TheRuinerShane, A Message To The Public

This individual’s work is very important. This is from “The Ruiner”. The original posting seems no longer available.

Many of you readers, if not all, have been spending a vast amount of time and energy trying to deprogram.

Whether it’s from the cultural conditioning or more aggressive styles of programming or self inflicted patterns and traps, deprogramming is a very difficult and often long task.

For victims of aggressive programming as is involved with some major celebrities, or human slaves, or clone center toys, or shadow program ( military and space and science ) and MILABS and Monarchs – this can be near impossible for some to heal from well enough to effectively deprogram.

They break these people in ways most cannot fathom. Not even the level of violence in your media compares. Your writer recalls a decorated military killer seeing for himself what some of the clone toys go through and he said “I would watch 100 unarmed men be beheaded over watching that again any day.”

All are bad, some worse than others in some ways but it’s literally just picking a poison.

For some it’s a violation of the body. For some it’s a violation of the mind. For some it’s the violation of their very will.

For some it’s all of the above.

So let us remember this when dealing with or listening to or simply viewing these people.

From your Pop Stars and BlockBuster Needle Movers, to your clones and shadow program victims, Politicians and MILABS. Everyone you can think of.

Let us send them love, understanding that their actions are inexcusable but can be forgiven, so that perhaps they can have the strength to admit their own weakness. Let go of their delusions and illusions.

And Heal.



3 thoughts on “TheRuinerShane, A Message To The Public

  1. Very well said indeed. Thank you so much for reminding us of this. In fact, we are the lucky ones. If you had a normal childhood, be thankful. Even when these people start to de-program, they are not left alone; they are hounded and often killed. Let there be light, let there be truth and mercy for these poor people, and let their souls be free now and forever.


  2. Dear Ruiner,
    Yes. Thank you. Your message inspires me to share a path that may help.

    When we think of those who sold out and ended up in unspeakable abuse, to even judge them is to join in as yet one more whipping master on their essence. And we need to realize the races of beings who eat people the way cats play with a mouse as it eats it alive isn’t anything but who they are. They are controlled by artificial intelligence I’m believing those who created the dark ones will disable, as the contract is over.

    When readers not involved in the management of the matrix read this, please know how much you matter. And if we haven’t walked in another beings shoes, we simply don’t get it and never will. And likewise they have claims that technology enables them to read our every thought. But life is mysteriously wonderful and nothing is absolute.

    Please grasp that everything matters. And as you forgive the players on all sides who engage in negativity and harm, it’s your thoughts that will help make it worse or help make it better. Each of us is a part of everything and each other. Right now we need all of us to forgive and breathe and gently let go of the thousands of years of pain. We’re at the end of the contract, the cycle. Negative thoughts of them will only rebuild the loop of hell we broke so we don’t need to repeat history again if everyone reading this will embrace not self importance but self responsibility for choosing to think before we speak. Think before we choose how we feel. And look in the mirror and ask how can you help clean this up. Cuz we’re all in together. And I believe in all of us. And I trust the beings who created the negative ones to torture us to take care of the situation and end the abuse. It’s time, the contract is over. It’s up to us to love so we can birth the beauty.

    In Gratitude


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