The Multidimensional Strangeness

So there are memories of existing above the surface Earth watching humanity and picking our lives based on the best learning structure for our own existence as well as a progressive introduction of the truth into this kind of matrix system that has either been created or developed out of necessity or want.

I’m trying to use my creativity to come up with a better way to tell people but this is basically what it is right now. This will be revised and re-released later.

I came into this world with the knowledge of this process, these were, for us, an operation with

This can’t really be explained easily.

There are basically pods, or ‘beds’, even tables a person can get on and their consciousness will be inserted into a time-stream on Earth where a life is lived out.

The newer technology is almost related to the looking glass and what I was informed is called the “chronovisor” which only requires that one gaze into the field in order to perceive information from outside this time-stream or outside the present moment. One gazes and wakes up in a physical body with memories of the previous situation fading rapidly. This is used to interact with Earth’s surface population.

Some cloned beings do utilize the brain chip to transfer consciousness and their soul is different from the organic consciousness of the Human born on Earth.

Humans were contacted by beings from the realm harmonically “above” this one in time, so that they may be informed of the situation on Earth and were sent back to share their story with the rest of this civilization.

This story and message pretty much repeats regularly throughout history.



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