Chaos and Order

The aspects of society that, when together, seem to create disharmony, will be refined so that both create harmony together. This is a natural process similar to diffusion. It is believed that the tendency for chaos must be expressed and acknowledged in order for one to gain the ability to manage themselves by self-referencing within that chaos.

When one does this, they create harmony from that chaos, peace from the disorder and this is productive towards the further refining and development of the self. When chaos is given reign over the self, then the self degrades instead of develops and the emotional and mental patterns become repetitious instead of novel and creative.

Stability is found through predictable, dependable repetition but this is only through a means that will enable a platform from which novelty and creativity can be experienced.

The body has the same requirements each day, yet the experience of the mind going through the world to achieve this develops into something new every time. One can ignore this by ignoring the necessity for self-development, or they can see each situation as a challenge from which to grow and learn.

We must make use of this as they come. If we wait then the possibility of retaining that same opportunity diminishes into a newly creative form which will expand more and more on whatever issue it is that is being either ignored or observed through experience.


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