The Temporal Variables Chosen By The Mind Are The Playing Field, Loops Are The Resulting Obstacles Invented By Other Intelligences

It is consciousness. Whatever humans are focusing on is what will runs the next steps in the simulation.

It is not so much that someone is saying things and we must cover our ears it is that our creativity and will-power when the immaterial and material consciousness are unified can choose to decipher the threat and still choose the highest possible outcome. It is a battle of mind.

Everything is for something in time. This seems obvious but EVERYTHING is used in some way in time FURTHER down the experience. Something seemingly random or peripheral can play a PIVOTAL role in a chain of variables that must remain linked together to bring the event to fruition.

Variables can be used against you or for you.

Everything we do is a part of a cycle in time that we only see a portion of in any moment. The beings who manipulate humanity can see further into time in any given situation.

The patterns we make in time are threatened by manipulation that create time loops where variables repeat without expanding or contracting like an artificial replay of consciousness. This essentially does not happen in reality, everything is constantly shifting and growing. Here we see change in a small way, but in reality everything has been repeating for cycles and we simultaneously do not remember between each reset due to the veils as well as ignore all of the glitches and discrepancies that make it painfully obvious that something is amiss.

Time loops can act as entry ways into new layers of variability through a completion of the pattern and release or a continuing of repetition and suppression. Where change is found there is a fulcrum that goes one way or another depending on how the change is experienced and guided by awareness, one path or the other. With more intense moments, more riding on the situation, then the fulcrum contains that much more potential. It’s like a step up with little changes and a slingshot effect with larger changes that project out throughout time in the future.

Reality is retroactively influenced. If the present is changed then the past can be changed as well. There is no age, it’s simply continuous. The perception of linear time has a use, in this way its use is disregarded and utilized only to entrap a person while the retro-active/retro-causal, completion initiating, heightened experiences, pleasure or pain are used against a person to keep them within a limited sense of self. That sense of self is the identity and each timeline has its own identity. Humans naturally expand throughout time through consciousness and can access forward or backwards in time or other realities which would be metaphorically side-by-side with this one.

This also happens naturally and people jump from one to the other depending on how their spirit guides them and death is a transition to any number of realities.

When the loops are active, the conscious energy which would naturally enable one to shift to the next phase becomes entangled with a containment system that technologically flashes the “local” or conscious memories of the physical existence.

This sends the soul into a vulnerable state which usually passes however if the soul is entangled with a physical body in a timeline that generally matches the frequency of the life they just lived then they can be placed into this timeline and it would seem like nothing happened at all. This whole event goes unnoticed until the soul reaches breaking point and wakes up.

As this has been done over many many years for humanity, the loops are kept at a subtle balance for many sub cycles of experience throughout history. This is a balance between people waking up as a result of the intensity or confinement of the loops or from there not being enough manipulation to recreate time loops and inadvertently allowing the humans to wake up.

There are created in small cycles individually, yes each person is ‘handled’, and it results in civilization itself being contained within the same variables over and over. These are not the same exact variables each and apparently there are only 7 ways this could happen in recurrence with the 7th being the one that breaks the loop for all the cycles or other loops. The same variables are the content that takes place during the middle of the temporal field or the life program and then variables are switched out each time to bring about an ‘all encompassing’ restart in which human society is liquidated in some way and each consciousness is placed back into the beginning of a new one to re-seed the ‘simulation’.

This may have happened 6 times before and this 7th will not work the same because the frequency ‘harmonics’ of the universe are occupied by the previous “Earth” memories, the universe’s memory banks are all in use. In other words its taking all the possible resources to maintain the “memories” of the previous loops and another restart would restart them all. We were shown how this relates to the “lost souls” of the previous world which is called “Tara”. Earth is the “Terra” world which is the last of the harmonic layers. Then it moves back up towards “Tara” and then there is “Gaia”. There are apparently 12 or so, I can’t remember specifically. You can look up the “Souls of Tara” and the material regarding such information and find the same information. Was this told to us as disinformation? I know that we found the soul, it is being manipulated, and there is an entire control system that developed around it the instant this universe was born as if it were designed that way.

This is the concept of “hell” or damnation it is a temporal attribute of a simulated environment that lacks access to variables which introduce new change new variabilities.

Heaven is within, as the timeless existence of the spirit.

The beings doing this cannot create their own scripts but must hijack the humans in order to experiences that creativity vicariously.

This all happens right in front of the humans faces yet because of the hypnotic manipulation of consciousness they do not operate the brain and mind in a fashion which access these layers of frequency and thus consciousness.

The human is the creative force.

The ancient hexes are conscious time loops drawn in a self reflecting symbol which acts as a mirror to the macro effect. By using these symbols consciousness is drawn into and contained within it. This is how the parameters on the hex interact and entrain the mind which is the reality generator and then the mind paints the picture of the hex as if the mind is now contained within its parameters.

These are programming beacons that are designed from a multidimensional perspective and utilize this function via their very existence.

This is like the old information about the Celtic infinity knots containing a persons consciousness forever because whoever attempts to decode or untangle it will literally spend an eternity doing so.

This is like a viral load kept within a 4 dimensional conscious simulated encirclement system. The hex is the usb drive that contains the input. The eyes, the heart and mind are the software that is threatened by such infection.

The infection rerouted the background processes of the kernel/operating system to perform functions relative to the end goal of the non-physical intelligence that exists through such hexes and uses them as portals into the mind of humanity.

These portals exist everywhere and the current advanced technology is only what we see today as well as additional to the spiritual sciences of remote viewing and entity attachment. People have been watched from afar for a very long time.

What you can take away from this is knowing that humans can create their reality. If every human projected a frequency then Earth shifts to that frequency. This whole control system is only capable when people are not aware of that.

Some aspects of the system itself were initiated as a result of society attempting to comprehend the nature of reality. If we all produce a certain frequency then the appropriate effects in reality are generated. Human control systems did not want this to become public knowledge because they knew that not only could the whole fragile system of life become disrupted inadvertently or even through intention means but that people could create a resulting reality that was far too intense or various for everyone to be able to comprehend.

The issue continued because as a result of the various systems being hijacked the majority of people are less aware of the possibilities of the body and mind as reality generators.

Along with that, the general trend of variability is increasing as a result of the technology that is both used to maintain control as well as enhance the mind. So this indicates that a general unveiling of the true nature of reality is coming but the only way to experience this when the previous experience has been all indirect, is directly through a witnessing of the phenomenal perception of a spontaneous increase in awareness. People have these spiritual experiences throughout life and more are experiencing them more intensely now. What this leads up to is a mass spiritual experience where these phenomena that individuals experience begin to coalesce and form collective experiences.

To conclude this section and possibly the whole piece, in previous civilization cycles people manifested great sights and changes from the land and the sky. They are brought directly out of reality through the mass consciousness. This was acknowledged in civilizations that were aware and this was used to guide their civilizations into the next experience.

As self-awareness decreased the previous civilizations that we are connected to begin to remain in the same realm of experience without moving forward and this civilization is a result of that.

To me, this indicates that there is a great potential for learning and re-remembering the truth of our existence in a way that has not happened before. Previously, entire civilizations have separately made the shift. The entire human race is connected together and capable of collectively shifting Earth realm through the mind and spirit and this is what happens every time. It is only a matter of when and how.



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