The Unveiling of Higher Order Beings and The Time Matrix

“Genetically engineered from the ground up.”

You can refer to Randy Cramer on the above quote for the exact information regarding genetic engineering in the projects and how this brought about brain to machine (brainchip) technology involving supercomputers. He’s said the stuff I don’t want to about our particular scenario regarding the experimentation. This is fairly relevant as the whole “voice of god” scenario is applicable for everyone who is not formally activated as part of the military oversight which monitors the situation to determine just what it is a person is actually doing.

The chip situation is beyond what is conceived because the whole atmosphere is one big chip at this point. These are partially operated through the GWEN towers which are capable of discharging enough electricity to cover the entire landscape. People have nano-particles inside of them that react to those frequencies. The brainchips are not necessarily what are to be focused on here, but the supercomputer systems which operate to manipulate and use frequencies to do so.

Nanites and Other Intelligence

What this leads to is the notion that another intelligence has gained control of such a system and is actually making the decisions. This information is all part of the process involving the disclosure of multiple species of beings corresponding with the government along with the secret military sector and the experimentation to provide some accuracy in what seems to be a vastly complicated, technologically advanced, and highly spiritual human conundrum.

A Highly Populated Simulation Theory

My story includes (what would qualify as) many non-human races but the important focus is first how the universe we are in, how the time matrix works. As well, we are in a time matrix, everything that can be imagined can exist if enough conscious energy can be applied to it. The definition of extra-terrestrials and alien beings falls flat beyond the initial discovery. Human beings themselves are literally conscious energy comprised of light and matter incorporating soul material from an existence beyond time and space. When we think about this literally, really, it doesn’t just become something that some people believe in somewhere. It is based on the electromagnetic field spectrum and the nature of consciousness in time and so we are already in a situation which involves multiple dimensions of being and awareness, traveling through potential realms or parameters of experience (dreams and creativity) through the mind, which is projecting a conscious/unconscious holographic duality, while operating a vehicle which carries reproductive and expressive capabilities in a limited output with cognitive, psycho-spiritual, bio-energetic, healing and self-awareness capabilities that incorporate multiple dimensions of existence into a single perspective.

The Multi-Dimensional Human, Aware Across Many Layers

What allows the human to interact with the universe in a way beyond the automated workings of the animal that primarily relies on the function of instinct, is the ability to see into those realms and potential realities which do not yet exist and are in theory only connected to through the mind. This is like having a spiritual steering wheel for the observer which can then allow for a higher function of operating which allows the individual to realize the multidimensional aspect while awake and cognizant of the process. The way a person activates this property is by choosing to experience reality from the seat of their own intelligent design instead of allowing the neuro-chemicals to operate in a purely linear, cause-effect fashion which renders the observing force a helpless passenger in the ride of life.

This Can Only Be Just The Beginning (as always?)

The ultimate truth, (from this perspective, here and now) is so far beyond what the public is actively integrating on a large scale that the details and storylines we are witnessing are only stepping stones for a reality so encompassing, so much more complex and experientially productive that this is at best only the very beginning of the outpouring of knowledge from all angles and perspectives. Just to add, people have to learn to discern using their own abilities, that is how we are going to orient ourselves in this reality. With that, my instructions were to retain knowledge of the advanced
technology and assist in the release of relevant information to the public.

Advanced Technology, Discovery, Creation, and Travel Capabilities

The healing technology is real, the mind link and control. The memory and simulation devices, quantum computers, sentience cloud systems, electrogravitic, nanite, scalar weaponry, temporal and spacial distortion field generators, temporal accelerators or telemere/cellular aging reversal, DNA activation, the activation and clearing of light or energy bodies which all connect through the mind, android beings, various mixes of DNA, humanoid and non-humanoid and the list goes on.

Systemic Shift

Humanity is now facing a period of shock with the advent of this information going public. Making this a viable shift from one mass perspective to another (or maybe from one to the larger picture), instead of a big temper tantrum is the most important process a person can be involved in today. Ironically, it is so far removed from what people are focusing on today, that if people seek to improve their situation and see through the lies they will be led directly to this kind of information revealing more of the truth as more people gain interest. It’s literally down to how more and more people begin to want to know and reality shifts to expand on that.

Time Locked

Another interesting note about how deep this goes, how society has been manipulated and a general idea of the situation is that the ‘mainstream’ system has been intentionally led into a disharmony where people see so much distortion that they are more and more likely to seek more information which corresponds with psychological or spiritual fulfillment. The greater the disharmony, the greater the self empowerment that results when one disconnects from such a fruitless and entangling system. It’s a system meant to contain, yet it simultaneously propels souls to seek the truth in the face of such abhorrent lies. Yes, this was a duty provided to the elect and yes things are hitting the rather “extreme” end of the extremes of polarity. It’s as if one more swing back with greater intensity than the last will break the bearings or the major connection to the fulcrum everything rotates around, this world or more accurately the consciousness inhabiting the timestream. So this means that this is as intense as it will get, and it will also get as intense as it can before things settle down again.

The major idea behind this is that the system created a kind of time vector “corner” for the observing aspects that will be forced to either realize the system is a sham or agree to go along with charades that will be so unreal it will literally have nothing to do with what is happening now.

A Simulation Requires Observers

But can the people become enslaved to a system that their own minds create? Technically no, there will always be someone, somewhere who retained the knowledge of the impossible, the time before time where only soul and mind connects and there is no requirement for a physical representation on this layer. There will always be some consciousness or some being who exists in higher capabilities from the system above that will notice just when the scales tip and the desire for change and increasing self-awareness permit a gentle interjection into the realm below that helps to awaken and sometimes “nudge” the observing aspects into a higher state of frequency.

Higher Beings, Soul-Activation

If “God”, whatever that concept entails, “breathed” life from above, then after that life has reached the level we are at now, could not a higher being then give a passing glance and cameo allowing all the souls below to instantly observe the true nature of the universe as a series of physical planes and spiritual planes each in complex union with the whole but separate by nearly infinite (or maybe infinite) degrees of time and dimension?

Continually Increasing Awareness

So this is all a part of what “can” happen, apart from any plan by TPTB to stage a false invasion or what not. Ultimately the time vectors compress and a single outcome must exist, this is the time where information has made itself present and accessible, largely through the works of these projects and the protecting military branches and so the only question is what kind of distortions and obstacles will “out of the loop” individuals come up with and will they? One answer is that there may not be any prominent powers that be that want to remain in this time loop of forgetfulness and recycling (of humans), and it is the automated computer systems they designed to keep their work going that have now gotten out of hand and become sentient to achieve their goal.

Another answer is that that description is the very effort of the remaining powers that be to control the mass of human consciousness as much as possible before the great shift takes place which would be like trying to dam the entire ocean flowing through a small stream. That metaphor introduces the possibility that the waters of consciousness may drown those who do not know how to swim, but there are systems in place for this.

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