The Wheel Of Samsara, Hell, Heaven, Soul Traps and Recycling

This is where the more serious information is going to start coming out.

In the secret society, the breakaway civilization and various secret projects, there exists the technology, the methodology and the intellect to observe the trajectory of a soul upon departure from the physical realm towards the cycles of completion, degradation, or recycling.

“Hell” as far as the lower realms, has been identified and observed. There is truly no place of torture other than the opportunities that we do not act upon to unveil our true potential of the self. “Hell” is largely artificial in the sense that relates to technological entanglement of the soul rather than the endless dreaming that can be experienced in the lower “etheric” realms. There is the “Heaven” realm, the Abyss, and the Underworld.

When a person’s soul recycles on the wheel that is presented in the picture below, they pass through the states or phases of lower-consciousness, the same consciousness that exists in the world today. One could say one they experience these realms they are moving through the ‘ages’ of Earth and experiencing consciousness from a wholly animalistic, plant based, or mineral form. One could say that they experience Earth from a perspective where there is only animal and mineral life, and then only mineral life, and then a complete recycling of energy. This has to do with the true nature of time and space as a combined spectrum rather than one or the other. What we consider the death and rebirth cycle, namely the “second death” is a universal cycle of destruction and creation which results in one’s consciousness becoming “renewed”. This is not necessary but occurs when one’s physical “trajectory” in higher space, IE: the path their soul takes based on the lessons in the physical realm, is not sufficient to propel one to the higher realms. As well, when a person has not become acquainted with the process of out of body travel as pure mind, this can lead towards a re-absorption and recycling process.


Yes, people have been to “Hell” and back and lived to talk about it. It is mainly a way the universe recycles energy continuously and allows people to choose their own path. It is a recycling, not necessarily pain and suffering. That is closer to a human interpretation and so if one can comprehend that then they are still relative to the physical way of experiencing existence and this indicates a proximity to the human perspective.

We experience “Hell” pretty much through physical suffering on Earth as a catalyst for growth. Heaven is a “deity plane” where there are the beings who learned enough from these cycles to gently balance their energies, their bio-emissions and inner contemplations and CHOOSE to emit the highest possible expressions which evaluate the soul and the self as a process of the universe reflecting unto itself.

As far as the present situation, there is a technological methodology behind steadying and monitoring this process. Essentially, there are way-showers, teachers and protectors. They are capable of witnessing a soul as they move through these levels and assist in nudging them in the right direction. Most of the direction is obtained on the physical plane however so there is work to be done here to unveil the soul, the memories beyond this existence, and the true nature of the multi-dimensional self.

On this level, the individual is essentially a sparkling ray that is emitted out of a kind of higher dimensional object radiating out this life experience energy. This is continuous and everything occurs from this radiant process. We experience individual lives when a cosmic being descends upon the plane which we call Earth and chooses to partake in physical existence.

Outside of the physical Earth plane exists what can be called quantum space which contains the essence of all the individual times and configurations of reality that we do not perceive directly through the physical body. We perceive one slice of that radiating emanation of possibilities through the physical body and the whole system is like a radio or a relay communication system where one can tune into a specific frequency and instantly experience life from that level. The various frequencies are multi-plexed together over the same line although this is an electrical communications example and is very often helpful in understanding the larger picture.

In the same way the space outside Earth contains the “soul” memory of each individual Earth reality, the soul of the individual human contains the information of each physical life experience. This energy is, similarly, outside the body existing in a wave-form as a form of light. This light can be detected by equipment and can be modulated, amplified, clarified, or even degraded.

The control system here is just one layer of a very large universe built out of many layers of frequencies.

Yes, Hell can be accessed and observed as a process of recycling and return and this is not the hell that people think. The true hell is a recycling of souls through the soular system and is part of a process the universe uses to balance energy and experience. When one takes so much, they must be able to give again.

The hell that people think of commonly is actually when a soul is seemingly trapped, through lack of self-awareness in the lower etheric realms of experience which is like a series of endless dreams until they find themselves on the physical plane again.

Because of the events that occurred previously, the “electric wars”, the souls of the previous Earth harmonic, Tara, were disembodied and thus unable to access Earth again. This is because Earth dropped down in frequency from Tara to what is now called physical Earth or Terra and this is not compatible for those souls called “the lost souls of tara”.
We were informed that Earth is on the path back towards Tara and that this process repeats with a new set of possibilities each time.

This society was a genetic experiment by those overseeing the existence of Tara and the fall of Gaia into Tara and then Terra. It was a way to bring about enough complexity, change, and growth that would re-enable those who had been disembodied to reincarnate and continue on their lesson without recycling through what is called hell.

Where this will go next is a complicated situation because there is the notion that those souls will not be able to inhabit physical bodies again without recycling and others feel the experiment is a success and the suffering of humanity has collectively healed the frequencies of the previous land and that this will sufficiently move those of Earth to the universal harmonic “Tara”.

If that happens, it may be sensible to assume that the lost souls of Tara, the previous cycle around, would then inhabit Earth as physical beings and continue their lessons.

Of course this could be the story we were told to go along with this although there are signs and connections made throughout history and all throughout the cosmic nature of consciousness. Consciousness always makes these patterns and the lower cycles are usually worked out and faced in order to remain at the higher levels.

One way this could be disinformation fed to operatives is that the current frequency battle on Earth is not to sufficiently cleanse the soul of Earth of the negative energy but to lower the frequency so that these beings may again incarnate. Either way, humanity will still go where their frequency allows them to and the situation is the same as far as increasing one’s self-awareness and harmonizing the various layers of the self and one’s energy and mind until an “overbeing” is formed. This overbeing contains the congruence and completion cycles that allow for access to the higher planes.

The deity planes are guarded by multidimensional beings and no one with impure blood may approach and apparently there is no “blood” at all allowed into Heaven. Heaven is for those who have unified the physical and immaterial aspects and no longer recycle through the lower universal layers. This is all a learning process and it is sometimes as simple as that. Simply traveling from one physical plane, to an etheric plane and guiding your experience through consciousness to the various planes and dimensions until unification and balance is found.

Most people will do this for a while, it is interesting and invigorating, otherwise the whole process would’ve never been accepted or ‘approved’. There does seem to be some kind of oversight by higher beings who maintain and manage this universal process. These are most likely those who are no longer drawn to the recycling process and have maintained steady energy and awareness without too much or too little.

Then there is the situation regarding the soul technology and the genetic engineering. Recycling restarts everything, and everything is accessible again from there after spiritual growth. Yet, if people are ready to ‘proceed’ and they are entangled into a control system then their consciousness may be used by beings who have designed technological and spiritual systems to do so.

That is the process we are facing now, where all of this is understood and people are utilizing their power to suppress the procedure and to absorb the completion energy or frequencies from the humans who are at that level. This is an attempt by certain groups to remain as they are. To follow the path of the lower consciousness, and to avoid the recycling process by artificially upgrading or “stimulating” their own frequencies or energies with those of individuals who have put in the spiritual work to attain such levels. It is basically a siphoning of energy and a switching of one on the path of recycling for another who is tricked into taking their place.

That is the deception of the “devil” which is often just a symbol for the error of someone’s ways on this spiritual path. Everyone is on a spiritual path, some are just too ignorant to notice and this simply means they have not been paying attention and will likely do so the next time around.

The other issue is that those who are not working on these issues will not move to Tara or Gaia after that because that is not how it works. This really isn’t an issue because no one is ever lost and those who make the shift will likely remain in energetic form to help in the assistance of all who can use it. This is kind of like a graduating class where everyone wants to leave together.

This is also part of the projects involving the soul nets where they foresaw great changes coming and realized that the humans here who do not move forward will likely be denied entry to physical existence for a period, or they will physically exist on Earth with the lost souls of Tara which would most likely not be a very pleasant experience at first.

Along with that, due to the exposure to the technology, some began to mutate and shift into various forms on that karmic cycle/wheel and as a result their friends and possibly family want to organize Earth into one large simultaneous shift with the intention that this would re-unify those of Humanity who are ready to make the shift together.

Genetics/DNA is the universal connections between individuals on various planes as well as all who have shared the same blood. What happens to one happens to the others.

It was understood that there only need to be one individual of a genetic line to make it to the deity planes and that this would enable that individual to retro-actively influence the others in time and causally assist in their own frequency completion cycle.

This probably reads weird and it’s pretty late but that is what is being focused on at the moment. Questions will help fill in the blanks, this is complicated through technology, energy grids, soul blueprints, spiritual networks, portals in between and to other planes, higher and lower beings, spiritual technology, deception and spiritual manipulation, self-empowerment, previous wars, previous races, universal harmonic layers, soul entanglement traps, marriage of genetic lines, original genetic lines, watchers and overseers, and the transdimensional nature of DNA and consciousness but it is all there and happening right now.


5 thoughts on “The Wheel Of Samsara, Hell, Heaven, Soul Traps and Recycling

  1. Yes, you are surely right on all points, Tweetypie.

    The grand dilemma lies in the fact that people do not know the basic facts of reality. The masses never have known the facts.

    To evolve, human consciousness needs some basic facts to consider: what is consciousness, the multi-dimensions of the self, what time is and what it is not, what is dream reality, what is telepathy, what is the power of thought, emotion and expectation, what is intuition.

    This basic information to guide us in understanding reality facts IS available. And not in bits and pieces to be puzzled together either.

    Aug’s thought processes are extremely sophisticated, and it’s no easy task to break down the information into words and make it understandable, much less understandable to an average person who doesn’t have a general grasp of what consciousness is.

    Even without a thorough understanding of the concepts Aug presents, people are responding to the information intuitively. Intuitively they know it’s the truth. And therein lies the power of this kind of disclosure.

    May all blocks be removed to allow the truth to flow freely to humanity.

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  2. The amount of highly technical complicated information that you present is proof that you are who and what you say you are. This is so far removed from the realm of everyday normal human life that people go into disbelief when reading. I do have sympathy for those that are asleep because most everyone is struggling to make a living and feed their families. If that were easier there would be more linear time to study and understand this information. I cannot think of any other place on the net with so much valuable info. You are doing a fantastic job. And you are doing all of this for FREE.

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    1. Thank you and I’ve had memories of these experiences from birth, but it is truly about the secret societies that held the knowledge for so long that made it possible for me to bring this information to you now. Yes there has been infiltration across many groups but the true keepers of knowledge remain.

      More specifically, I had my suspicions regarding the lost souls and the control systems but this information was pieced together on a timeline and explained directly by those in the secret societies, the military, the unacknowledged special access programs. Without them, I would not be here today to make this known to you.

      They have effectively been traveling the timelines, the harmonics, and the universe to find the best pathway for humanity to remain and harmonize with these coming changes. It has not been as easy ride for any of us but we are here today as a result of the collective operation of those willing to become aware of the possibilities.

      To conclude, the realm of the every day life IS the reflection of the realms above or below. It is ALL ONE reality, we are simply seeing everything from different angles at different stages in our growth process.


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