Something From Nothing, Or An Eternal Process?

These are just questions, I am not stating anything.

Does existence begin at nothing and become more and more aware as time goes on while each challenge of the self and knowledge allows us to become more and more aware while we never truly finish because perfection cannot be reached and is only a motivation to continue to grow?



We start at perfection, drop down to imperfection and learn through these levels and layers from which we rise back up through a specific set of spiritual/psychological motions of unhinging the conscious mind from duality-awareness and we merge back to perfection with new experience.

7—->0/1—>7 or

Do people start from nothing, no-awareness, and rise up through a virtually unlimited series of perfections without ever reaching a “true” completion of existence?

Or do people come from perfection, drop down into life with a specific set of lessons or “increases” that will occur until the individual merges back with their eternal form which is a ‘perfected’ form outside of time and can not be contained within a time matrix, a physical system, or an abstract simulation?

Does existence come from the totality of all, or from the nothingness of the abyss?

Can the soul be entirely present in this physical realm, or is this a place where only a portion of the true soul awareness can be present at once without tearing the veil?

Does change and time move on forever with an ever increasing rise towards perfection from a perpetually imperfect body and being, or is our true existence related to an already “perfected” soul-blueprint that acts as a “travel plan” for the spirit to interact with this realm and then return?

Would you agree to spending an eternity, the entire universe cycle of existence, within this physical matrix?

Would you agree to changing the body to find a way to reach ‘perfection’ at faster and faster rates (cycles)?

Do you identify with the body, the material?

Or the immaterial, energetic self? A transcendence operating through both?

Did you start as a body, a physical being working towards higher and higher physical states, or did you start as an energetic force of awareness taking a step into physicality to experience existence before moving back into an eternal awareness?


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