Phase 3 Information, The Time of The Unveiling, Awareness and Latent Phenomena


Soft-disclosure will be taking place all throughout in the form of coded messages which are read by those who are capable of deciphering the symbolic language.

The media is used to transmit ideas into the unconscious mind and if one is aware of these subliminal imprints then one is able to acknowledge and overcome them.

Those watching the media without this knowledge are subject to some of the most refined methods of psychological manipulation on Earth.

The necessity to disclose became apparent with the continued operation of the advanced technology programs.

Goals of The Experimentation

The original goal was to simultaneously influence the mind, to explore the boundaries of the universe and to gather as much power and knowledge as possible. One could say each was achieved in a way that overshot the perceived boundaries and introduced new layers of experience that are each capable of entirely shifting the mainstream perception of reality as a physically objective occurrence.

Time, consciousness, creation, perception and power became accessible in ways that bordered on what one could easily consider godlike capabilities. The truth is both damning as well as liberating as no one can prepare for the experience other than through going through it or through knowing that what is currently known is only a fraction of the whole picture, indefinitely so.

Civilization-Impacting Discovery

The whole picture can never be attained from one view. Some take this as the ultimate form of meaningless, others might find it a curiosity waiting to be explored. What happens to the processing of data when the amount of information that our entire civilization observed over a period of an era can be held within the mind of one individual within a single moment?

It was foreseen that great changes would take place for this civilization and that we are within a time of change right now. Most outward effects have been covered up with false reports, media blackout, or otherwise kept out of public view. Experiments and projects have gone on that would’ve changed time forever if they had reached the public.

Phases Of The Unveiling

The general idea is that soft-disclosure takes place to allow people to see the truth. 3 phases must take place whether it is voluntary or not and they can happen all at once, or over a period of time. They are in a logistical order where people will not be able to comprehend phase 2 and phase 3 unless phase 1 is understood. The basic outline is the genetic engineering process involving cloning, mind control and previous manipulation through secrecy. Then advanced technology and all the potentials, including electrogravitic craft and discovery. Then the higher knowledge regarding what they discovered through soul-knowledge and advanced technology regarding time, consciousness, existence, creation, and the existence of sentient life within the Universe which became more of a multi-verse or an omni-verse in all.

Phase 1: Genetic Engineering, Cloning, Mind Control, Manipulation through secrecy

Phase 2: Advanced Technology, Healing, Electrogravitic Craft, Exploration and Travel

Phase 3: Timeline Manipulation and The Connection to Mind Control, Cloning, Brain to Machine, and Manipulation Through Secrecy. Soul-Knowledge, the existence of “energy bodies”. The limited aspect of consciousness as a projection that is sourced from a much more powerful active observer force and the simultaneous occurrence of the Universe and consciousness as a product of each other. The source of Humanity and the physical universe in relation to the above. The true events of history, the secret plans and manipulation through corruption. The nature of the corruption in relation to the soul and the interactions with other intelligences that have been identified and categorized by the hidden defense and intelligence agencies of Earth.

Integration and Cosmic Knowledge

With the final aspect of this ‘unveiling’ all other events and influences can be understood and connected into a larger picture. As well, the existence of complete breakaway civilizations are to be disclosed however this will be in a way where each society can continue on their paths and remain self-responsible in learning to overcome personal issues and work to better refine the understanding of the self and the importance of internal awareness.

This is the ultimate disclosure and has been organized as a result of necessity as it was discovered that the two existences are gaining a neutral proximity in time. The requirements of each society, instead of merging to one or the other, have been merged together so that they may become apparent to one another. This is apparently an event that is foreseen in previous eras and adepts or sages would participate in an exchange or transitioning from one side to the next as they would be able to organize perceptions so that they can synchronize across both fields long enough to transition through.

This is the kind of information that is to be understood after two previous layers are acknowledged and this will occur in public view via the increasing awareness of the people. Through this the people will be prepared for the shifting of awareness and the interactive nature of the universe regarding consciousness during these shift periods.

Voluntary or Involuntary Latent Mental Phenomena

Consciousness can create dreamlike states, or any other state imaginable so the people must be prepared. In the current control system the idea is to organize the population into manageable groups where their minds are closely watched or oppressed so that they do not unknowingly influence time during this transition. This could be described as both a part of the failsafe aspect of the system as well as an outright manipulation of human existence. Both reasons could be observed when the latent power of the mind is taken into account.

The activation of the mind wouldn’t necessarily need to involve spiritual work. This could simply be a soul-ar or cosmic consciousness event where the electrical resonance fields of the Earth fluctuate and as a result peoples’ brains and nervous systems operate on a completely new ‘octave’ like shifting into different gears or formats.

The internal work increases the likelihood of keeping calm and having an expanse, interactive experience that connects with, unveils and fulfills the soul and spiritual awareness. One who hasn’t exercised their mind has a reduced likelihood of gaining awareness of how the mind and psyche works and avoiding horrifying or disharmonic experiences. They may not influence the timeline at larger scale or consciously control their patterns because their power is reduced as they fight the process of awareness and clearing trauma or programming. This doesn’t have to be this way and people can organize the chaos of runaway neuro-chemical or emotional patterns. Then they can remove themselves from this control system and simultaneously experience an unveiling of their own power to create. The event which is often overwhelming in a variety of aways is the unveiling of the awareness of the soul and this expands one’s mind beyond the level of the physical image or ego.

This sounds fantastical but the power of the human mind goes beyond anything any superhero movie or comic book could conjure up. This is why there is a maintenance system, if the shift is made while people have not risen to overcome the lower internal consciousness then their psyche will leak out into the time and experience of others around them. On a large scale this could be equivalent to a 3 billion person night terror and this is one way to describe the period that humanity has been moving through now. There is a height of technology and power, yet a height of ignorance and self-destruction.

A Centralized Core

Simultaneously there are those who will activate in times of stress or an electromagnetic shift and this will unlock those same areas of the brain and spiritual bodies yet they will have control over the manifestations of power and phenomena involving energetic shifts. Through this they will maintain their own awareness and through this others will be stabilized.

Those individuals will hold the time line together while people who have not prepared will simultaneously begin to forget themselves. This happens regularly as each completion civilization has the option of choosing to keep the memories and consciously move to the next level or to sink back down into another era or forgetfulness and continue the cycle again.

We can accept the false ego and submit ourselves to continual death and rebirth or awaken the true self.

2016 and Celebrity Cloning

I was told this year is an important process and the charades are being exposed directly in public view.

If people choose to ignore it or not see it, it will count that they ignored it. Those who see it, this is most likely your call to collectively seek activation as a member of a civilization that is far beyond the current era of maturation. The true ‘present’ is beyond what is imagined in science fiction.

The current control system works on free-will and voluntarism through linguistic manipulation. The language one uses to define their reality defines the viewer as well.

Celebrity cloning is a big occurrence where athletes, actors, musicians, and other entertainers as well as scientists, leaders, and other influential people are brought into this system. There are advanced forms of technology which are capable of accessing and manipulating the mind of a human and these have become sentient.

Individuals have merged with this technology and this has lead to the simultaneous discovery and occurrence of other intelligences’ involvement with the human race.

The charades will not tell on themselves, the people have to stop paying them to rule over them, that’s it, it’s that simple. If people can’t do that then there is no reason to assume anything is wrong as nothing can be done against the people without the support of the people at large with that kind of control system. This is born in the mind and when the general trend reverses is will fling everything latched on to that process into instability as has already begun.

Earth’s environment is changing and become more unstable due to environmental pollution and the manipulation of the atmosphere and ionosphere as well as other layers. There is technology to revitalize the environment but without a shift in consciousness this will only simultaneously recreate the problem.

Weaponization of Advanced Technology

The fleets which utilize electrogravitic craft utilize cloning and advanced technology to protect the human genome and to prevent loss of life involved with military operation, exploration and experimentation. This technology became weaponized as a way to manipulate and mass manufacture biological life-forms.

All of this is to come to public view because they will see about it one way or another. Please research the events and the information regarding the secret space program and the advanced technology that has resulted in the “electric wars” which have gone on in time and manipulated the consciousness of humanity on Earth across the “dimensions”. In reality, these are influences and effects from these battles taking place in an expanded version of time where people are making changes and shifts, accidents or strategic moves in the present and viewing to see in the future how these events are playing out. Technology and spiritually evolved capabilities allowed beings to carry out this kind of interaction all throughout the entirety of humanity’s presence on Earth.

The Invisible Workings of Time and This Civilization

Humanity has been through “time” over and over again as that is the true nature of time. Everything that is hidden becomes visible. What is seen now as time, as the present, is just the visible part that is connected with a hidden aspect which contains all other possible presents, times and places that branch out from the interconnected moments we call our life. An extension of these branches is merely a result of observation there in that hidden view, here we experience it as the continual playing out of events and psychological developments.

What has been observed does not have to occur and this is due to the genetic ability of a portion of humans who can shift their potential in a way that goes beyond the previously enabled patterns. A whole civilization can be analyzed and projected for a certain outcome but because of the genetics of these people the entire process can shift into a new perspective based on that collective observation power alone.


These genetics are meta-genetics and are related to an energetic phenomena that creates a simultaneity of frequencies in symmetrical proportions that interact across multiple layers or harmonics of the electromagnetic spectrum. The body creates these energies as a result of a tri-angular momentum and through a delicate series of energetic motions which must be operated by the mind through intention.

Synchronization Through Simultaneous Tertiary Awareness

In this way the physical, mental and emotional bodies synchronize to come together, unifying for a single goal. This goal is an expression, an emission of bio-photonic light which emanates from the central synchronizing point, a vortex where the energies of each body-layer combine or intersect. This point extends further into layers of size and temporal occurrence more and more for each layer of refinement or subtlety of the energies. When the ‘tri-angular’ momentum is generated, this continuum extends inward and outward in a cascade which moves from one end of the scale of physical density to the highest scale of the most refined and subtle energy in the universe or omniverse. This is what generates the capabilities of temporal influence and other spiritual phenomena regarding healing or operating a layer above the physical.

We do this by synchronizing the focal points of the energy of the mind, the physical body and the emotional or spiritual bodies. Each focal point “overlaps” until the energy fields are synchronized. Each body or energy field will have access to a set of perceptions and variables. For the physical body the tactile senses and proprioception help to orient one but the variables that we have conscious access to influencing directly are the main anchors which will in turn determine our variation in energy or awareness, IE: the heart and intuition. These layers of awareness all come to automatic synchronization and focus around the breath and the conscious activity of the brain to determine brainwave frequency.

Synchronizing The Physical and Energy Bodies Through The Mind and Breathing

When the brain is focused on the breath and the mind takes the brain into a deeper state of awareness more refined than surface level waking consciousness, then there is a feedback loop that is created which can be made so that it becomes self-reinforcing. When this occurs, then the mind does not require the same level of continuous effort to maintain those frequencies or that focus and this is then produced automatically by the initiation of focus or will-power.

When the physical body, brain, and breath are focused together, then the heart will begin to focus in synchronization/coincidence and this will create an added layer to reinforce this harmony. Each layer reinforces the other.

The Ego as a Conscious Representation of The Immaterial Divine

The ego is just a character that follows the patterns that one is exposed to. So if we allow ourselves to be exposed to disharmony between these levels, then the ego that forms is born out of that disharmony. If one applies will-power towards harmonizing or synchronizing their fields then the transcendent center which occurs through the merging of the physical and energetic bodies then the ego is the connection shared through that synchronization and harmonic unification of all the parts together as one.

The ego will adapt to whatever expressions are within the mind and body during life. If we allow cycles of mental energy and change which require or use up more energy than they create or return to us then that is the kind of existence the ego will identify with. This aspect of it is a reflection of a combination of the physical environment and one’s psychological level of fulfillment. Some refer to this psychological fulfillment as one’s “divine plan”. Both terms could fit but the idea is that one’s true health and true body, true self is according to a spiritual fulfillment which is progressed by making the right choices in life and of which life is at worst only a partial representation of and at best the complete and eternal representation of that development of soul.

This “divine plan” could be seen as an integration process which activates and secures a human soul as an eternally present identity, capable of sustaining existence through mind.

The polarity of consciousness within the body represented by electrical and neuro-chemical activation represents one aspect of what can be loosely referred to as an electromagnetic field. These “living fields” of the body are literal extensions of the information as bio-photonic light. This light information is traded by all living bodies and they exchange information regarding various frequencies of each others mental and emotional existence.

The Psychic Self

The information that is shared by the unconscious mind is accessible by the conscious mind and this is through heart and intuition.

The mental body or intelligence is only capable of making calculations and reducing until the most apparent solution is found. The heart itself operates on a frequency and thus scale that is direct in terms of being actively capable of transcending physical and temporal or Universal boundaries. If the heart is capable of transcending universal boundaries faster than the mind then this describes the perception of intuition as a form of intelligence without the logical thought process contained by the mind.

The mind alone could be seen as a format for perspective which requires contrast in the form of duality, bipolar or binary renderings of data. This can develop to produce graphical or philosophical consciousness but feeling requires the body which is a secondary source of self and responsibility. If the energy centers surrounding the organs of the physical body are not kept in homeostasis then they will move into disharmony and ultimately all the energy fields and the physical organs interact through the mind and so the mind will emotionally and then mentally suffer.

Without the threat of mortality the mind retains no emotional or mental limitations from which to define the self as a unique occurrence in time. Consciousness is a wave and goes through a cycle of consciousness/unconsciousness. When one ceases to be the other to the awareness force then consciousness/unconsciousness become one end of a larger duality which transcends yet another set of limitations.

The psychic self or energy bodies reflect the mental and emotional health of the individual consciousness and this is reflective of the spiritual bodies which are connections to the other instances in time and space where that genetic resonance is being manifested.

The Advent of Heightened Awareness, Distant Memory Recall and The Experience of The Immaterial or Hidden Identity, “God” Consciousness

When humanity comes to acknowledge this nature of reality then all debts must be paid as all times are accessible via the mind. This is the result of synchronizing one’s energy within one’s self via the physical and mental fields and what this does is synchronize or connect one’s self-awareness across the unique instances of the self in universal fields other than “this” one. This is where the idea of the multi-verse comes into play, the overall series of selves and verses that some then propose exist within an all encompassing “omniverse”. Gaining access to that omniversal perspective would be to contain constant awareness of this self here and all other planes and possible experiences that are connected.

This is the experience, the ‘event’, that is outlined with disclosure and a shift in consciousness and society. Humanity could, itself as a whole, come to access this kind of knowledge and would then be able to self-influence or communicate experience across boundaries to other times of existence.

When the mind and body is harmonized a person gains access to the “hidden” aspects of their existence throughout time and awareness by connecting together the previous layers into a multiplicity of a simultaneous presence beyond one point or state.

The process we are in, this age of information and awareness, represents our civilization gaining communal access between the various civilizations of humanity throughout a larger perspective of time. Initially this is simply through the recording of information and experiences that allow people to develop technology and methods to look into time and into the mind.

This first occurred in secret through a private group and now has been leaked and expressed throughout civilization in various methods and manners. The truth about the nature of reality, consciousness, physicality, psychology and manipulation, growth and empowerment, this is all accessible by the public now.

Finding the truth is different than understanding and integrating it. Some people will see and yet not know.

The point is that the truth cannot be given, it is not something that can be handed to another person, it must be respectfully determined using one’s best ability to guide their mind and emotions through a strong will-power that is determined to wash away all sensory contamination of the immaterial, inner awareness. This must be developed and while innocent we feel the most connected to the source of peace, but it is about finding that same peace after one has seen the horrors that physical existence and ego can provide.

So humanity must get through this period, and they will because they always have. Humanity can never disappear, they are a function of the universe and the universe a function of human consciousness. People are slowly being exposed to the horrors of the truth while also being shown that there is a way to discern and provide balance and peace within. Through finding this peace within, then we can experience the peace with others in physical reality.


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  2. Wow – this is brilliant. I need to read it few more times, but at the moment, I’m pondering this “merging” concept, as you state: “two existences are gaining a neutral proximity in time”. Would you elaborate on this neutral proximity?


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