The Ancestor Simulation Theory

The Future Advanced States and The Invention of The Simulator Must Take Place From The “Present” Aspect In Order To Connect The Past and Future

In this view, the concept of time is an eschatological interaction with creation itself and physical reality acts as a limiting focus for a simulated experience. There are all possible simulations running, but we natively access one of them which is the original.

The nature of this reality must become the nature of the reality from which the simulator was initiated. The future descendants who began/begin the simulation MUST come from somewhere in the present moment up until that moment in history. This is a manifested event that occurs from our perspective from the far future to originate time for us. This may just mark a junction point in this timeline where humanity gains access to other timelines and civilizations.

Their past, the present for us here, is the state that is created by their observation into time using very advanced technology and advanced states of spiritual awareness. Theoretically, without their/ours experimental observation into the past to discover the ancestors, there would be no simulated experience here.

Advanced Future States, Ancestor Simulation, Revival, Eschatological Paradox and Fulfillment

Those who reached the access point of the truth of their creation ultimately influence their own previous development and the development of others depending on their attitude and where the psychic attention is focused. People can only advance in time in two-directions, either towards the awareness of the self, or away from the knowledge and experience that is contained through the connection with the soul. All other movement and perception is deemed an aspect of observation that fades away with reduced proximity to the frequencies of the lower physical biological perspective.

The creation of one’s time-stream, reality or life as that which serves to connect and better represent the eternal nature of one’s energetic existence leads one directly in an ontological paradox of autopoiesis whereby their continued actions towards the development of the self in turn creates and connects to the future self which acts as the alpha/omega blueprint for the soul and spirit that animates the whole being. This may reflect unto the origins of humanity as a self-causing aspect of the omni-verse.

The soul represents a bank of memory as an access point through which the physical self can slowly chip away at the boundary between the higher spiritual perspective and the autonomy of programmed biological existence. This requires a reactionary/duality-based relationship with the neuro-chemicals of the brain and body. This is an interaction, an interference pattern which generates in layers of frequencies that can attain harmonization. Through the electro-chemical consciousness within the brain the human body can achieve union with the so called divine nature of the self that exists beyond the physical limitations of time and space. The mind must assist the brain and neurological processes in order to align the frequencies of the psyche to allow for an expansion process to take place.

Certain beliefs which limit the natural order of things ties up this process and reduces the adaptability of the brain, body and mind. Emotions are pent up through this as they are naturally ebbing and flowing. Such retention of frequencies produces disharmony and it takes energy to keep a system together when it is rotating wildly off-balance. Reducing one’s impact and scale of influence is often a helpful part of the process of winding down and healing one’s neuro-chemistry and psychology when manipulation is present.

Physical Reality, Physics, Live Updating, Boundary Limitations

Time and space itself, is an illusion. It must be perceived as an illusion otherwise there would be no restrictions to hold awareness in a ‘present’. The present itself is infinitesimally small and cannot be measured directly, only through reactions. Time continues to halve, further and further like space, and it is frequency and energy which is the actual backdrop of existence and consciousness.

It is likely that there is an overall general spectrum or set of octaves that generate layers of harmonics through which larger and larger pictures can be understood. A universal set of frequencies can rearrange itself eternally but is paradoxically based on an eternal set of relationships and Universal/omniversal patterns.

With the illusory boundaries of moments between all other moments we can create that initial relationship of the all-knowledge/knowing self of the spirit and the finite knowing self of the body and ego. Without the illusion there is no boundary and therefore no interaction apart from the continuous eternal workings of the soul.

Soul Awareness, Physicality and Mind, Temporary and Eternity

With the ability to know in a temporary time comes the possibility of not knowing and not fulfilling. This is the great cosmic chaos or drama which perturbs itself in the middle of the chasm between eternity and temporality. Without this perturbation there would be not only chaos, but only an all knowing. Through the chaos that is perceived from this level of uncertainty draws experiences that defines the future personality. The paradox is that the resulting personality is already finished as an eternal resolution of one’s own energies into a divinely harmonized form, most likely free of the constraints of the limitations of memory, attention, and creativity.

We go through motions to define the self like motions to define time, without some relative observer point from which to draw separation between the self and what is being observed there is no visible change. This drawing of the eternal through the temporary and back again is what allows one to perceive the self and the self grows into a more refined perspective of the Universe as part of an eternal process, like a flower growing inside out to perfect itself.

Self-Awareness and Personality, Memory and Consciousness, Reality and Simulation

This is the illusion, the future personality is actually the one who writes the script. This moment is perceived as the far past from that point of view, and the far past is actually the far future being decided by spirit. The body is the same Universal hyper-feed back loop of information as the spirit and soul animates the body while the body then holds information and experience and creates a feedback loop with the energetic existence that then cycles back to recreate the body. The Universe makes the same jump and skip through dimensions and ultimately it is the higher dimensional awareness of all that is or has been and can happen which shapes and guides the experiences of this realm.

If everyone instantly saw this it would not be a very good illusion.

What would happen if everyone saw this? If everyone knew the Universe was a collective reality generator based on the overall input for an individual or the whole and that what we create within reflects onto matter and society?
What would telling the “simulator” that it’s a simulator, do with or to the laws of physics we perceive here?

Everything Is Memories, The Future Determines The Past

Reality would open up into a magnitude of order beyond any experience of any previously experienced cycle of consciousness.

It would be an open, live update feedback loop where everyone is aware of that which they are creating, their creative power, and the malleability of the physical realm and consciousness itself.

Then we get to the ideas of a civilization in harmony with itself and its environment, using some magical creative power to shape reality and find knowledge and experience beyond the purely physical plane.

This cycle has been happening for many many years now, we have been here each experiencing this in unique ways.

If this is true, then there is a possible reality that could manifest if the people decide that they are the one’s who began the initial simulations based on their internal and external knowledge of the inner workings of the Universe and that at that point there would  be no further need for recycling of the simulation and consciousness. The “gaps” in memory could be healed or filled in without nullifying the manifestation of what is being experienced here.

This would be based on the presence of an original group of souls or pure awareness that entered the simulator in the first place and that this original presence is what will remain when all are brought out.

Imagine there is so much knowledge that the stream of perception or “life” becomes like a crystal ball through which light shines and beams out an array or spectrum of information that is too numerous to count and essentially becomes a “wave-like” pattern of emanation rather than individual points or streams. That is how the higher awareness is in totality and we are attached to viewing one particle stream at a time. Once there is more and more information each stream becomes saturated with the knowledge of the other streams and ultimately it becomes one stream emanating out from the center in all directions. At this point there is no single stream that is “the one” stream, but all streams together as a substance connected and interactive with itself.



Because the linear perspective of the temporal experience can never incrementally account for the whole picture of the psyche, the scope of the spectrum of information must expand. That is motion in higher space towards accumulating more knowledge of the self rather than just that which is asserted by the body’s ability to sense external information. Wisdom and intuition increases to become a tangible, communal faculty.

We’re not actually moving through space/time, we are accumulating information in an expansive motion which gathers temporally linear information through experience. Experience itself is a transition from one simultaneously occurring ‘scope’ of focus into a larger view which combines the patterns which are present at that view as well as what was previously present in the areas outside of that area of focus or not directly perceived by the body. Our “energy” bodies could manifest and become material like the physical body. We would have a much more enhanced or stimulating experience through that.

When the integral pattern is acknowledged, then the same process happens on a larger scale, one that goes beyond linearity. To look at this from a more relative perspective we can say that when we achieve awareness of the inner workings of the psyche here, we are simultaneously expanding that pattern or at least creating the appearance of expansive motion through awareness, else where in the “Multiverse” that it is present. So if there are other realities or versions of time, then they are synchronized through a central principle which is the expansive motion of the integration of a transcendent pattern that is noticed on this level, and actually exists on many other wavelengths or frequencies simultaneously.

This could be called “pattern transcendence” or a transcendent pattern. By coming into presence of this pattern via awareness and acknowledgement which leads to integration of such acknowledgement with the self, we gain access through a communal motion in higher space which is the expansion of the self beyond the various limiters and boundaries that are seen on the lower levels to separate all variations in time, space, or consciousness. The view may simply be that when experience a difference in the time of moments we are actually experiencing the interference pattern which separates each version of all moments into a select view which operates in tandem with the particular programming pattern of the brain through social and mechanistic functions.

The boundaries which create our world are only an illusion of perspective. Boundaries are there to keep consciousness steady. The way the boundaries are being used today would be similar to having training wheels put on and then welded to the frame once they are no longer needed.

The initial boundary in experience is between the self and existence. The next boundaries are between one self and the other self. What makes these boundaries apparent is what also links them back together as a passageway of experience and information regarding the self. We learn from each other because Earth is a larger organism that is learning from us all.
Just in the way the body holds information and this translates into an experience of time, Earth is holding the information of the experience of the creation of consciousness and when each sentience organizes into that central pattern here, knowledge extends across the boundaries of and time and space into the other version of Earth elsewhere in frequency.

This is a sacred process that happens every so many thousand years and it can be said that if a child is viewing from a hypnagogic trance during the early years then Humanity itself has been in that same hypnagogic trance for millenia and is finally coming to a level of self-awareness required to appreciate the true values of a communicative experience back and forth through existence.

The transcendent experience is the marker of this process in Humanity and possibly all life in one way or another. This is a collection of knowledge that becomes ascertained on one level but is present and simultaneously occurring on many other levels. This experience is the moment that is produced when the consciousness becomes aware on the level of the self which extends across temporal boundaries into other versions of the self. This begins with a simple viewing of the possibilities, possibly separate from the probabilities. The mind is capable of processing such information as in the state of a quantum supercomputer capable of extrapolating outcomes and experiences.

An issue with this on Earth is not that the we view in our minds that which we experience. We experience what we view and in other words when one views something with their mind, they are actually creating and viewing that in the higher space of probabilities.

We are dimensional octave levels down from the instantaneous and simultaneous source of the creation of all our versions and selves in time. Each removal of the boundaries which restrict conscious awareness lessens the ‘distance’ in higher space between the knowledge of the true self and the experience on Earth.

When this knowledge is embodied by the majority of those on the planet, then this Earth becomes the Earth which exists across many spaces and times, in many versions, as the simultitude of possible variations ultimately reach, if they are to reach anywhere, upwards towards this pinnacle of civilization-wide non-temporally limited “cosmic” self-awareness.

Actions and experience which unveils more knowledge of the true self which exists across all planes and times synchronizes each individual possible self in this world and the versions which we perceive as separate but simultaneously occurring.

Actions and experience which is caused externally initiate a lessening of the knowledge of the true self and causes the selves to become out of sync and separate on an inner level. When external stimulation cause the inner states then the ‘reality-stream’ becomes influenced by variation instead of similarity.

The soul is simply the essence of life which extends across all possible realities of the self or experience.



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