Altering The Order of Perception

Does anyone remember this scene?

It’s like if the fabric of this plane is altered through superluminal supercomputers we can effectively be “transferred” to a new perspective of the universe. Not because we are changed but the space and electromagnetic fields of the realm we are in.

This also brings up an interesting notion of how the brain is one part
of a binary consciousness system combining material and immaterial
existence. The awareness, will-power or mind is immaterial and connects
the matter of this world through the brain and body to a sub-quantum
plane of an energetic nature.

If some part of the brain/mind system connects with and uses the
field of Earth, other people, or a collective anchor for consciousness,
then if this anchor is altered the people who are perceptive may notice a
“new” perspective of time or reality.


4 thoughts on “Altering The Order of Perception

  1. Hi Aug — Yes, I do remember the Bond movie scene, and quite vividly. The entire meet cute ploy of the scene was based on the fact that the girl, when smiling in an overly-large way at the Jaws character, displayed a mouth full of braces, which played out the boy-girl “oh my, we have a big thing in common” scenario. The girl’s over-the-top braces were the whole point.

    A few minutes of web searching came up with images of the actress in the scene with an exaggerated smile, intentionally displaying as many teeth as possible, but no images show braces on the teeth. Controlling images on web is certainly plausible, but I can’t really think of a good reason why that would be done.

    I have to wonder what the actress has to say about this.

    To play along with the really far-reaching notion that timelines are being manipulated in a way that alters the physical evidence of what we remember happening, what would be the point of something changing such as this braces on teeth in a movie thing?? — David


    1. We were instructed to not stress the actresses and actors about this. They are in the same position as ourselves and the goal of the operation may be to induce a state of uncertainty so that the time field may be altered. This uncertainty may be detrimental to most people’s mental health. Those in the projects were initiated in a way to prepare them for these events.


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