There Is A Purpose For Everything

If there is no point of living then there is no point in dying. Of course there is a purpose to everything, nothing could work if it was not that way. The purpose may be reflective in that we can generate the purpose or the meaning through effort and creativity. We have desires and a use for knowledge and this duality motivates learning. We must deal with knowledge that we have a use for.

In a way I feel responsible for your reaction and this is something that must be tended to. Nothing I say is to give a false sense of hope or a notion of complete damnation.

There is truly no fence sitting, we are either moving into the awareness of how we impact each other and our collective future with our choices or we are moving away from that into lack of awareness. If you feel you are fence sitting because you are in a very contemplative place that is almost tender or vulnerable then you are definitely not fence sitting but looking for a familiar reference point within a sea of change.

This is natural and most people are confounded and disoriented in relation to the current trends in society. What we feel about others is what we feel about ourselves. There are really no expendables and everything that has their energy or effort in helping or furthering this mess will get a reflection of their energy in return to them. We have a duty to keep an energetic balance and when this is thrown we must look for the signs and make the effort to bring the balance back. This harmonization of self and reality is what is most threatened by an overwhelming amount of information and revelation. This is often called dissociation. That is the general trend of what is happening now, so yes, those who are not furthering the trend of degradation will at first feel shocked by what is happening. This is about the pollution, corruption, greed, deception, and generally all the choices made to suppress humanities progress into a peaceful situation.

It’s hard to point the finger, is it a group of people, a nation, a culture, a mind control aspect?

The body/mind duality is where the issue exists and this is a problem with decoherence and reception quality. There is a transmission that comes from the source of life itself and this is what guides people into being. When this transmission is drowned out by the cacophony of simultaneous subliminal rerouting of truth into false-image and ego a false-world is created where we are the counterpart false-self to play along. The idea is not that we have to entirely escape the world to escape the game, but begin playing our own game of self by rewriting the script of our own belief system regarding the self and reality.

One has a lot of learning to do, because one would be a godlike being if they could resurrect the enjoyment of previous times without being distorted by the innocence and naivety. The real-to-experience completion cycle of this is through stepping down into the world within ourselves and healing the childhood essence that feels betrayed and disappointed by this world. We are not here to be impressed, however once one fully embraces the choice to begin learning and removing the filters of the ego and the mind control systems we are always overwhelmed with the vastness of knowledge and the ability to influence our reality. That is just how the game is played, if we choose not to unveil that, then we do not see the true potential. If we choose to unveil that, then we never reach the full potential because it is unending.


One thought on “There Is A Purpose For Everything

  1. “We must deal with knowledge that we have a use for.”

    Yes, exactly. And there are those who can appreciate what you are doing, Aug.

    So it only seems right that this post should have a response, even a simple one like this.


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