What is Consciousness?

This is why the other aspects involving conspiratorial operations, life-forms and technology is only scratching the surface.

THIS is what was discovered. We think we are the projection, the movie that is being played. We are closer to the projector that is blank throughout.

The projector cannot project itself! At least not without modification to the technology.

Yet what I, and others propose, is that there is an ancient process which allows one to SEE THE SELF, which should be impossible.

We are encoded with these processes and must initiate them through a turning of internal awareness and intention.

Consciousness is just a projection! Awareness is the actual self, experience is the processing or decoding of data.

THIS is the FRONTIER of existence that we are facing.

TIME, holographic CONSCIOUSNESS, Awareness, the reality of the SOUL, perception, layers of the HARMONIC Universe, cellular and genetic MEMORY, TRAUMA and trauma-clearing, the hierarchy of the BRAIN and the flow of information and more.

THIS is what we are to learn of. This is our true nature, complex, yet simple. This is where all other questions, dreams, possibilities, existences, states and times come forth from. The knowledge of the true inner workings of consciousness as a holographic projection.

It is BASIC, one merely needs to PROJECT, this information and understand how the format would HAVE to work for consciousness, physicality, and experience to actually exist in the first place! It’s a mind exercise! That’s the real work along with emotional harmonization and trauma-release.

Then we get to the information about other times, places, spaces, and creation.

It only makes sense when we see how consciousness truly is and come to know the awareness beyond the hologram as a clearer perspective of reality.

All else falls short of that. That is the gate into seeing beyond the hologram, witnessing and using intention to be aware of super-consciousness without the limitation of just what the hologram is showing.

Questions and Comments

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