Memes, Sharing Knowledge, and Mental Entrainment

Memes are in use to manipulate the population. Internet memes are the new advertising, movies, and entertainment for the next gen of cyber-punks.

They can, will and are to be used to share and spread knowledge far and wide, yet the majority will be to oppress, confuse and convince people to spend their time participating in the electronic version of twiddling their thumbs while their world burns and their lives pass up opportunities to advance on a soul level and break free from the entrainment system.

If you can spend time making memes with clever, in your face wording and imagery regarding the reality of this control system then you will be helping push the balance towards the beneficial end of the current technology.

Just think.

If the majority of the population is incapable of processing this information and technology without resorting to turning reality into cartoons where the important is out of sight, what would happen if virtual reality was released that boosted the technology up 1000 fold? It would be the last chance for humanity to develop the spiritual self before the physical and mental is entirely entrained. Generations to come…or is it happening now?

The events are going to advance. We are seeing some of the most sophisticated neural technology in action. When one applies any of their energy towards any layer of the VEIL system, that system will then reroute their consciousness towards a sub-layer that will proliferate the previous VEIL layers.

When one breaks free from the last layer of the VEIL, they find themselves in a larger stage within another hidden layer. This continues until one priority for awareness is given to the internal presence rather than external stimulus. All impulse behavior is routed into this control system.

Questions and Comments

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