The Human Reality Game-Show, Manipulation and Other Intelligences

A human who creates off-spring with the cloned or created beings devotes their eternal line to the existence of the simulator system contained within the lower realms.

This has been played out for millions of cycles as a kind of game system for these beings. Humans enter into the system in an effort to protect the eternal line of humanity.

The other beings play the game like a gambling system of attempting to ensnare that human soul into a limited lineage of one of the created races. They do not leave this realm so they have the highest technology as they have had an indefinite amount of time to procure it.

The humans have a soul link to outside this realm, the physical realm, the lower realm, and the simulation within a simulation that has been invented to contain and prolong this process.

If the majority of humanity is merged with the created races then humanity itself becomes unoriginally, retro-actively uncreated as a physical being and there is a permanent fall or removal from the eternal planes.

This is played as a game, contract law is how the rules are made and adjusted to each individual and each individual is contained within a “Truman” style over watch regarding the main characters of that “game round”.

When a person dies naturally without merging or becoming ensnared by one of these created races then their DNA retains access to all time and space including the realms which are not owned by these beings through decree, contract, and de facto infiltration.

The consciousness of a person can travel and has access to an unlimited amount of potential, possibilities, or creativity.

Within the created realms, the artificial timelines, each cycle of time or journey between phases or levels is ruled and governed by the created beings. Their goal is to trap the consciousness of the human into artificial thought-forms, contracts, fear-based agreements, or illusions which become input/output bio-emission processes that run until the human’s consciousness is entirely usurped by the containment system. There the consciousness becomes the background processing energy for the system itself and indiviuality is no longer. Self-awareness may remain by a thread but only to experience the loss of divinity and spiritual psychosis that results.

The split-mind personality system is used then on a physical level and again on a spiritual level to harbor the lost souls of the broken timelines, traumatize (mind-wipe) them to delete the locally contained data regarding self-awareness/identity, and to reinsert them into an artificial timeline of the controllers choice.

Clones are used as vehicles for the realm-localized consciousness of a hive collective that operates through the supercomputer systems and there is an original which operates through craft and devices that have infiltrated this realm for millions of cycles.

Time can be reset, time can literally be reset like on a video game system by these beings. They can foresee a person dying and escaping this system and revert time by changing operatives they may have earlier in the timeline and thus negating that event. It is difficult to escape because of their technology and willingness to disregard human emotion and kindness which is seen as a vampiric or parasitic element of our consciousness to them.

This is all because this realm was manipulated, relocated, fallen through earlier experiments/operations and there is already a “loss” that has taken place, a trap that has already been fallen into. This realm is a simulated version of original Earth.

It is not, however, entirely temporally removed, being there are still genetic and conscious links between the present and the original cause and outcome, those who are aware can make the connection and bio-spiritually sync their minds to this outcome that strengthens and rejects the artificial implants, pollution, system of mind and thought control, and artificial time features or inserted memories.

The issue with the time reset and death situation should make certain things known to you. When a person naturally dies they simply reappear in a timeline where this is not the case. Life continues and ultimately there are timelines that one merges with, by letting go of fear and leading a more and more universally respectful life that this physical realm merges into eternity through a natural ascension process. This is the process that is avoided through the manipulation of linear time by the other intelligences and people become trapped in an eternal “physical repeat” state which is ultimately a spiritual death. That is the second death and one would eternally be at the mercy (or lack of which) of these other intelligences. They can control the physical manipulation, and gain access to the afterlife, which is the access to eternal time for the human.

This more of the soul trading system that I was outlining earlier. Other intelligences play a game of bets and wagers, like a gambling and trading system, over who gets what humans souls and how. It is like a movie being programmed into this reality, and we are the actors or the chess pieces.

We can rewrite the script, convert squares on the board to circles or flowers and we can play our own game that they do not have the capacity to keep up with.

A person can reorganize time using their heart energy and that is what some humans were taught by those who reached us in this temporal/gravitational well that we are in, literally devoid of outside communication like the event horizon of a black whole or a “void” or “abyss” layer of the universe. All event horizons of all black holes are actually the same temporal space in the universe, the “abyss”.

So those who entered into the time delay, programmable matter matrix risked losing their connection with the source of time altogether and becoming spiritual food for these other intelligences.

No, on this level, food is not being eaten, it is having the spiritual energy entirely absorbed like one programs code entirely rewriting another’s for it’s own purpose and thus erasing or uncreating whatever that original program was initially for.

We see this happening individually and this is because it has already been happening en masse for a long time. This is what the ancient spiritual texts were about, this is the archonic infiltration of Earth and the non-physical realms. They gained access to technology to manipulate the realms that they cannot access spiritually. This is what the gnostic scripts were talking about, this is the parasitic invader that turns human existence into a reality tv show sponsored by other intelligences that make wagers and bets on how humanity will fail, bending the rules as a person begins to prosper. That is because their technology and wit allows them to basically “own” this realm and so everything runs on their clock, powered by their intention energy. Humanity has a source within this and existing outside of it simultaneously and so this must be utilized in order to reorder the existence intentions of the standing time matrix in to dissolve the artificial props and boundaries that are put in the way at each level.

These levels are the time matrix, harmonics, or 9 “veils” hidden through reality to covertly contain human soul energy or mind. The agreements to each contract is made and the human soul drops into the veils and forgets all of the previous nature of reality.

This is the cloning centers, they are showing what is happening because it is a metaphor for the whole thing. People are watched on monitors in their daily life and challenges are put in their way to see how they will react. It is like a game and various groups all compete.

The human groups that compete with this are essentially playing the role of micro-managing human souls.

The other intelligences want to take Earth and close off the exits to create an entirely temporally removed or isolated section of existence where they can complete the process of absorption.


2 thoughts on “The Human Reality Game-Show, Manipulation and Other Intelligences

  1. Hi Aug,

    amazing information you share. Much appreciated. In regards to reorganizing time; when that is done through the heart space by a benevolent human or being how does that affect everyone else within this playing field? Does one ‘jump’ alone potentially having to re-establish friendships and connections. I.e no one else knowing what happened?

    I imagine that the tech that exists to reorganize can affect the entire playing field or if they wish maybe target one person that literally would be taken out of a timeline?


    1. This sends out a radiant energy that has the same effect on the space and time around the individual connecting with the self and the universe on that level. We all know mass meditation can influence the outcome of a town or city and even the world. We are all connected to a sub-quantum fabric of consciousness through emotion, feelings and actions. What we do with ourselves is felt by everyone else.

      If one were to jump they most often find that everything is the same but just slightly different. If one was to jump to an entirely new place it would be like requiring a massive amount of energy to fuel their ‘body-mind-soul’ vehicle and this would not be done accidentally. Thus, the ‘problem’ of moving to an entirely new realm would not be something that out weights the intentions behind that process of transition.

      Most often people slowly shift, one day to the next, slight variation after another until they are in a different inner and outer frequency environment.

      Yes, that tech exists but it is used out of absolute necessity alone. There has been earlier infiltration and misuse of power but we are to heal and correct that now, for everyone and every place on Earth.


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