. You might already have written about this, just point me to the previous post/posts.

    Thanks Aug, for your obvious dedication to your task of revealing what has been hidden.


    1. The belief systems are in the mind, the brain is accessed to influence the mind.

      There is a direct connection with the development of the personality during childhood and the influence of programming or conditioning.

      To overcome the ego, one must confront the illusions that the ego fears.

      The mind and body reflects the Universe, there is the same amount of information in both. Our perspective unlocks the body and brain and immaterial self as a clearer reflection of the whole universe or the whole scope of experience instead of just a selection of perceptions.


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