BEAST TECH 7: Synthetic Implants, Cybernetics, BrainTech, Neuro Outer-Limits Lissa LissaHumaneLife

Pt 7 of the ‘beast system tech’ #cybernetics, #cyborg-tech, #transhumanism, #supernatural 100s if not 1000s of years in advance, #futuristic #hieroglyphs, #medical-military-scientific complex; a work in-progress:

Voiceover Michael (DoD Intel Insider, Compassionate Christian).



To Counterfeit the Second Coming of Christ & the Restoration of All Things: GOVERNMENT

A. Betrayal (Intelligence Operations)
B. Book of Life (Computerized Databanks)

14-A. BETRAYAL (Intelligence Operations)

God’s people will use God’s wisdom as found in the Scriptures to discern who is good or evil from God’s perspective.

Satan’s people will use man’s wisdom (intelligence orgs) to determine who is good or evil from Satan’s perspective.

Throughout the Golden Age, the Antichrist will use a false book of life (databanks) in order to judge his enemies.

There will be no privacy in the Golden Age; even the intimate details of a person’s life and thoughts will be revealed and recorded. By Barbara Aho Hedding Bible Prophecy

This society is moving towards an iconic communication system. Words will be phased out and icons will return like in the days of Aegyptian hieroglyphics.

We were informed of all of this. This is part of what is to come. Society is becoming two forms of beings, two forms of existence and consciousness. What are you doing to prepare or protect from this?

4:00 – Tattoos can be applied which act as neural implants. They only need to connect with the nervous system, they are designed with the capacity to integrate into the system from there.

This may not even be necessary if people are saturated with nano-technology. A tattoo would not be needed, although injections would accelerate this many fold.

6:40 – Bypassing the sensory input systems and generating effects directly from the brain.

We were informed of this as well.

9:00 – They can cause a person to see into the x-ray spectrum.

This is standard at some levels.

They spent years learning “the language of the neurons” as this speaker puts it. Once that is recorded the person can be operated like a program. The consciousness must be in the body consciousness, spiritual or immaterial consciousness is not as easily manipulated. The spiritual awareness is non-local.

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