Holographic Neuronal Simulation

Ultimately the supercomputer processes a simulated holographic representation of every neuron in the brain. This is called the connectome: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/1a/0f/f5/1a0ff56541470ee8ef6985ec7b3fbcaa.jpg

Diffuse MRI imaging is only the beginning.

Through the brain to machine interface, a small computer chip can operate to transfer the sensory perception of the body to an online supercomputer server system which can then portion out computing power to act as a carrier for the consciousness of each individual.

An individual’s consciousness can be broadcast by this system where many people will be operating through this supercomputer system yet kept separately to their own individual portion of neuronal simulation within the holographic system.

This is also the technology that made certain capabilities involving temporal viewing possible. Almost everything regarding the projects centers around this technology. Everything connects to each layer up until the whole picture requires all the layers below it to understand.

The cloning and chipping technology is related to scientific endeavor to become immortal, yet the ability to control, enhance, or relocate the mind and carry out operations are also related. Everything is connected and if we look out to those who are speaking about these experiences now we can be aware of what the next phase might entail.

Cloning, Cloud Supercomputing and Consciousness Transfer



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