USAPs, Investigation, Congress, Truth Beyond Belief

Just to make sure everyone understands this: Intelligence and Domestic Investigation

The investigation is actually about the USAPs. You should know what investigation I am referencing.

I was instructed to come forth and help inform the public. There were negotiations, there is advanced technology that can change the world, and there are threats that range from harmful or manipulative advanced technology, to natural changes that are the result of imbalance. (best way to put it right now)

I am not in angst over my life experiences, however I do experience some discontentment with the lack of self-awareness in the world. I myself experience all kinds of difficulties in determining the most beneficial way to share my experiences. They are usually out of order and based on advanced technology that is not yet publicly released so it seems like a sci-fi tv show.

As far as my experiences, there is training and discomfort that one undergoes and people get put in some dangerous situations. A lot of the methods used are way beyond the comprehension of the mind and psychology today. They are essentially soul programming methods using advanced technology and sacred knowledge. There is a connection there relating to what is happening on Earth, and what can be done about it.

The genetic engineering, cloning, mind control, it all works to penetrate the body consciousness of the individual via the brain and directly access the immaterial mind or soul.

As a result of my inability to heal, lack of respect for others or myself, or lack of attentiveness to certain obstacles I experienced many problems around earlier on. As a result of a combination of issues and ultimately my own unpreparedness, I waited before sharing this information with the public. There is so much more to explain, and so many interconnections but that explanation will do for now.

There was word that the Fukushima event occurred because the disclosure process was delayed, and that various groups were simultaneously in operation. A secondary explanation is that it’s all a show and all to nudge humanity into taking more care for themselves and the planet. Basically to come back to reason and respect for each other. This could be taken that there is no radiation, although we have all seen reports which indicate otherwise. Or it could mean that there is technology to heal and reverse the damage as soon as people stop giving their power away to those who perpetrate against them. The latter explanation seems like the kind of reasoning that is often applied in certain situations that are often dealt with through world superpower-level power moves.

Then there has been infiltration and basically an invisible war taking place. Because of this, as well as a focus on the overall goal, I can’t put my temporary pains first when there are others who did not return, or who are still out there now utilized in various ways either to protect Earth or being used against their will for other purposes. They are closer to this than I am and yet they have no one to speak for them. I intend to do my best to represent those unspoken for in these systems.

They are only projects to the uninitiated, to those directly involved they are a way of life.
I am not one to ask for an apology, at least not now that I have seen the larger picture. I truly never really desired an apology as I know what was done was done for the best interests of all. The situations I was put in were to strengthen me and as well to ensure that I would survive the backlash that I would receive from the others. This is hard to understand, but that’s because of the ‘cloak and dagger’ nature of secrecy and the need to know basis.

The masses do not want to know what they don’t agree with because that is how the human brain works. Through filters that selectively handle the information that the conscious mind would rather see, people will see what they want to. This is kind of like saying people have a skull-plated, make-believe system on their shoulders that they use to perceive reality. What I feel I am poorly getting across here is that the human mind is vulnerable to perceptual manipulation.

We are vulnerable to our own mis-aligned consciousness and this can cause problems that reverberate into the unconscious mind. If one experiences a series of events in life which result in distortion of the view of the self or reality, then this will resonate in the conscious mind for a bit and if not faced and learned from directly will be sent to the unconscious mind where it will remain until enough catalysts are applied to bring the trauma to the surface. Having to adapt or reorganize one’s internal order naturally destabilizes belief systems that are generated through the desire to preserve the ego. These are faulty and will fall short. If we desire to see the true self,  regardless of how the ego feels about it, we will go farther. Eventually, the truest version of the self to date can be found and this connects one with the clarity and peace that is found through childhood.

To get to this sacred space one must first clear out all the misperceptions about the self that develop from experiences that is not initially consciously integrated into the personality. This is something that happens that does not fit into a predictable ‘blueprint’ based on the belief system at any given moment. When there are a series of possibilities we expect based on past experience and the concept of the self and reality, there can be events which exist so far outside what can be conceived of that if an event of that quality is experienced the current personality has almost no way at all to acknowledge that and remain identifying as the same original belief system.

One could look at this like a graph or matrix of concepts mind-mapped out onto a visual surface. Each node on this matrix is connected to the other nodes like a network of neurons. The general shape that this matrix generates visually is what determines how well this cloud can adapt to new information. The farther away from that cloud the new information exists conceptually, the more that cloud would have to adapt in order to integrate the new information. By having a strict sense of the self and reality that believes everything that is happening can be predicted, that cloud visually narrows and the simulated neuronal connections are angled and operating in a fashion that allows for minimal access to new information conceptually farther away, visually farther on this map. By having a belief system the identifies the self as a being who exists in a way where there are always more possibilities and potentials than can be seen by the conscious mind, when this is acknowledged, the belief system or neuron cloud is shaped and organized in a way that allows for each node to pivot in such a way so as to regain freedom of movement and their connectivity allows for access to information that is conceptually much farther away.

That may have been a drawn out way to explain this, but the idea is that the brain and the mind are living entities unto themselves, they are harbor or transmit information which influences states of consciousness. One  could even say each of the organs are living entities, as are each individual unit that a living being is comprised of. If that neuronal cloud is challenged by information that is conceptually so far away there is no way to integrate that information without having to completely start over and reidentify as an individual, then there is a disruption in the whole process and something will have to be done before full functionality can be resumed. The brain is very much like a computer system in the way that it works, it organizes concepts, relations between distant parts of reality, and records information using memory banks. Of course this is a kind of biological network system, not many people would say they consciously operate the brain to continue the autonomous processes that empower the body. This is running in the background. People probably don’t want to admit that they are not the primary consciousness running their body, or they don’t want to have to face the possibility that their consciousness does not mean anything. This is almost as useless as ignoring the reality of the brain being capable of processing all that information required to organize information and run the body, and considering that what we see consciously is all we are and what we get.

What I have to add here about the current events and the secret projects is that releasing this information before the public is ready may not be in the best interest of humanity. That may be why the show is being set up this way.

We are facing a kind of reset situation not only for a country but for the species and our trajectory in time. You could call it a “cycle” of completion.

The only way to level the playing field if there are secret weapons is if everyone is on the same page.

One way to do this is to release the truth across the board of authority and this will help the control systems regulate across nations.

Yet another plateau that can be reached is that the entire civilization is informed of the reality of the situation, the advanced technology, the other intelligences, the created life forms, the secret operations, the crimes against Earth and Humanity and this will also change everything, forever.

It’s about how some in this society (or above it) have gained so much power that they are not necessarily stuck within the realm of human experience anymore. Couple that with a growing gap between the upper and middle class and we could see the middle class disappear.

Understand that the middle class never existed and is a form of clever puppetry to satisfy the whole bunch and you’ll see that this format results, by design, in two societies, one that is entirely above the other in terms of power and knowledge.

So will the truth come out? Will we have a long-term plan for disclosure? Will other nations begin to compete with these operations? That one has already begun.

Will they group into one? Remember, they are already all one, all one social group. There are just multiple factions that are vying for control based on certain ideals, methods, and justifications. Deception rules, especially when the truth is hidden in plane sight.

As of now everything has been under control. As soon as the truth about genetic engineering, advanced technology, temporal distortion, stargates, quantum viewing, or cloning is revealed, everything goes off the charts.

That’s what we are facing now. Does the truth of everything come out, and then the world is changed forever? Or does it remain contained and controlled with secrecy?

Will congress continue to beg for the truth? Even if the very notion will destroy congress forever? What if the truth itself is so deep, so vast that it not only destroys that governing process, but it overwhelms and destroys the very minds of the people who view the information?

That is why this is a show, it’s like playing hot-potato with a time-bomb. No one takes that seriously, it’s all planned, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.

Yet, what are they going to do? It’s all about the stability of the control system and the people. If people want knowledge and ask for it in a viable manner, then they will probably receive it.

If people want what they want and they go about attempting to get it by torching the place, then we will see some advanced technology come out that way. We will see the truth that way, by a release of control methods that are so far beyond what the unexpecting mind can comprehend that people will not even realize what has happened until it is nearly over and there is no chance for reconsideration.

In short, it’s up to people to control the body consciousness and choose to respond instead of reaction. That is the game, every reaction is planned, that’s why it’s being done and that’s why people are reacting that way. Because that’s part of the plan. When a reaction doesn’t occur as planned, it can be simulated or stimulated. That’s why people have to become much more aware of the situation, that is the improve I want to see in people.
It’s a very serious game that is being played, but now you know how close you are to one reality or the other.

This is about the secret projects, officially termed the unacknowledged special access programs. These have gone international.

The goal is to help Humanity in any way at any costs. Humanity doesn’t know what they’re up against and the very secrecy, largely, is to protect their feeble minds.

I know no one wants to hear that, but trust that most people are not prepared to know the truth about what has been happening.

Still, the truth must move closer and closer to the surface level because everything that has been done to the Human race can be accessed through genetic memory.

Again, no one wants to believe it, but a large reason for the secrecy is because people will literally lose control of their bowels when they hear the truth.

Is that what we want? Probably not.

Do we want to wait until the next generation has to deal with this because by then the control system will have EVOLVED? Well, I can say if we wait for the next generation, there will be no disclosure in the sense that we are looking at today. Sure, their minds will be more flexible, but how will they react to the programming when the internet has been cleaned of any revealing blogs or youtube videos. When every web page speaking of the secrecy has been censored? The intention to control the internet is equivalent to the book-burnings of the past.

Even with all that is at risk, now may be the time for disclosure, for even more is at stake without the truth and honestly, there are some than can handle it.


Whatever it is, it is our duty to find the true self. The true self IS the center. Get it? It’s like a tornado, all the peripheral stuff flies around the perimeter while we actually observe from the center. When we allow ourselves to be pushed off center (maybe after the initial shock where we realize we have control) everything flies in a disorienting manner. When we move back to center and stabilize that which is happening within, the emotions and feelings everything revolves around us and we can make sense of things without becoming distorted by the continuous motion.

All this means is that no matter how intense it gets, it’s beneficial to observe from within, from the heart, and not only using the mind where we may see things linearly which works for a purely physical experience but becomes less defined when applied towards the spiritual existence.

What we are experiencing now is a time where the spiritual and the physical existences are being brought together so that one another cannot be ignored. Staying in one side or the other, doesn’t have the same power as perceiving from the center by balancing mind and emotion. Then it’s just a very exciting learning process, a process of unveiling the self and spiritual fulfillment.

The game that is being played is to offer people the path of drawing perspective away from the immaterial and towards the physical. This is basically just an illusion because a person who intends to discover the spiritual self doesn’t need material things. Paradoxically, it is actually the lack of material things which often allows one to move back a little from the physical perspective and regain that intuition of the spirit. It is not that spirit can be removed, but that it is covered up and veiled with technology, materialism, and hypnotism. This is basically spiritual deception. Lying to a person to manipulate their mind is one thing. Getting people to whole-heartedly support their own downfall is another.

I feel this is verbose.

It’s that the “center” is a metaphor for states of mental and emotional operation through balance. Everything in life is a metaphor. The immaterial is often described through metaphors because it is not objective and contains a vast connection to the rest of the universe.

It’s as if the universe itself is not a thing but a combination of mind and matter, motion and energy, concept and theory. Existence is truly neither one or the other but a changing emergence of both and more.

I want to make my message to everyone reading as meaningful for as many people as I can. So others can find the time to read what I say and find interest in it as well. At least to provoke new cognition.

There is a kind of notion that if it comes out and says the truth, then it’s not the truth. The best one can do is create a kind of allegory and let the others fill in the blanks.

Vocabulary, or the “concept-bank” is a big part of the situation. We often don’t have the words or concepts to describe what we are actually experiencing. This is largely through the manipulation of words, but also a natural decline in an inclination towards that. Words change and evolve and people are coming up with new slang. We also had this knowledge of the immaterial self in earlier civilizations and it has always been in the unconscious of humanity, waiting to be discovered. So it’s like reinventing the wheel to use a manipulated/corrupted language to get the point across.

This post has been revised. I felt it was a little out of focus at first.

Great then I added to it again and now I question the clarity of the way these ideas are presented. I don’t necessarily question myself, but the way I am communicating with others. Still, it’s better to release something that will point people towards something more truthful than nothing at all. No one has the whole truth, of course I don’t, but I was briefed on the various situations each faction faces and was present and a part of the negotiations. We were used, in a way, to project how the population would handle such releases of information. I was given permission to communicate these ideas in a beneficial manner and so I constantly strive to perform this duty of simply acting as a kind of public voice. It seems all too wild, out of the blue, and sometimes overwhelming to others, but the universe is a beautifully complicated place much like people when their potential is activated. All we can do is continue to learn and grow and unveil the true self. Thanks for whoever listens to what seems like rambling a lot, I am organizing the ideas better and the initial phase of this was to literally record as much as I could as the flashbacks and knowledge comes to the surface. Now things are more controlled, yet I still have that style of writing taking place. We can all only improve from here and that is the duty of having free-will. That is also part of the meaning of this cycle of “darkness” where consciousness on the planet has gone as far into forgetfulness as can still remain meaningful for a civilized existence. It is easiest to communicate these ideas face to face with a person so I can feel their individual energy and know how to customize the discussion for them. So this is a step outside of that. Then the concept of reducing everything to the plainest speak imaginable comes to mind but that seems emotionless and unfair! Now I am just rambling… (I think this is a result of a sugar/herbal effect from high quality fresh(ish) apple-juice and too much cayenne pepper. And maybe a bit of excitement over the events taking place in the public and private, there’s so much potential for Humanity. Just being honest…)


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