Intelligence and Domestic Investigation

The major issues regarding the current changes are related to a plan to release the information regarding the secret projects, which is a loosely applied term.

The very notion of what is happening is one level of activation of a plan that brings the truth closer to the unveiling.

In short, it is now being decided, in part, how the next phase will roll out. We will see in a short amount of time how the people will respond to the truth.

The very charades related to intelligence and domestic investigation is due to the information of the secret projects that were essentially outsourced to foreign countries.

If people choose truth and contemplation over reaction and illusion then this information will make its way to the public. The people involved will be exposed which is part of this process.

This may seem vague and it should as it is directly in front of the public as we speak, it is the most important topic in mainstream news at the moment.

It’s all a show and it’s to cover for what has been done and allow for time to work out a safe plan towards making the hidden information known in ways that will result in a more aware society.


7 thoughts on “Intelligence and Domestic Investigation

  1. thanks for your response. You made some valid points but my comment is referencing this group you seem to believe is not only in control to the point of being able to moderate events beyond the level of the current ptb, but they are also interested in our increased awareness aned positive evolution. However then you seem to contradict yourself in your response by saying that ‘everyone that could help is out of reach’.
    I have little direct knowledge of these things. I know my comments were a bit provocative but I am quite sincere. Are you referencing this ‘solar warden’ group, that you once said was in mexican standoff with the dark elite ptb?
    or that non-meddling super elite group protecting this planet?
    regards :)


  2. the last thing the illuminati want is a ‘more aware society’, and the dumbing down is still proceeding at full speed, and no relief from totalitarianism can be seen on the horizon, so who do you think you’re kidding here?


    1. It all depends on who you’re talking about. Who are you kidding? You really think you’re using that term because it was you who intended it? Along with such, you have no idea what you’re asking, the version where you get what you want might be the last one and you also have no idea of what the system you are up against entails. What if everyone that could help is out of reach and the operations that you are so worried about are actually being controlled by other intelligences?

      Are you going to sue those other intelligences and reclaim your planet? Or are you going to figure out how to operate your own consciousness to properly align your priorities and stop playing into charades as if THAT was the final straw of your internal revolution.

      Finally, it’s your perspective that you choose to see things this way. Many others notice the obvious trend in rising consciousness even though that may be less than the majority. Are you giving up that simply? Just because the masses have not swayed to your persuasion?

      What have you done anyway?


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