Gnostic Teachings: The Kundabuffer Organ (reverse kundalini)

Originally a useful organ that served the function of helping ancient humanity become focused on material, physical existence, it became corrupted by desire and the sexual fall, thus resulting in the emergence of the ego and the fortification of the sexual energy in a negative polarity, and has since been symbolized by the tail of the devils, the tail of Satan.

“In ancient times (due to a certain mistake performed by some sacred individuals), humanity developed the negative side of the sexual center, its tenebrous Luciferic aspect. When the electronic sexual fire is directed downwards into the atomic infernos of the human being, it becomes the abominable Kundabuffer organ, the tail of Satan. Fortunately, after its development, the Luciferic organ vanished from humanity; nevertheless, its fatal consequences still remain. It is urgent to know that the disastrous consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ remained deposited within the five cylinders of the human machine. It is indispensable to know that the evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ constitute the lunar ego, the pluralized “I.” –Samael Aun Weor

“It is necessary to know that the Kundabuffer Organ is the negative development of the fire. This is the descending serpent, which precipitates itself from the coccyx downwards, towards the atomic infernos of the human being. The Kundabuffer Organ is the horrifying tail of Satan, which is shown in the “body of desires” of the Intellectual Animal, who in the present times is falsely called man.” – Samael Aun Weor, The Elimination of Satan’s Tail

“The diabolic type whose seduction is here, there and everywhere under the pretext of working in the Ninth Sphere, who abandons his wife because he thinks she will not be useful to him for the work in the Fiery Forge of Vulcan, instead of awakening Kundalini, will awaken the abominable Kundabuffer organ. A certain Initiate, whose name will not be mentioned in this Treatise, commits the error of attributing to the Kundalini all the sinister qualities of the Kundabuffer organ… When the Fire is cast downwards from the chakra of the coccyx, the tail of Satan appears; the abominable Kundabuffer organ. The hypnotic power of the organ of Witches’ Sabbath holds the human multitude asleep and depraved. Those who commit the crime of practicing Black Tantra (Sexual Magic with Seminal Ejaculation) clearly awaken and develop the organ of all fatalities. Those who betray their Guru or Master, even if practicing White Tantra (without seminal ejaculation), will obviously activate the organ of all evils. Such sinister power opens the seven doorways of the lower abdomen (the seven infernal chakras) and converts us into terribly perverse demons.” – Samael Aun Weor, The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

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12 thoughts on “Gnostic Teachings: The Kundabuffer Organ (reverse kundalini)

  1. Hmmm.. I accidentally activated my Kundalini, likened to being struck by lightning, in the fashion of black Tantra. Then did so repeatedly on more than 200 occasions there after, achieving massive orgasms of more than 4 minutes duration whilst being infused with massive amounts of spiritual energy. I got bored with it and stopped doing it. I value kindness above all things and am nice to everyone, just sayin’

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    1. I don’t think you could have gotten board if you didn’t have kindness in you in the first place. But I’m sure some wouldn’t agree. Because everything is different for everyone.


    1. I felt commenting further on this can maybe help someone in a private way. Because whoever is reading this isn’t seeing me.

      This subject is crucial for helping individuals take hold of themselves within. So self responsibility can be the foundation for self awareness.

      Healing can’t come without this value system.

      Witches and the Sabbath keeping humanity sleeping using kundalini energy.

      This is good to bring up. People think they are not under spells if they don’t know or engage with witches. Some think witchcraft is fake. These people don’t realize thoughts are things.

      My kundalini was opened without my consent. I’m not interested in sharing the hell I lived and everyone who knew me until I saw what was happening. It took decades. It’s very hard to wake up and cleanse self from strongholds,spells and generational curses.

      The individual must be willing to study energy past any ideas or belief about religion or spells, witchcraft, the stars or anyone giving reading to tell fortunes.

      Service to self people have one hell of a harsh mess to live every second of the day with this. It creates an appetite that opens the door for vampirism. This open kundalini used for Tantra and Tantra type experience is more addictive than any drug or sugar. I’m thankful endlessly to my spirit for keeping me away from Tantra. Just having my kundalini opened without knowing was bad enough. I don’t know anyone who has willingly engaged in metaphysical connections with the kundalini who remembers consideration, respect for others, self discipline, compassion, honesty, kindness or unconditional love.

      I’m so thankful for you bringing this subject up Aug.
      I think this mess also aides in leading to hard core drug addiction.

      And the demon takes the consciousness of the bodies DNA and original earthling knowing and begins eliminating it. Calling in or attracting all manner of nasty to the individual. It’s really self torture. There’s no support in the medical system to heal from this.

      I’m not sure anyone who is service to self can. I haven’t seen it. I want to.

      Hope this helps someone.

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      1. Aug, will you please define the ways you are aware of how metatronic and keylotonic sciences are taught concerning this subject? It will help all who are not the actual creators of this program.


        1. Thank you for responding Aug. I’m very grateful you realize how serious this subject truly is. If you have time, please expound. I’ve tried endlessly it felt to help loved ones and strangers wake up to this. Really people respond like they don’t want to hear it. Maybe here it is easier to reflect on.


          1. Hi again,
            I’ve had this nagging feeling since I wrote the last comment. I read your post on the beginning of this blog Aug. You said the information has to come from the people.

            I’m not sure that’s true when people are still being killed for exposing truth.

            I would rather hear if from the people the military prepared to share and explain these vast onions. And each layer.

            I was so itchy about the last comment I made because it feels superficial. I can’t candy coat this like it’s OK to get sick of Tantra and or ritual sex and just go on to enjoy kindness. I know it’s true that someone who has a larger percentage of positive DNA can leave negativity easier, way easier. But I’m a true love being. They’ve tested me, tried me and I’ve come out true. And it’s taken me twenty years of waking up to the depth of torture most of us live and don’t even know it.

            I came back in to comment again on this here because Aug, I want us to do a recording on this subject. And in case you aren’t available, I should at least say the following.

            For your readers, please study Eve Lorgan. She really gets it. And how to talk about this.

            I will say in closing a short personal comment.

            I have multidimensional relationships with many in various realms. But it took a lifetime of living hell with relationships to realize that there is a being who is deeply jealous of me and everyone I love, platonic or sexual, this guy eventually finds his way into them to show me he can. It took decades to recognize him when he jumps into someone.

            Because he does this, I stopped having friends.

            Because I have lived alone for ten years and he still has to leave semon all over certain parts of my body, I stopped wanting sex. I stopped wanting to masturbate.

            Years ago I was a massage therapist. I taught sex. Not ritual or Tantra. Just plain how to mutually enjoy each other with consideration. I thought that could help people. But in the end I activated other people’s kundalini in massage and watched them change and it was scary. It took years to understand.

            Today I no longer trust anything. I choose to embrace feeling purity of heart. And cherish moments with nature and nice people who don’t have agendas.

            I look forward to sharing love with soul when some point in the future, the beings who do this are gone. Or when I’m gone.

            I live my life making Zen spots in my home and garden. Making my way for feeding myself and my children with things I create with tenderness so the energy will comfort others.

            I stand knowing love won. I was there.

            Now it’s time we all hold hands and act like it.

            It would be nice to co-create a healing project on this subject with you Aug.

            Sending positive, smiling energy to all!


            1. The Healing

              Now that I’ve exposed some things about my life and our shared reality in this dimension on earth, or wherever this is,

              I want to share how I began my personal choice to heal. I hope this helps someone. I couldn’t leave the possibility that a broken person might find my posts about this subject and freak out.

              So I came back to share a little.

              * *It’s been said that we have to consent somehow. So I say, if I consented then show me when and where. Because it wasn’t in this lifetime.

              Next, I learned that chakras are part of the matrix systems. They were put on us. With programs not just in them. But in our DNA. Combined with external stimuli, such as media, and everything military whistleblowers talk about.

              I learned how unconditional love is purity of heart. And in that space they can’t penetrate. But oh, oh my how they try. Because we can bounce back and forth between the two sciences or energies or whatever one can define within this English language which I believe was created to mix up the mind anyway. So we can bounce back and forth in the nanosecond. Such as, “I love you I hate you.” All in the same sentence. But positive energy is not negative energy and the two can’t occupy the same space at the same time. They get us in that nano moment when we fall into a negative thought. They are that fast and the AI helps them.

              To heal is to realize we don’t have chakras. We can disconnect the ones they gave us. By thought. Every human can if they have enough earthling or eternal DNA.

              It occurred to me to say, this isn’t about love beings and a golden age. It’s about negative beings trying to replace earthling or eternal DNA with AI And offworld negative DNA for a golden age they want.

              It’s about AI and negative beings wishing they were eternal and wishing they knew love. And wishing they were something they are not.

              My answer is, then learn. Let us love you and stop the games. We will anyway. We don’t know anything else.

              To heal, reject all negative thinking and feeling. Healing does come.

              And for me, when I see that being who has obviously known me since before this life has gotten his mind right and stops taking people over so he can be in a body and be around in the physical stops doing this to people, it will be nice. It’s childish and it’s become sad. Unconditional love wants everyone to know the beauty of eternal essence.

              The Healing, every single one, can become precious, sacred, kind, respectful, caring, considerate. I know, I have seen it.

              The contract is over. The dark was forgiven. It’s better to go back to source forgiven than to believe the old stories about how the dark must perge by killing itself off and being killed.


              If anyone kills one of these dark beings, they become dark.

              The entire story, everything in the matrix is only the matrix. If anyone reading this was born in the matrix, ask all creation to become love and you will. Maybe not here, maybe not yet or now, but you will.

              Healing is a choice.

              Hopefully this helps someone.

              With eternal essence love


              1. Oh, and the “Zen spots” I make for myself to relax, meditate, celebrate beauty in nature, are not connected to Buddhism or religion of any kind. Religion and money are yet again more control systems that mess with every aspect of ourselves seen and unseen. I refer to Zen because of the limitations of language in English. But it isn’t Zen actually. I don’t use the symbols or math or confines of teachings.

                I simply give myself peaceful places to live in the moment.

                I’ve had a hell life here. But the beauty of earth, the breeze in my hair. A kindness in passing. An unconditional joy in things money can’t buy. A pure smile from someone passing. Dreams of what life can become.

                Hope this clarification helps even just one.

                Peacefulness to all.


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