The Initial Veil

People have been convinced that they have to produce something for someone else in order to have “worth” in this existence.

When this is accepted that person is then brought up into a control paradigm which operates on them mentally and emotionally equating to spiritual control.

We are responsible for ourselves.

This also means that if people trick us into a certain outcome, it is up to us to learn and make the best of it.

Civilization-wide “revenge” doesn’t exist. That just looks like war and is also one of the games of these veil systems.

The exact veils are listed in order from most generally condemning to those that will be surpassed by only those with the highest order of the inner awakened perspective of existence.

When a person knows the self and thus the possibilities of the Universe, they cannot be convinced to sell their knowledge for false security or comfort. Knowledge itself is the true, eternal security and comfort.

Each layer of the veil contains characters which spring forth to suppress those attempting to surpass them.

What I could foresee as a possibility is the major lower layers of the veils being overstressed via perception. As soon as people begin to realize they are not inherently slaves to another individual or group, then those layers will go into ‘defense’ or containment mode as we have seen now with the first layers of civil control.

The big game may be when the first 3 layers are surpassed by a large body of people.

Then the ‘containment characters’ for the veils that people do not even know exist are going to come into play and these are proportional steps up from each previous layer.




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