Other Intelligences Hijack Human Perception to Control Access to Eternal Time

It is a time matrix. This is happening temporally, meaning mentally through the spirit and mind.

The brain can be used against us, the various routines and habits can be limiting and this confines perception.

Our creativity is the best tool we have, our will-power to exist and help one another is a force strong enough to overcome the illusion.

We are in a programmed, time-gradient of realities superimposed over one another.

What a person does in life is determined by their conscious intention of moments which influence others or the self. Self-degradation, lack of self-respect, low emotion, harm to others, low vibratory experiences/foods, animalistic behavior and willful ignorance are the kinds of specific vibratory deactivation codes that are entered into this realm directly to try and throw the balance.

If the overall vibratory “score” of an individual or group negates the amount of “spiritual energy” one brings into the system, then that person cannot leave as their energy signature owes a “debt” to the system.

Games are invented and deployed against humans to try and get them to sway over to selfishness and ego which is the dissolution of the soul.

If that person’s genes are merged with technology or altered DNA that comes from a being created within the simulated realm, then that person’s DNA signature similarly becomes trapped.

This is part of what the projects were, that is the actual trading of human souls to the others who do not reside on this layer (physical Earth) yet cannot leave.

Humans are created as a being that merges the immaterial, the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual into one body. That is the image of the universe, the reflection of the whole within. If a person maintains that all the way through, then that is what remains when this simulated realm comes to a “completion”.

Many projects analyzed genetics and DNA to see what kind of combinations would yield what results.

Some inner circles are those who have discovered or were shown this happening and were elected or somehow drawn towards the role of a group of individuals that would oversee this process, manage the application of technology that erases a person’s memory for a definitively long-term scale.

This group participated in what is considered a noble or even pivotal role by removing their genetics from the timeline and only interacting through supercomputer technology which maintained their consciousness in a separated field away from what is called “Earth’s field”. This reality, the world, is seen as a realm that is operated via an organic supercomputer control system which literally manifests itself as the mirco and macrological systems of existence we perceive now.

Time itself is a series of projections and simultaneous yet synchronized or synchronistic occurrence which happen all across the board at once in all the various possibilities as soon as the determined path is set. The process of determining the path is a kind of unconscious imagination that is kept out of conscious view for the waking conscious/living, and this process occurs like a computer would map out or render an environment before dropping a first perspective avatar in to play along.

There are those who have chosen to navigate through this sea of potential treachery with other races trading human souls and possibly our own races of humans trading off other humans (possibly to save the rest). Some utilize the supercomputer technology to maintain their consciousness away from the projected potential realities that are entire taken over, possibility wise, by the foreign or invading intelligences.

These intelligences may not be foreign in the traditional sense and the darkness of space itself may simply be the empty digital bytes of the universe that have no representation or coding on the “map”. These intelligences may be from right here on another layer of reality and when far enough away from the surface population there may be entrances to this other reality below Earth or as well the entire layer may merge with an energetic format or background processing area of the universe.

As well, the distance locations in space may simply be another tuned frequency on the universe scale which can be accessed as long as one has the right capabilities in surfing the potential waves of mind and probabilities that the mind chews up and mows over in the preservation of the self as well as due to the proximity of this collective reality or timeline.

If we cannot see or travel to them easily, maybe they can see and travel to us. If there are those who are attempting to use this timespace/Earthship/collective reality as their own ‘game’ server in this system, then they would have to get the current players to quickly lose the game so that they may take over. If the current players win the game, then those players move on to become masters of the larger system by exiting the false, bent-light matrix altogether.

This reality is within a void, we were informed that this reality is literally within a blackhole. I have said this before and I have said so many things before that I don’t know how people are going to take this. We were informed that we are basically in the event horizon of a black hole and that light is slowed down or bent like through refraction and that this is actually what is generating the perception of time. We’ve all heard that matter is just energy condensed to a slow vibration but this is a little bit farther and more risky than that. Light is being condensed and we are in a material realm, recycling, because the end of the universe is directly adjacent to us in this plane.

There are many more theories and demonstrations of how this works and even that this entire realm is “dead” as in a kind of Biblical sense of spiritual/quantum entanglement through some kind of catastrophe or fall which renders humans vulnerable and exposed to a universal or cosmic spiritual threat.

This is the ego, but this is also how other intelligences can access the mind of humans through the false sense of self, the “outer-mind” the one we display to others which can be fed right back to us in a manipulated form to confuse us of our true self. This world is, in a way, designed to do that, however the human form is naturally capable of maintaining the balance when operated effectively and the genetic material is not tainted, mixed, or manipulated.

This is literally the game as it’s played, outside intelligences trade human genetic material to ‘incarnate’ into a physical reality as an Earth human and it is said that these beings do not have human souls and therefore do not belong to the human soul group.

In time, the soul is the projector film that contains the blue print, the projector itself is the universe, the light is consciousness and the projection on the screen is the physical reality playing the events out in an arbitrary occurrence of linearity that is in actuality a simultaneity. The souls on the blueprint should not be changed, they should exhibit an order which reflects itself upon the projection on the wall. What happens with these reverse engineering of reality via other intelligence, reality hacking/hijacking, is that the screen level of reality (physical reality) becomes so influenced with hypnotronic, perverse, malicious, or consciousness disabling material (scenes, plays, events) that the ‘infection’ the viral input somehow reverse feeds back into the projection off of the wall and influences that soul blueprint which is the projector slide.

There was once an experiment where a virus was carried by a laser beam between two closed glass vials and the DNA transmitted to the other side. In this way, through hypnotronic, spiritual multi-dimensional programming the material of that projection transfers up through the light of the consciousness the projection medium and can possibly influence or infect the soul. This is the ‘loss’ of the soul or the permanent entanglement of the human identity out of the ‘home’ environment of where the information of the slides and the light comes from, but a projected material reality owned and operated by one of these de-facto ruler other intelligence races that have no need for such the trapped game player to have access to the spiritual essence that creates the soul.

That is why this is so difficult to talk to you about. That is why there are so many words to describe what is happening. That is why elite military operations and political or social justice over murders and taking over of certain groups and influences are at best only a small glimpse into the reality of the danger of this situation, the threat, the risk to eternal spiritual self-awareness.

Everything is a show, it is brought on by the spectators, the disclosure of cloning centers and trans-dimensional operations are a message of hope, if we can understand how those work, we can see how the whole reality is set up in the same fashion through smoke and mirrors, memory erasure, split personalities, trauma-based forgetfulness, selective attention, desires, greed, guilt and the list goes on.

We must become impervious to these emotional and psychological tactics used against the human population. This is how the situation should be seen so far to see if we are on the same page.

Everything that we are witnessing now is to prepare and protect us for what is to come, every kind of manipulation, lie, or tactic is a tactic that was used against the human population for many years and people are capable now to comprehend how complex and almost digitized this kind of system is. It’s a holographic recycling system and the controllers of the current frequency trend intend to keep individuals repeating the same lessons over and over or the same time frames/cycles without ever reaching completion or “cycling” through again. Humans naturally cycle as often as they would like to and life is a pleasant dream where we can return and wake whenever and see many realities, lives, and times or possibilities.

In the proposed control system there is no completion cycle but only an endless loop of the same material until that energy is absorbed into the collective mind of the other intelligences which operated to ensnare and temporally draw up all one’s possibilities, creativity, vital life force energy into their domain which is a range of frequencies that match each experience or intention.

If one is basically tricked or pushed into allowing these frequencies to be shared to and from themselves then they are in the sense meddling with these other intelligences who are then feeding off of this natural vibrant/life energy and when this reaches that primary end result of that individual human soul’s energy that soul becomes temporally locked with that other intelligences until the entire universal cycle is complete which may be what we call eternity.

Maybe next I’ll type something up on the way “out” which is in, through the heart aspect which can take one’s signature and transport it on a ‘harmony highway’ system throughout the universe. When self-awareness itself merges with the heart frequencies that are present in the individual human soul when it is present with the collective group of original human soul essence that that transports that individual to that layer of consciousness in and out of time.

That layer exists out of time, the lesser layers exist within time and are basically illusory reflections of that area outside of time.


4 thoughts on “Other Intelligences Hijack Human Perception to Control Access to Eternal Time

  1. Hi, I have a question for you: In what way (if any) does this tie in with the Archon Invasion timeline and what you recently wrote about that? Has that timeline now been erased, meaning we escaped, and is the stuff you are describing in this article a continuation of that? Or is this a different timeline altogether, as if the Archon Invasion timeline never was?


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