Questions and Answers: Solar Warden, The Cabal and The Soul Trap

I was informed (even shown, or having experienced) that this year was important. Specifically fall. We viewed many things, they have access to much information and there are multiple agendas coming to turning points.


What/who is Solar Warden?

They are the initial arm of the defense department responsible for the protection of Humanity from non-terrestrial threats. The operations began when the military gained the technological capacity to operate using advanced technology that enabled interaction with other areas of the Universe. Now there are what are called ‘factions’ of groups that have different agendas and interact with the public or surface level population differently. That is one of the main issues. These departments and factions are no longer limited to the surface level of existence and have access advanced technological capacity and knowledge of a larger view of time and a more complete understanding of consciousness and the human existence.

Some of the technology deals with healing, some with genetic manipulation, some with consciousness and time. There are electrogravitic craft that can alter inertia and momentum to make a heavy vehicle appear to have no mass to its surrounding space and move at the speed of thought without the physical sensation of motion. This is through using technology to generate a ‘bubble’ of frequency using advanced computers and ‘zero-point’ energy generators that work like radiant energy devices. These kinds of inventions were all throughout history from Aegypt to different tribal areas, to the mid 1900’s where radiant energy was discovered and the effects on the body and mind.

Nikola Tesla was a pioneer for this technology as he had discovered the AC generator and current that we use primarily today, but also a way to generate wireless energy that could be used to store charge and operate devices from a distance. His plan was to gather a charge and deposit it in the ionosphere which would in turn cause a fluctuation to rotate over the land and allow for residential use via the receiving and distributing of the charge from the sky.

Though his towers were demolished by the military after his plan to create a way to bring energy to everyone, his image and influence remains as a reminder of the potential of radiant energy. One of his most famous quotes tell us, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” This is a hint at one of the greatest secrets we can embrace which is that everything is a form of information transferred through vibration, shaped by frequency and polarized with energy. Consciousness is analogous with the way a wave functions and reality corresponds to an overarching theme of unification and interconnection through a wave-particle duality which allows for a quantum interpolation of states and times.

This technology and knowledge, in part with the scientists of the Third Reich, the secret society adepts, philosophers and inventors, was used to bring humanity into the age of accessing existence beyond the limitations of time and space.

Aug I have a question. Do the cabal Illuminati types re incarnate back into the same family bloodlines or are the just recycled through the soul traps? Thank you

This is the knowledge of the soul, the secret societies have been studying this since the “beginning”.

Can they pull it off? I think they come back into the same bloodlines with partial memories have past lives

Joep Amsterdam Just some thoughts. I could be wrong. Feel free to shine your light on these 😊: As far (or deep) as I understand their situation, they and their artificial (not connected to Origins Organical Intent) creation initiated the concept of consciousness recycling. All the so called ‘alien’ races who are a part of their of spring are anxiously following their choice making. The frequency quarantine was established the moment their artifically created experiment came into effect. Within this indirectly self inflicted cocoon they have been trying to figure out a way to reconnect with Origin. On their terms. As far as I understand their terms were not accepted. And never will be.

Now the cocoon is being infiltrated with the original frequencies and also from within the cocoon. Through direct incarnation of entities who are directly connected to Origin. No external ‘Source Entity’ in between. These people only need to breath and ‘be’ on Earth to have their effect. This is why the old control mechanisms are failing. New and unfiltered frequencies/vibrations are naturally and organically manifesting with every breath all currently incarnated people take. Resistance to this process is useless.

All will be known. All will be seen. All veils will be lifted. It does not matter how long this process takes.
Soul Consciousness acquiring is on the Agenda for all those ‘in the Know of the dark atrocities’. All those connected to the artificially created loveless control fetishists will make their choice. To be, or not to be.

Hi Aug. Thanks for sharing your experience. What are your thoughts on the concept of ‘Second Death/loss of Soul Consciousness’?

This sounds like it could relate to a technological occurrence where a person’s DNA is uploaded into a computer system that then “occupies” that DNA frequency in the larger space/time matrix system.

Joep Amsterdam Thanks. I am currently working through your information/perspective on realities. To the subject of ‘Soul termination’, could this also be a result of Organic/Natural consequences being the result of a path followed that is no longer in connection to the Organic Origin of individual awareness? I hope that I express myself clearly. English is not my native language, sorry.

Yes to your question Joep regarding the organic path and the consequences of diverting into a technological form. I feel you have a good view of the situation.

I have a question for all of you. Is soul harvesting real? Meaning, when we die we have no choice of what happens to us? That we are unable to think coherently and are like brain dead creatures that must be manipulated to the next step?

You could say some people are like that now.

Joep Amsterdam: “No.You will be awake. Like now, after waking up in the morning. No harvesting. You decide.




4 thoughts on “Questions and Answers: Solar Warden, The Cabal and The Soul Trap

    1. There is a mind entrainment system. It is civilization-wide and many years old influencing time, consciousness, frequencies, everything growing on the surface.

      People have to make their own choices and represent their soul awareness or something lesser. That is the message here.


  1. The Secret Space Programs were infiltrated and practically taken over by the Nazis. I highly doubt their understanding is more advance or intimate than ours. Let’s not forget that Corey Goode is acting as a diplomat for the Sphere Alliance Beings, because of the fact these individuals in the SSP are Cabal defects and not totally benevolent.

    They horde technology and hide in the shadows. They were once part of the problem, but luckily they’ve decided to come to the light. That doesn’t deny the role that they played in history. Solar Warden and the other extensions of the SSP don’t have a more “complete understanding” of human existence or consciousness.

    They’ve learned techniques, worldly knowledge that is irrelevant at the end of the day. All that they learned will one day change and it will be revealed they knew nothing at all. For who would believe that a lie would be best? Who would deceived the public for national security? Granted I appreciate then and the capacity they’re playing to help the surface humanity, but I still remain very skeptical and critical of them based upon our history. To me if they truly had a more “complete” understanding of human existence and consciousness, they would have forseen the dangers of lying to the public.

    It took them this long to figure out this has gone to far? Really? Whatever, I believe in a force more powerful than anything on this world. I know Love is the answer in the end. I may be a little upset with them, quite obvious from this comment, but only because I want to see humanity free. I despise people who believe they have a better understanding or more complete. to me they’re the ones who lack in understanding, not surface humanity. It is the people on the surface who were able to get them where they are. We’re all one.

    Anyways that’s the end of my rant, have a wonderful day Aug and keep up the good work.

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    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Research Andrew D. Basiago and Project Pegasus. Humanity, life, and consciousness is much more complicated than people are told. You are largely referencing the so-called “dark” factions. It is difficult to understand who’s who as a result of the compartmentalization.


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