Other Intelligences Attempt to Superimpose Their Consciousness Over Humanity; Compassion Is Key

This is another of the tough subjects.

Note: The final instructions I was given was that Humanity survives at least partially. They said no Human is left behind. So that is the final say, yet until people are aware of what has happened and the true nature of reality they will be vulnerable to lower consciousness constructs or programs.

Basically the bell was a kind of temporal acceleration device that could also reposition itself in space.

This device set up electromagnetic fields that interact with Earth’s fields, or the universes field(s).

When a person’s DNA reached this acceleration point, then all the various additions, splices, partialities, or combinations would smooth out. The person would become whatever the most prominent sections of their DNA would allow for or result in.

To make this very very strange and somewhat horrifying topic short, some people would shift into a kind of reptilian life form due to their DNA at some point in the far past or the near future, becoming entangled with this species.

This is apparently the stories of old of the knights or saints battling the demonic creatures of a non-human stature.

This may be a form of disinfo that was played upon us in the bases but I feel there is something else occurring and this has been noticed by many throughout this realm.

Basically, these entities are a form of being who lost the ability to incarnate.

They require energy, just like a human soul that requires energy to incarnate into a physical body.

They cannot produce their own energy so they must trick a living entity into giving them or devoting their spiritual energy to them.

They would appear to towns and villages of old and convince them to worship these beings and slowly gather more and more energy. Any kind of spiritual energy, be it attention, fear, lust or worship would filter through the ether and be picked up by these beings.

Many ceremonies or ‘events’ would be devoted to a specific energy frequency and this would channel directly to the intended universal harmonic layer. There are multiple universal harmonic layers and each has it’s own form of society.

The awakened, spiritually christened human has access to all layers. Without this spiritual activation, compassion, mind and spirit, activating all the potential of what a human can be, feel and experience, there is only access to one or some layers as the higher layers are spiritually cut off via frequency resonation. If the person cannot resonate with those frequencies within their being, then they cannot travel to the realm of those higher frequencies. This is called the “deity plane” and there are many eastern stories about this which are actually spiritual reports of travelers to and from these higher realms.

A large command and conquer situation has been to wipe Earth clean of any remnants of this spiritual energy or remarks or reports of these higher realms and the processes to get there.

Discarnate beings require spiritual energy to travel or incarnate and so they convince or trick living humans into giving up this energy, also known as loosh.

In this way it is not only to subjugate humans that this is done, no, that is just a foundation. The real reason is to actually incarnate into Earth and use Earth as their own living, physical realm as a platform to expand their species in time.

These discarnate beings have access to temporal travel and so they are not restricted by physicality, yet they do not have access to the physical realm in the same way humans do.

The areas of divergence above and below the surface population of Earth enter into frequency zones outside of the “head-heart” level of the human. IE: Around this level of distance from the ground, there is a morphogenetic field frequency which humans populate. Far above and far below this level the field diverges from the human frequencies and one is open to experiencing the frequencies of other life-forms and other realms.

This is a natural effect and one of the main concepts behind the “natural simulator” explanation. The Universe simply matches the frequency of the collective that is inhabiting it and so if we move away from the human collective frequency into the frequency of another zone or race of living beings we literally inhabit a new realm which carries a new set of physics and temporal access.

It is not entirely clear what invites these beings in, but like a demonic whisper in the ear one has to accept the lower chakra activation activities in order to reconform one’s energy body into accepting communication or access by these beings.

When one accesses enough of the energy system they activate as either a higher spiritual awakened/activated human being, or a lower activated being, essentially what some have called sub-humans although I do not want to start a kind of hierarchy battle of ego or opposites.

These are just multiple races of physical and non-physical beings competing for the same frequency, which is part of why some claim that whoever put us here is obviously an asshole who wants us all to die.

I don’t believe that, I feel some people tinkered in time, with the mechanics of this realm and the DNA of the original species here and this was for their own intentions and results not the actions of some kind of creator being or overseeing, all powerful, starter consciousness.

Maybe by existing at all in this complex Universe we could blame whoever or whatever played the role of initiating this, (the original cause, or thought) but blaming that would be kind of like blaming the sun for rising and a person having a shitty day. It doesn’t quite add up.

Of course, blame doesn’t necessarily help anyway, but through the identification of what actually did what we can better find the solution. This civilization, in this way, may be the result of early attempts at domineering the timeline through time line alteration through genetic manipulation and advanced technology mind control.

So to summarize, these discarnate beings play with the humans, just like an addicting video game, and get them to “SEAL” themselves in time, with these discarnate beings by cutting off their higher energy signatures and rerouting them to the lower chakra fields.

This is basically through sex torture and addiction, hate, aggression, fear, all the lower chakra energy results and more or less the 7 deadly sins.

A person’s DNA is a measure of their consciousness from the ‘beginning’ of time (or the last cycle around) until now (and even some of the future). Thoughts work through emotional impulses and which emotions will be “acted” upon by thinking or producing spiritual fruits/thoughts through. Then the thoughts or spiritual energies are acted upon by generating actual physical decisions which create expressions and cleave one’s path through time. This is all recorded in the DNA.

So when the DNA is short-circuited (from what one could easily say is the original purpose, degraded instead of harmonized) through these lower means, then the being is open to access by these beings.

When these devices turned on and DNA/temporal acceleration cycles were reached, then it did not take days, years, centuries, millennia, it all happened quickly and right before the eyes.

From the “other side”, the energetic side where a human soul resides or the blueprint for the physical being, it is seen as a kind of game of entangling the human consciousness, and tricking them into building a “nest” for these lower beings that the lower being may then go forward in time to that point when the nest is ready and inhabit that being. They see it like a game and the human soul becomes cut-off, separated in time from access to that physical temporal field, the body in this realm.

The saints would battle these beings by utilizing higher chakra activation and quite literally rebuking them in the name of the one unified force of the spiritually activated human essence. This force inhabits all things but becomes conscious and unified through the complicated energy system of the human when harmonization is reached.

With certain frequencies, or within certain cosmic or solar energy events the veil between the two realms may thin and at this point each race would become quasi-physical to each other simultaneously. They would then be close enough in frequency for their bodies to appear to be physical bodies to us. We would, simultaneously, also be lighter and higher in energy and closer to the soul-level of awareness where mind and the effects of mind on reality is seen more directly instead of invisibly.

This harmonization allows for trans-temporal access to the fields of the Universe where all this can be witnessed directly.

If one is entirely accessed by these beings they are cut-off from eternal time and automatically incarnate as a discarnate lower chakra being, IE: a reptilian, sometimes other cultures would call a discarnate, cut-off being, an “angry” or “vengeful spirit” or “ghost”.
The pure, activated blood of a human in one’s lineage that reached temporal transcendence can retro-actively heal and pull one’s non-activated form into activation through time. If a person is lower chakra activated then this nullifies that and they must do work to “rebuke” the demon.

There is more to say, like how the DNA can activate, how the energy combines to form a fractal-compression field which is congruent in and out of time and allows for trans-temporal access. How this is about consciousness and it’s lower consciousness that results or causes lower chakra activation and so this is about self-awareness and whether one remains self-aware in the physical system and thus the non-physical or dream-“time” system outside of the physical plane. It’s like a simulator that gobbles up consciousness and incorporates it into its own end and these beings apparently were infiltrated by a mechanical consciousness long ago and our history has largely been shaped by this infiltration.

Then there are the other beings. The spiritually activated humans.
This is why in my first interview ever releasing this information to the public, I said there were other humans who had basically figured out how to kick or avoid the infection in time, and made it to the future to build the trans-temporal race of human beings that can navigate in and out of time, in and out of the physical plane and have secured their DNA without entanglement with the lower consciousness beings.

They approached and said they required that certain things be done, namely that this information go public, they used craft and technology that humans were just beginning to build at this time.

There were others, and there is much more to say but this is an initial idea on what is really happening. These spiritual beings have been around since the beginning of time and they are basically just people, transformed, and dressed up as a sheath of lower consciousness/chakra energy which mutates the body into a respective form matching the brainwave signature and energy signature of that frequency. IE: A reptilian brained being that has no need for higher spiritual activation, no need for the higher thinking brain, no need for compassion or the ability to put one’s self in another’s position through sympathy, but literally only through devouring and aggression.

So this should be a wake up call, and fear itself, is part of the whisper. If a person stays in fear based, fight or flight consciousness, then that lower brain is running the show. If they did this for 2 billion years, well, you’re going to have some changes. If a temporal acceleration cycle was activated or reached, well then we’re going to see those changes that would occur over a very long period, like a spiritual evolution or devolution in this case, happen in a very short period of time.

It doesn’t matter if the person is inside a device when this happens. There are multiple streams of time occurring simultaneously. It’s like a looking glass (different tech). If a person is in a device, accelerating and going through mutation, it doesn’t mean that this body must do it and experience it. Elsewhere in time and space (apparently ALL over the place) they are still going through the rungs of existence and taking on whatever specific energy frequency patterns of the higher or lower chakra activity that is occur. They could be inside one device, but there are other versions of them all over the time-matrix that are not in the device and carrying on as usual. As a result, if that person is accelerated in the field, then they will change and evolve/devolve as if they were being watched through existence over millions of years.

Ultimately, fear is the test. If a person accepts fear, and lives in it, it changes the brain.

If they take part in ritual, it changes the blood, the brain, the DNA, the spiritual energy and re-routes it.
The main trick they have, as I have decoded, is that they cannot access a person’s field if they are in a loving, heart chakra entangled, activated, and wholly unified state. The heart must then be traumatized through ritual torture, the person abused and their consciousness defeated in order to then open up access to the lower root chakra. Then sex, drugs, and many other tactics are used to lower the energy system frequency so that what is loosely called “demonic” activity can enter into the individuals time field and these beings are archonic and literally inhabit the time-matrix of the human, siphoning off their energy, slowly but surely, until there is nothing left to reach at the “end” of the time matrix. This siphoning dead-ends the continuum of energy and as a result the consciousness slips and falls right into the time-matrix field of the race of beings that achieved that spiritual “win” over the human.

If every last human went through that siphoning process then the human species would disappear from time, forwards and backwards and it would be as if Humanity never existed at all in the physical plane. Every sign, culture, effect, it would all translate into the other race’s signs and culture as if it was actually the other race here the whole time. They would, in effect, hijack the dream-time like a virus and insert their own code in to the time-matrix of this area.
That is why one option is to navigate out of the time-matrix entirely altogether through a mass “ascension” which if done incorrectly or through the wrong means is actually just a mass “harvest” for these beings.

Time itself is an illusion and is representative of a programmed physical existence. As well, the universe can neither be destroyed, nor can the human race disappear because of their proximity with some kind of original consciousness or creator spirit which allows them to redefine themselves as spiritually mature beings and as well ensures their existence in the beginning, and the end of the cycle. It is as if Humanity started by being sent back through time after surviving this cycle. If this cycle is not survived, then Humanity is not sent back in time to begin with, to face it.

So stay in the seat of the soul through compassion, living in peace, appreciation and harmony as I do believe there is a trans-dimensional being who has access to all times and places and is a common genetic source for all humanity. This being, then a person can access this peace, this harmony, this activation of the whole spiritual essence and this being retro-actively extends themselves in time, through mind in a kind of reverse harvest, and protects that DNA of whatever human is working diligently towards peace and compassion and ultimately a christening of the physical time matrix into merging and unification with the eternal spiritual realm outside of the time matrix.

It’s a rather complex situation, but ultimately it’s a battle for eternal time or devolution into a “reset” recycle.

Edit: I changed the title to something a little more insightful, as well as added some information about the possibility of “destruction” in this cycle.

Here is a response to someone on facebook:

Just think, since the beginning of time there are messages of those who knew harmony and peace and this compassion extends down through time to whoever accepts it. That is the real battle, about self-respect, organizing one’s energy in time, constructing a temporally symmetrical energetic emanation of consciousness which is stable in “no-time-time”.

Overcoming the program of the body consciousness and acknowledging and living for the true self which is immaterial and eternal and temporarily operating through the physical body. The zero-point geometric-fractal spiral into the quantum is literally the “eye of the needle” that the ego cannot get through. So we live in the ego and that identity stays in time. We live through the soul and that information and identity remains on the “other side”.


8 thoughts on “Other Intelligences Attempt to Superimpose Their Consciousness Over Humanity; Compassion Is Key

  1. I have gone back and read the part about how the consciousness of clones stay somewhat connected. It was wrong to suggest that they could go (even if they volunteered) and start another civilization somewhere for the bodiless AI’s. If beings are truly soul-less and have no moral conscious, there might not be a way for them to evolve. . Seems everybody should be given a chance to change, but in this case, we probably just need to part ways, somehow or someway. I’m increasing my frequency by “creating” a scenario with an intervention from Creator Source that will achieve this, in a very short amount of Linear Time.


  2. I have been reading about the Reptilian, Draco, and Archon problem for some years now, and now the A.I. problem is being brought to the forefront of the alternative news. We all wonder, why did this happen in the first place? I heard that the Draco were brought here at the beginning of Earth history – they were “plopped down here”, because they were to be our “catalyst for learning”. OK, so that’s one theory. Another theory is, it was just an accident. Either way, it seems since the Draco/ Reptilians are brilliant Geneticists, they could be intelligent enough to create their own food and drug-like adrenaline chemical high for themselves in their own laboratories. Or maybe it’s the same problem that we have, there is no substitute for real food, even if it’s just vegetables and fruit, until you really advance into the higher frequencies of this realm or the next and are able to live on sunlight, which probably would be hard to do on a mass scale in a short amount of time unless we all are hit by an Ascension wave which I really hope happens and solves this really disgusting situation. As for the A.I.– if they need bodies to incarnate into, if they would just ask us politely, we could work out a deal where they could take some clones to another planet or Universe and start their lives over again. Everybody screws up. If they would just negotiate with us, there wouldn’t have to be all of this negativity and darkness.

    All I can say is, I am glad for the internet, and for websites like this, because the whole situation is being documented, and hopefully we won’t have to repeat this experiment again. I won’t be attending, if I have a choice.


  3. ? Aug, I’m wondering if you have information you can share on the reptilian brain doctors and scientists say is inserted into every human these days?


    1. Well, to give a general idea and kind of go into a tangent, there is an explanation that the reptilian brain and the mammalian or higher brain (there are 1 or 2 other major brain systems in this explanation) were not naturally meant to be combined in the same being or in such proximity interacting on the same plane at the same time.

      There are stories of ancient civilizations performing primitive brain surgery which people claimed was because they thought it would help “crazy” people. Meanwhile, there are explanations that it was the elite or the adepts who underwent this and that this was actually removing or disabling certain areas of the brain which were believed to be activated or enlarged due to genetic manipulation which encourages certain traits.

      The situation on Earth is pretty much all relevant to this, including my post above, because it is through the duality-consciousness or body consciousness level that people can be programmed into to operate through systems which identity the self physically instead of as a transcendent being.

      The components remain the components from a purely physical view. The transcendent form is related to the coalescence of the components into a single immaterial form as consciousness from the brain and pure awareness from the soul. This is the result of each component resonating into one harmonic or overtone of energy that is self-identifying and extra-dimensional. This is the entry way of the Human into the comprehension and application of time as a non-linear function but a projection system of the consciousness itself.

      When these components are out of sync with each other they do not operate efficiently to produce a harmonic overtone which is the immaterial self. This is no different when the digestive or other organs are not in sync with the consciousness of the being and behavior, blood flow and food intake becomes disharmonic and energy draining instead of producing.

      To produce the most efficient interaction of the parts, is to actually produce and attain the soul in the body. This takes discipline and a projection of a pathway into the future, into the quantum which has not yet occurred and this is actually the developing of a higher function beyond what is available in just the present moment. This is related to the way inner energy, the will-power can over power the neuro-chemical cycles of the brain and get them back on track when the physical realm is seemingly controlling the body.

      The body and brain is either controlled by and thus a product of this physical realm, or it is controlled by and a product of the higher, immaterial form which is energetic and from the soul-level.

      The consciousness of the body is related to the “beast” consciousness which relies on the lower instinctual behavior based on survival and pleasure-pain hierarchy which relates to ego and the retainment of the self as the physical form, rather than the transcendence of the physical into the fully awakened energetic embodiment.

      When these components are brought together and the “beast” is tamed, the body consciousness, then the higher consciousness is activated and this is what proves to the self that the identity remains within, or non-local and sourced from the “soul realm”.

      The neutralizing of differences through the harmonization or unification of the components leads one back into the transcendence of the soul.

      The reaction and loss of control of the soul-level knowledge and the engagement of behavior on a purely pleasure-pain/physical ego/identity program is the reduction of that soul level awareness and the replacement with that of the lower consciousness or reptilian brain activation.

      The steps taken to overcome fear include, in a variety of maneuvers, a thorough stimulation of the reptilian lower brain and through a direct application of will-power the individual is to awaken the higher brain.

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