Omega Programming – Spiritual Warfare

“Blank Slate” Electromagnetic Soul Suppression

A threat that goes with this is the capabilities of a containment system  which can focus a high amount of radiation to a soul. This is the “soul wiping”, blank-slating or soul memory suppression. It is easy to forget what is really happening. I am not the only one threatened by this process. Every human on Earth is subject to one or more parts of this.

The “soul magnets”. In theory, the karmic plan is presented to the individual who accepts and is then given a new life without their memory of the entire process being staged by various factions who act as gatekeepers. In this theory then the self-sacrifice that is encouraged is a deception to ensure that one continues to populate this recycling system. Maybe this is is the way the soul-ar system naturally works, or maybe this is literally an invention.

I am not making claim as to the legitimacy of various ‘lesson’ plans that seem to be set up. I feel that growth and discipline through introspection, intelligence and compassion is key. However, aspects of this process have been in turn converted into a simulcra system which merely reflects what “existence” “should be” according to a designed construct. These are the aspects of the current system which create alters or personalities that belong to life-plans that are based on variables or interests that the others have chosen. It is smoke and mirrors designed to manipulate in a situation that is already based on a projection of experience that is already a kind of illusion. This is an exploitation of these processes already in place, taking advantage of the vulnerabilities where the natural growth plans can be diverted and subverted to another’s desires. This includes the physical energy and production as well spiritual energy.

These soul memory veils relate to a process that souls on Earth seem to have been exposed to. This could also relate to a fall of consciousness and a collapse of genetic memory complexes or soul memory complexes at a certain point in the past. This very system may be the “soul” system that is described in countless texts. The variety or hierarchy of soul-knowledge and awareness may be a result of the different levels at which various souls resisted the electromagnetic entrainment systems and remained variously partially aware of the true cosmic nature of existence.

We end up with a variety of various levels of awareness and memory as a result of the very system which is used to electromagnetically discharge one’s memory complex into a nullified state that takes a period of time to get through like artificially induced “spiritual amnesia”. The question is whether there is a “naturally induced spiritual amnesia” or whether the entire concept of the fall of man, spiritual degradation, physical death in a time matrix system and forgetfulness is an aspect of these machines in activation throughout the ages.

Control Mechanisms Hidden Behind Natural Biology and Psychology

There are long-term systems cleverly hidden behind all of the natural effects and processes of various situations of life and society so that it merely disrupts the balance without permanently making itself known. These take effect over the generations. If it happens all in one generation, then it is not a long-term process and is also most likely short-lived and therefore not as efficient.

Through these entrainment systems a few people will see the difference of the artificial stimulus, media, ideas, or brainwaves (even clones) yet the vast majority will know no difference and simply experience the eventual tilting of their own perception of reality towards what the programmers deliver to them. Each generation goes on tilting a little more until the whole ‘wirld’ is upside down.

This technology is part of the control system that was invented. As you can see this somehow extends backwards into history with the presence of knowledge regarding such systems related to the reality of the soul and spiritual processes, the creation of the universe, time and ages of humanity, and spiritual mind control.

It is possible that this technology was present but also with other forms of technology that was healing by nature or design.

I was informed that the state itself is a Babylonian deception system and that America was converted into a corporation that runs on human souls through various channels. I was told rituals would be played out that would result in the destruction of the old system to make way for the new.

Changes In Time

This time is a changing point. There are multiple harmonic levels of the universe. Each one contains a different version of this existence, either more refined or with a higher noise to signal ratio.

In this particular universe we have the information regarding the soul-amnesia technology. There are ancient references to technology and states of awareness and this may have a connection with the idea of “hell”.

This probably sounds pessimistic and I agree with you but I have been in close proximity (interfaced) to these sentient devices and the effects of DNA accelerating technology. What happens to all of us depends on our ability to organize within this situation and acknowledge the finer workings of the soul and mind.

Discovery Of The Control System, No Credit Taken

I removed a previous mention of specific factions because no one faction is entirely responsible. The factions themselves are even incapable of making large, visible efforts towards anything (except for the so called “dark” faction(s)) because of the desire to move in secrecy and avoid any easy detection by others. Everything is cloak and dagger, need to know, top level blank-slate and that is out of necessity.

The strange part is this; the various factions discovered this control system. In part, some added to it, but they discovered it as well. So who is responsible? Where did it come from? How long has it been here? How long have humans been here?

Then the stranger part, what would you do if you carried out military operations using this kind of technology only to discover that someone else beat humanity to it and set up a clever, highly advanced control system that operates on a spiritual and mental level to control the biology and resources of this civilization? Who would you tell? Where would you go? What would you do? What could you develop as a way to provide cover or concealment against the possible threats?

This is the reasonable background of the so called “blank slate” technology. The major predators out there are capable of operating electromagnetic waves that interact directly with the bio-emissions of a human. Synthetic brainwaves. Imagine that, a small house sized electrogravitic container that can read your mind and manipulate matter and energy through scalar fields which interact directly with the physiochemical, biological and mental/energetic processes.

So as soon as this technology made its way to the stage, steps had to be taken to ensure others would not be vulnerable to this aspect. Yes, in part, the ‘torture’/trauma-based, memory suppression/mind-control, so called “blank-slating” is to protect the human species and ensure that our timeline is not disrupted by these activities via the conscious mind of individuals involved. They used the technology that they found being used against humans and began subjecting people to it in order to find a possible resistance.

This also extends to the physical security of the underground bases (as well as “astral”). Factors like the mental vulnerability and programmability made a deep underground military base a reasonable asset to ensure that the larger population would not be made aware of these events as this would undoubtedly change everything forever.

The way the resistance ultimately developed is far too complex to define in this post which is already a bit of a rant. Ultimately, more will know than knew before.

Energy Harvesting System, Harmonic Shift, Changes In Society

Many people are talking about the technology or about ancient space wars but they are not talking about the people who are using the life-force of human children physically and spiritually and are currently in power.

The main issue here is that people are used as life force generators on many levels through their acceptance of a control system. The control system subverts their mental and physical energy into specific channels which pull up the energy and redistribute it along an energy grid.

It’s like this, if we go along with allowing energy to be misused in these ways, then we lose the ability to have a say in such a situation. Those are essentially “the rules”. We either go up in awareness, or we go down. People are in motion, either one way or the other and most are obviously choosing temporary, sensory stimulation rather than long-term self-awareness.

This time is the start of a second stage of disclosure where the pieces will begin to  come together more rapidly and the results will be as shocking as they are unveiling. Initially there were smaller groups of people who specifically looked for the truth and were few and far between.
The events of the charades have been organized so that this will become an opportunity for millions of people to wake up and see the truth. The more people wait and the more people have waited, the harder it becomes to change perspective and accept what true spiritual awareness is bringing. Truth brings the awareness of the illusion. We must stay on the side of truth, otherwise when the truth reaches everyone, then we are faced with an outpouring of the illusions we have been harboring.

This notion is directly related to the current events on stage and if you have been paying attention then you already know. There is no need to gawk and show excitement over what is happening. These responses people give will always be a part of a control system, there is absolutely no free-thinking when it is based on anything that is presented to the public. It is all a show, meant to cause those patterned predetermined responses that occur from a variety of perspectives on the issue.

The only true opinion on these issues is not having one. It is a mind program meant to ensure consciousness and keep it on a level that must respond and react in accordance with what is being shown. That is the first major step in programming now that I see it this is essentially the describing of one of the first layers of the “9 Veils”. Imagine an uprising of self-awareness, righteousness, courage, reason, inner strength, logic, and audacity along with a desire for peace and progress. What does this population do once they get up? They go and give someone a piece of paper that represents how they feel based on predetermined sets of parameters that the individual wishes to change? This clearly indicates that the individual isn’t in control and more-so only indirectly applies to a situation where the individual must get change which never comes. Change happens directly, to each individual as they go through the process within themselves continually throughout life. There is no form to turn in somewhere and receive true clear perspective free from the mental intrusions of others. It is a process one must devote themselves to throughout their life and value more than sensory input itself.

Unless everyone works together we will not have the opportunity to stay here the way we are now. This is peace and freedom. A computer system that does not allow a person’s soul to return out of the time matrix, IE: it creates various billion year gaps to contain each soul and everyone is put to work in a virtual reality containment “city”; that is suffering. That is loss of freedom. This stage of humanity has no true idea about either extreme of pain or pleasure. We are facing this challenge now, equally, and those who have nothing to do with the truth regarding this will simply have no say in any decisions made regarding their purpose.

Remember, the Apocalypse is the time of the unveiling of hidden knowledge. The invisible becomes visible, the hidden made apparent. This is in reference to the conscious and unconscious mind, yet it will be played off and drawn into the secret games and diversion programs before it reaches that critical ultimate truth.

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