Devices To Store Genetic Records and Memories Across Time

Kind of strange but one explanation of the machines is that they were constructed out of the most advanced technology at the time and were capable of crossing the sky at great speeds as well as analyzing and storing DNA, as well as consciousness.

It was explained that this was an effort to create a kind of permanent library that would withstand the test of time.

By this point in the projects, it was explained, they had already discovered that humanity flashes in and out of existence kind of like a lightbulb pulsating at a certain frequency of visible light.

These devices were designed to take our DNA, our consciousness and record them so that when the next “cross-over” point happens, there would be something to store the information in long-term.

Is this saying we are just information? No, technically we are not, that is where the secret society/sacred knowledge keepers come into play. The knowledge of the presence of the soul is the source of the notion that we are not just bio-machines.

This device, however, once plugged into, became a source of information across many human civilizations.

As soon as it was built, it was ‘tapped into’ across time, as well, it tapped into times outside of this one.

We began seeing the knowledge and recorded conscious experiences of the other civilizations directly.

The explanation that was concluded as a result of multiple methods was that the computer systems were actually acting as a transfer system between civilizations.

Consciousness itself was temporally transcended, deviated away from, and merged back into this world from a different angle giving new information.

The main issue is that some people, some groups may still be trying to help us but are now separated by the divide between the secrecy, the ignorance of the public, and a concluding of events taking place.

This is one of the most difficult aspects to share.

Even those who seem to be working for their own self-interests, the whole point is for Humanity to come together to heal and protect even them. If we allow any of us to be disregarded, its like we all are and we accept that.

There can be no one time in history that the public simply “disregards” people, that would do more damage to the collective unconscious than constant turmoil. We must come together in peace, intellect, and harmony to find a better way to bring about a better conclusion. We can and will do it, the creativity which comes from the source of life, vital energy itself, is sufficient to make this a reality.

We just have to connect that vital energy within, through the mind, to applicable connections in this reality. Heart to heart.

People are so afraid of many things, and I tell you it makes me cry. If all we can say we have is family and friends then we have everything.

We can take care of ourselves, respect each other (including our selves), respect the harmony of the planet, it may not tell you, but there is harmony there and the same processes take place within a living being. So we are a part of a living being, a larger consciousness and this was discovered (if you didn’t intuit it).

Care for each other, but don’t let the loop go out of whack and a person’s care becomes worry and the steps taken to placate the worry become more harmful than not caring in that situation. People are strange like that, we are basically all capable of being neurotic, this is part of the situation, the “condition” on Earth. There is also an intellectual aspect that must be nurtured, a wisdom production that must be stimulated otherwise there is a lack of inward progress which is fostered through introspection.

We have to state our consent to peace and harmony.

We have to voice our concerns about those in the projects.

We have to voice our concerns about the crimes against humanity.

And we have to voice our concerns about the deception system that utilizes humans as collateral. This system is not native.

People are hurt, people are in mental, emotional and physical pain. Spirit is just the combination of all the elements blow, into one harmonized form. We have to start helping each other and ourselves.

Everything could be free, gifted to one another, in the same way life appears to us from this angle.


2 thoughts on “Devices To Store Genetic Records and Memories Across Time

  1. Thank you again Aug. It’s a nice time to suggest we all look at what would happen if we simply stop making decisions about anything from what to eat or when to sleep or how to live or where or how we feel about the ugly truth of the seemingly endless mean things done to humanity, those we know and love or ourselves. What if we simply tell ourselves to stop replaying the story because pain us endless. And so is joy. And what if we begin sharing this far and wide? What if we do it fast?

    I don’t think the machines can detect when others wipe out humanity. It isn’t obviously programmed to from what you just wrote. It’s about time we let ourselves realize the various alien races and the earthling people’s DNA being mixed so they can experience this whole thing and blame, “humanity”… I’m about to Really go off topic here. Certain beings in human bodies aren’t earthling. Those folks are the people of war, lies, manipulation, indestructible silliness of self serving uncontrolled behaviors. And they get to jump from body to body and let the world believe humanity is responsible. This is a good lie.

    I have chosen to meditate until I can feel positive with integrity and my inner truth that makes me feel right when I look in the mirror. And I let happiness come. Then I ask myself to see positive solutions. In this state of mind I saw the healing wonders of turning all prisons into healing centers globally. Now

    Can anyone feel this?

    What if everyone reading this shares it and families and friends start coming together to talk about how amazing it is when we stop letting negative thinking and feeling influence our decisions? What if the schools started doing this? And the American military industrial complex?

    I believe everyone would walk home and we’d lovingly start fresh!


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