Spiritual/Physical Priorities

There are often two setbacks regarding clean food intake. One either refuses to feed the body essential nutrients or refuses to stop eating junk. Both have to be overcome in order to gain control over the substances we absorb with the body and thus the vibrations and intentions we experience within the mind.

Once one stops eating junk food, they must learn how to feed their body nutritiously and not play into addicting habits and reactions. Emotional eating, convenience, flavor guided selections, or social pressure does not equate to a healthier body. Neither does the mind benefit from habits like emotional eating, and flavor can be found in all kinds of spectrums.

Most natural eaters will agree that chemical based flavorings are no match for natural ingredients, plus the bio-available flavinoids that are present in fresh food.

Eating and the sensations that go along with it can be relaxing and nurturing but only when the body’s foremost processes regarding nutrition and digestion are targeted rather than the sensory process itself. This is the common maxim about living to eat or eating to live. If we intend to only feed the senses, the body starves of nutrients. If we intend to feed the body nutrients, all the systems benefit and we are also capable of finding what tastes good and knowing the proportions of herbs and natural spices and ingredients to mix for many different meals.

This is a learning process and this is not different in any other area of your life. You may find this difficult because of the idea that there is such a shortage of nutritious food but the problem is not a shortage but an unwillingness on the behalf of the public to procure and sustain themselves on nutritious activities and ingredients. You are what you eat, vibrationally, and if people are continually in low-vibration then it would be reflective of that if the food the public is constantly presented with is also of low-vibration.

So a part of this, for most, is the shock of getting over how our system is controlled so tightly and making things very challenging all around. This is a process that all must go through and ultimately when separating from the overarching control of the mind one will go through what is called the “dark night of the soul”. With food, one may find that they can no longer eat with friends at fast food joints, snacking around on pizza, soda and candy, or generally ignoring all and any insights regarding the body, the mind and the Universe.

One great truth is, the body, the mind and the Universe are all one. If one ignores the true self in ANY area of their existence in order to sensually satisfy the “IMAGE” of the self, the 5 senses or ego, then they will deprive the true self of that recognition and if that continues then life spirals into helplessness and lack of internal reference.

This life is the development, sustainment, and expression of your very soul energy that animates all aspects of your physical existence. You can choose to allow others to make the important decisions regarding who and what you are for you, or you can choose to overcome these boundaries and turn every obstacle into a lesson plan for growing into a new, more focused you. These are the options we are given and we can appreciate them for what they are.

We can appreciate them because if you know them, then you know how to avoid them and care for yourself. You are also beginning to wake up and see the signs that many things may not be what they seem from history to consciousness itself. This indicates that you are on a path to higher awareness and questioning what you are presented rather than simply accepting without actually participating as if you are asleep. So if you know of these obstacles, then you can appreciate that you are aware of them. If you do not know of these obstacles, then you cannot complain for you haven’t looked hard enough to determine the relatively basic details regarding your own existence. If you choose to ignore these basic tenants while blaming another for your choices, then you will simply watch the same thing happen as if you didn’t know at all. Knowing gives you the option to make a choice. The person who does not know has no option and therefore no choice.

This is kind of like the scene in the movie “The Matrix” where they are to take a “leap of faith” across the buildings’ roofs in order to bend the laws of physics and fly to the other side. We do not know how much of what has been presented is actually false, but we do know that the image of life as has been presented is just an image that is being used to convey a storyline that places certain groups in the position of power that is imaginary anyway.

If we give our power to the aspect of the self that is restricted to the sensory perceptions, then what we gain from that is also restricted to the sensory perceptions. The world is largely a stage.

If we place our power in the aspect of the self that is mind and spirit, then what we gain from that is also relative to mind and spirit. This is eternal and unveils the awareness of the self.

Actively choose. If you know you have a choice, then how can you be asleep?


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