Body Consciousness Unifying With Soul-Awareness and The Eye of The Needle

I have a model that may reflect something close to a working mechanical model for the transition of the soul into another dimension. It is basically a connection of Dan Winter’s fractal-implosion work with the idea that the soul is a self-referencing electromagnetic field that must ‘cycle’, spin, or balance itself in a fractal geometrically proportional pattern. It does this through harmonizing the frequencies, or harmonics, into one congruent field which can shrink and expand again like a buckeye ball without degrading the self-reference pattern.

This function allows it to condense into a zero-point spiral which is the process of merging back to the source or ‘light’ world because this is the non-local source of consciousness. This source is as far removed from the world of the physical as it can possibly be. This seems paradoxical because we can say, “no, we have a body and organs and they all relate to one another physically and this gives rise to the overall function of the being.” Yet, the being that represents consciousness is immaterial and so no matter how much one uses consciousness to become aware of more material counterparts, there will always be the invisible or immaterial counterpart of the self which cannot be sensed directly or objectively.

It is like a dream or an illusion some how generated by being in a body, in a world like this where it seems physical but is actually made out of frequencies that go in and out of flux like the way the flashing frame rate on a monitor would be picked up by cameras before this problem was nullified with more advanced cameras.

Fascia is used to project or store “chi” energy. There’s processes for this. The roller coasters of pain that can be felt throughout the body are largely related to this.
The specific frequency of the body’s bio-emission is the next step of public disclosure.

The breathing is related to holding different frequencies and that by connecting the cycles of the breath, the mind/thoughts, and the heart-beat or heart cycles together a larger “overtone” of cycles is generated and the larger this is sustained like a standing wave around the body there is a growing pathway to the source of consciousness, the presence of the I AM.

I feel the energy, the immaterial body, self or mind, merges with the physical body through a gradient as a series of bodies or selves which may relate to “veils” and that each body is a step down from the pure awareness.

The brain holds body consciousness, neuro-chemicals awareness as memories attached to beliefs which then interact with immaterial awareness which is beyond or “watching” that neuro-chemical awareness while retaining its own presence beyond that information. The two are combined to create a kind of hybrid energy and mater system.

The immaterial mind contains the potential for free-will and is motivated by the flow of “spirit” or chi. If we control energy with our mind, we manage the chi and thus the flow of potential constructive change through free-will. If a person allows their energy to control or dictate their spirit or push over the free-will, then their chi is spent related to the animal/body consciousness of the neuro-chemical and hormonal base desires.

The mind can relocate energy around the body like a multi-dimensional/omniscient laser/scalar management system that can target anywhere in the body through the brain and the ‘aura’. Maybe the astral or causal body? When a person controls the body they produce spiritual fruits, when the body controls the person, it produces physical results.

This is a cycle of balance to create and recycle life energy in the universe. When neither one side or the other is held over one another, there is neither one or the other activated and one neither degrades nor recycles, although that last part is kind of mythical. On another note, far enough back in history or psychology, myth coincides with reality.

The blood and minerals and other elements swirling around and cycling through the physical body is literally like a gyro/alternator for extended electromagnetic fields that each interact with each other at various frequencies or layers which produce an overall egg or shell of frequencies. When each layer activates to create the “overture” of harmonics the cells of the body and the immaterial self come closer into synchronization through bio-emission feedback.

It’s literally like a material camera system and an immaterial camera system watching themselves and creating a coherence pattern which has an effect on the surrounding area of space through multiple dimensions of time which activates the multi-dimensional nature of awareness.

The heart is a central component which adds to the “overture” and generates a tone that allows for some kind of transdimensional communication or travel as the information of emotion and inner wisdom is the language and information combined coming directly from that non-local energetic source.

When the energy body is congruent and harmonized with the material body then the body consciousness of the being can be compressed into a geometric, fractal spiral into ‘zero-point’ and this acts as a gateway into the soul-level of the universe.

If a person is in ego consciousness and the identity is largely represented through the neuro-chemistry and body consciousness, then the identity is washed away and spit out the back end of the zero-point gate.

If a person attains soul-level awareness and merges their identity on the soul-level with that of the physical, then the identity unifies with the immaterial and this information can compress and travel through the gate without being spit back out. This zero-point gate appears to have a connection with the “eye of a needle” in the teaching where the wealthy or physically minded being has the same chance of making it to “Heaven” the deity plane, the ‘other side’, the soul-level outside of time) as a camel does fitting through the eye of a needle.


9 thoughts on “Body Consciousness Unifying With Soul-Awareness and The Eye of The Needle

  1. I don’t really understand the science but find it fascinating. I do want to suggest that the next reset will not be brought about by any group per se but by the Source in the form of Jesus this time. The final time. ALL know it’s coming but there are different expectations on how it’s going to happen. Lots of disinformation purposely. I think the disclosure is part of that. It will certainly shock the humans but certain ones will be shielded. They will be regarded as the base type, low energy, low light etc.
    Aug the script with the eye of the needle story didnt cover the science part for a reason. The problem has never been that. The solution is not in that either. The most imorptant energy/frequency that should demand our attention is of ‘faith’. Forget the english and all the connotations and think of the concept in it’s reality. It is unifying and is oneness and the preserver and keeper of love. It’s hard to see if seen in what is presented as faith in language and religion. I think you will be able to conseptualise this. That is what the breach was and is all about. The divergences from it led to betrayal and division, ideologies and ego based rebellions. Worlds and systems, hierarchies resulted and it is a mess in need of fixing with no means of doing that. The final fix will be a total rebirth. the old will be ‘gone’, together with all the design. It’s His to discard.

    The faith OF Jesus is the key. It restores all breaches as it takes the ‘saved’ into a eternal union with the Source and eternal lessons will have been learnt. It’s a final test for humanity as well as all other beings. Add faith in Jesus and you will behold the big picture as few others ever would.

    I do expect part of the disclosure to explain the ‘ways’ in which the story was fabricated with lots of ‘evidence’ like visuals, memories, etc. but we know all of these, also, could be fabricated, right? The powers and authorities are very offended that they will be judged fairly, therefore they will fight to the bitter end.


      1. Certain combinations of symbols, sigils, angles, or frequencies that operate through the partial mathematical wholeness or the incompletion that distorts information particular to the physical plane result in a kind of entrainment and soul-entanglement with what can be referred to as an artificial dimension or spiritual layer.


        1. Or are you saying metronic science entrained itself to try to avoid the consequences of the pressence of keylotonic science penetrating the veils in the metatonic matrix?


            1. I see I tapped the wrong link to respond and one of my questions ended up above. Sorry everyone for the confusion.

              Meantime, thank you in advance Aug for clarifying what you mean.

              I guess I’ll recap to try to clarify my questions.

              Are you saying keylotonic science collided or corrupted metatronic science?

              Or are you saying metatronic science corrupted itself to try to avoid the effects of keylotonic science in the layers of the matrix?

              Or did metatronic science create an experiment with timelines to go back to 2012 to try to figure out how to avoid the consequences of keylotonic science activity in 2012?.

              Basically, I’m not clear on what you are saying. Please go into details.


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