The Catalyzing Effect of The Great Spiritual Work

Always remember, if there was no possibility for pain or for imbalance in life, then there would be no perception of pleasure or balance.

Sounds rough, but if we allow ourselves to always lean towards comfort and preference then we never go outside that preconceived zone and therefore we do not learn as much as we would in a constant exploration.

We are meant to explore, implore and discover. Without the boundaries to surpass there is nothing to discover. This is like a game we are playing. We know the boundaries are illusory but we use them to achieve greater and greater levels of self-awareness and self-control.

Simply destroying all boundaries or rendering them nullified would lessen the integration of wisdom and power that we must delicately accumulate and balance within the self.

This Universe is “designed” for this process. Those who are able to look into the “shadow” aspect of the self and know what they are seeing will gain more control over their experience. Those who choose not to, will see more of the same with less discovery.

If we knew everything, we would learn nothing. If we knew nothing we would have to learn everything. We are constantly at a threshold where what we know is balanced against what we don’t know and will learn.

I am appreciative of the challenges in my life, the way they have been presented, various ways that they have been aligned with a larger process and those individuals and groups who oversee this process as part of an over all spiritual plan for humanity.

Without this process I would be as naive and unsuspecting regarding the true nature of humanity and the universe as my childhood is to my adulthood.

By coming to terms with what I have experienced in a way that allows for learning and expansion I give that childhood self a chance to grow into someone more capable while still retaining the mental and emotional aspects of wonder and openness.

To refuse to accept responsibility and throw blame out of fear of the true self, the original emotional and mental openness is stifled and the experience of life truly becomes a cage.

It is important to remember this and see how obstacles in life are challenges that can make one stronger and allow them to overcome all notions of limitations of mind and spirit. This is a spiritual “muscle”, the will-power of an individual that can go forth to achieve great experiences and changes merely by growing within. If we can isolate and enhance this process then we change the universe by changing our perspective. The internal catalyzing of spiritual will-power is the true obstacle that all else come forth to represent in a myriad of ways.


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