“American people return to the Laws of God (IPRA Law) not to godless illegitimate Luciferian NWO agenda that has NO territorial jurisdiction.” Contract Has Ended And Is Exposed As Unconscionable By Natural/Tribal Law, The Law of The Land

This is what we were informed of, the contracts have ended, no one can claim to own the Universe without contradicting or nullifying any agreements made therein. The contracts are largely unconscionable. The people cannot be owned by other people, the money and collateral used is false and illegitimate. The methodology used is coercion, deception, grammatical confusion, and psychological manipulation.

The contracts are false and are collapsing in on themselves, there is no right or validity in any sense, let alone now the sense that they were created in.

Humanity has a chance to awaken, to start a new system based on natural Human honesty, integrity, spiritual health and harmony instead of deception and manipulation.

CORPORATE America is bankrupt. American people return to the Laws of God (IPRA Law) not to godless illegitimate Luciferian NWO agenda that has NO territorial jurisdiction.

Holder of World Territorial Jurisdiction the Mother Title OCT 01-4S of Motherland HACIENDA FILIPINA in the Treaty of Paris the Principality of God’s Ownership of the Universe is the Legitimate Divine (Interstellar / Interdimensional Blueprint of God’s Divine Plan) Govt. Kingdom Filipina Hacienda Sovereign Host Nation of Grandfather Maharlikhan TRIBE (Rev. 14:1) empowers with IPRA Law (Indigenous Peoples Rights Act) since time immemorial (including Bible Codes), resolved by Supreme Court Resolution dated November 28, 2012 (with Letter of Transmittal as Case is Closed) to Owner once lost now Found revealed in Secret Book of Redemption of Treaty of Paris through Divine highlights the Christ ISA prophesied Queen of the South (Sheba) Hrh Salvacion Legaspi, 7th great great granddaughter of Rajah Luisong of ancient Maharlika Kingdom from Majapahit Empire in Java (Sheba/ Sabah) in the side of Datu Lapulapu, Redeemer of Treaty of Paris for Redemption and Sovereignty of Filipinos, Americans and World Humanity.

“Return to the laws set forth by God.”
-U.S. Congress on their State of Emergency and Bankruptcy

When does tolerance become anarchy? When does protection become slavery? When is enough enough? Now is when, here and now.

Now is the time to return to the laws set forth by God (IPRA Customary Laws and Practices) and throw off these chains of ignorance and bondage which grip our nation to the point of death. Let us return to the source, the standard of excellency set for us long ago. Our message to the Congress and all elected and appointed officials must be, “Let my people go!”, for we are all laboring under a system which will eventually crush us, regardless of our religion, our gender, or color of skin.

We must let those at all levels of governmental authority know that we have learned of the deception which lies at the core of our national malaise. We must tell them in no uncertain terms that we will tolerate this great lie no longer, and we must put them on notice that we expect them to resign if they have not the courage and the resolve to help this nation in in its hour of need.

We have been fools long enough. Beginning April 1st 1994, no matter how long after that date you see this report, start each and every week without fail to give a copy of this information to at least one person you know. We also ask you to write a letter to Congress telling them to “Let our people go”, or you can use the form letter you will find enclosed in the report.

We must let our elected officials know that we expect them as servants of the people to help us re-establish law and order and restore our national pride. They must repeal Proclamation 2039, 2040, and the 12 USC 95(a) and 95(b), thereby cancelling the National Emergency, and re-establish the Constitution of this nation.

Now is the time for excellence of action. We demand it and will accept nothing less. This is our country to protect and defend, no matter the cost. To do nothing out of fear or apathy is exactly what those in power are hoping for, for it is ignorance and apathy that the darkness likes best. We must not be a party to the darkness enveloping our nation any longer. We must come into the light, and give our every drop of blood, sweat and tears to bring our nation back with us.