Soft-Disclosure Movies and Shows

I recommend watching at least the trailer of the new series “Westworld”. This is soft-disclosure, at least from the trailer because I have not watched any of it.

Even the sound in the beginning of the trailer, that deep bass dramatic movie sound, that is a sound that some of the machines generate. It also has to do with programming and consciousness.

Just like the movies, “The Thirteenth Floor”, “eXistenZ”, “The Island”, “Tomorrowland”, “The 6th Day”, “The Nines”, “Brainscan”, “Videodrome”, or the series, “12 Monkeys”, “Fringe”, and “Mr. Robot”. There are literally so many. This is not so much about the enjoyment of the acting, cinematography or storyline although it is great. These are used to secretly tell the stories and release information about what people cannot be told directly. I consider making a page for a list but I feel some will interpret it as irrelevant. The truth is there are hidden messages in the movies and shows and one can see what a journey would be like with involvement with advanced technology or knowledge of spirit or other realities. These specifically show about the mind and even the down-to-Earth troubling things that can happen.

If anyone knows of any soft-disclosure type of media that may be beneficial, post it below.

We really shouldn’t be focusing on entertainment in serious times, although creativity and relaxation is especially relevant so we shouldn’t be too hard, however these are directly related to actual events, existing technology, and secret operations.

I’m not here to talk about people specifically, but actors, actress, directors, athletes, and many people who are important in public affairs are involved in the disclosure process in one way or another.

From 1973:

Movie List:


The Adjustment Bureau

The beginning of this one is literally a form of technology in visual form.


Soft-Disclosure 2

Soft-Disclosure 3: Movies

Soft-Disclosure 4: Movies

Soft-Disclosure 5: Movies


11 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure Movies and Shows

    1. Yes, this is true. This is dream/simulator tech and observing the patterns, memories, or experiences through a technological device. It also shows the danger and subjectivity of wiping memories or manipulating a person’s psychology in these ways.


  1. Hi Aug — From your perspective, are these currently running shows having any more impact on reducing the deception than all those previous shows that have had “secret story” content, i.e. Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Star Trek, etc, etc.? It seems like there have been so many, but maybe nothing but entertainment resulted. Thanks — David


    1. From earlier on, to now, the themes and hints at technological advancement and other realities has become more clearly defined. Movies like “Divergent”show more clearly how defined the capabilities can be as well as the specific problems arisen, for instance, the splitting of society into two different genetic groups through advanced technology or lack of it.

      There are many more but the duality still stands. Those who have no inner sight to see from and balanced mind and heart to hear, they will simply become more and more seemingly unaware as reality becomes more and more like the sci-fi on TV.

      Those who have already been witnessing, they will most likely continue on their path regardless, it is about whether there is enough self-awareness to acknowledge and contemplate these aspects of reality.

      We can’t blame others for our own lack of awareness and as well. If reality has offered the truth, since the beginning of time yet people are still asleep, should we do away with reality?

      Yes, there is hypnotism or predictive programming. Use what you can to become more aware. Self-awareness comes from within, people should not be relying on the external but that is the situation for many.


  2. Is this not also because according to the rules of this playing field they have to tell the truth? Literally the truth is everywhere but we’ve been programmed to see it as entertainment.


    1. Yes, this is an aspect of the hypnotism/predictive programming. It’s complicated but everything is about consent. If through the media people are being shown what is happening and what is to come but they deny it because they believe the movies/shows, something artificial, can influence and nullify the existence of something in reality, then their mind is compressed within that as a block. As well, they are simply allowing this to happen because they choose to represent one reality, for the other.

      Just because it is displayed in the media does not mean it’s impossible, quite the opposite creativity is a pathway to higher realms. Because it is displayed so often and creatively it actually indicates that there is some truth. Yet the concept is if people consider it “not true”, because of something inherently artificial (a scripted show or movie), then they are contradicting themselves by redefining the possibilities of the “real reality”, based upon what they see in one that is “made up”. It’s a mind game and it work on the unconscious to organize the perception of the universe based on the premises given through the information being presented and the relationship that source has with our mind and our reality.

      It is actually a mental, creative reality that we live in, not a dark, dry place.


  3. Good afternoon. I think these movies on the contrary directed against disclosure. Their goal: to get people to believe that all this is fiction, fantasy, fairy tale.
    For example, when talking about a man about aliens, he giggles and call you paranoid Mulder (from The X-Files).
    So here.
    People are told that everything is a fairy tale, fiction. Robots, Star Wars, Mars, time travel. and so on.
    Fantastic. What is not in reality.
    So they work. Hollywood propaganda.


    1. One great truth is that symbols can have multiple interpretations. So see it this way. Those who are not mentally open, will interpret it as fantasy and this will seemingly work against progression of the truth and even set up the individual for a shock when the truth is revealed. Still, would it be easier if it just happened without people seeing it? So maybe this is just a necessary distribution of intelligence across the population.

      Then for those who can read the symbolism and accept the possibilities through inner creativity, they will see the similarity to the themes in these shows and movies and this will reinforce their experiences speaking directly to them about their lives.

      So everything is about interpretation. Not supporting any idea , but that is what it is, and so people are not told directly but they have the option to see the possibilities.

      As well, it doesn’t always have to be negative based on some dark force, often it is simply human error, greed, or miscommunication which results in the great conflict of the story. Thanks for your comment.


      1. Yes, I agree with you. It all depends on perspective.

        Recognizing some of the principles of how the mind handles, these films can already be seen not as fiction but as a scientific fact.

        And then they will serve as a visual training tool. And it will accelerate the further awakening.

        Thank you.


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