Ahlex – Recall, Trauma, Programming and Advanced Spiritual and Energetic Technology; An Original Plan For Disclosure, The 4th Reich

The following is quoted from the website linked below.

Recent memory of being at an Artic Base at an entrance to inner earth
• On the Base there was a line which everyone had to stand behind
• Then the Antarctic Base appeared and synched into place
• They fitted together perfectly
• Makes logistics a lot easier

Claims the 4th Reich roots go back not thousands but millions of years
• Originally protected humanity
• Was told During WW2 the Nazis were infiltrated
• Their intention was to do a Reptilian + Archon disclosure to the world. Similar to David Icke.
• Was told a big Disclosure would be a global event and is not too far in the future in this timeline
• This Event would be used to return Humanity to restore them to their original state
• Explains how CIA + Mi6 super soldier programmes use Satanic Ritual Abuse
• Fourth Reich super soldier programme uses Direct Consciousness Engineering
• Part of modern Day Fourth Reich has become Negative
• Fourth Reich is a modern name.
• Talks about a negative Black Cloud around the Earth
• Our DNA will have to be repaired and restored

• Confirms Saturn’s transmitting a fake reality
• Explains Saturn delays time on this planet
• Therefore, manifestations take much longer
• Consequences / Karma are delayed by Saturn
• This Breaks the unity of human consciousness and creates individuals (in + divide + duality) Its often much later we realize the hurt we have caused not instantaneously
• Saturn is breaking /delaying our connection with each other and makes it a lot easier for ETs to manipulate mankind
• The human Mind used to be able to work in multiple Dimensions. Now no!
• Saturn has massive Reptilian transmitters on the planet which are heavily guarded by many Reptilian ships
• Says how in other Dimensions you can see up/down into other dimensions even if you are not part of them
• Saturn also blocks us from seeing other dimensions

• Claims the fourth Reich has Grey Technology which distorts remote viewing off Planet
• This technology also muddies the water when Remote viewing on Earth
• His alter is able to manipulate reality using his consciousness
• Most recent memory only 2 months ago July/ August 2016 Took part in an operation in the Pacific Ocean
• He arrived to an Island where Naval ships and submarines circled and protected it
• He joined a Delta Team which went through a Portal to engage with Greys who were torturing 3 family members of a bloodline Iraqi / Afghan family
• Delta force team claimed to be Nazis and told him that they were against the N.W.O.

The are events that we were informed of. This information is related to the secret projects and the true history of Earth and the higher dimensional continuum. Much can be misconstrued however this is very close or accurate. More on this to come.


Be strong, you have been shown many things. The energy syndrome is common, the effects are as you say to suppress alter-merging as well as to maintain functioning psychology. The NAZI’s are geniuses and look forward to a harmonious resolution. The “dark” faction is a generalization of more than one group who continues to pursue individual agendas. The healing on the DNA level is the repairing of the timeline. It does take time to integrate the memories and heal emotionally. It seems there was a quick regaining of memory and then a public speaking. This is very stressful. Most people take years or more to integrate and often display signs of energy activation or suppression that are seen here. This goes away with time and diligent working through the energies and organizing memories and healing the self/identity. Allow memories to come through on their own, follow up leads for more information when you are sure it won’t distort the memories that have been regained. Trust yourself, as well as there is ancient knowledge all around about why the consciousness works this way, and what these practices and experiments are really demonstrating. It may be helpful to make your own blog recordings or journals. Events and can be very confusing at first, the main idea is the programming is designed to ensure the individual does not know exactly what is happening until it is long over. Eventually everything comes to the surface. Forgiveness is key, forgiveness of yourself and others in whatever order works. Everything that we are seeing now is for the continuation of Humanity. Increase the frequency of emotion and will-power/intention, that is how one rises above the trauma. Re-encode the experiences with higher frequency, higher intention of emotion and will-power. This actually retro-actively interacts with the experience in time. This is temporal symmetry, information flows forwards and backwards through time because is perceived through the mind. The people who act disharmoniously are here to teach us. Because of them, we can know what not to do.


6 thoughts on “Ahlex – Recall, Trauma, Programming and Advanced Spiritual and Energetic Technology; An Original Plan For Disclosure, The 4th Reich

  1. It’s curious indeed to ponder all of this information. Wondering how much is programmed for a collective to see as fact so it will go the way some want it to.

    I’m wondering why the humans you say returned to force you to share this information aren’t coming forward to speak to humanity to be sure the masses have accurate information.

    The Event… It feels like another attempt to create transhumanism.

    Returning humanity to what it was? Does this mean the earthling beings who are beyond limitations will be safely returned to the other side of the net!? How exactly when the bodies were destroyed? The DNA separated from the spirit or soul or consciousness will poof the majick dragon and grab Toto! Get the slippers and tell Dorthy it’s time to go home. And also break it to everyone that some say 22 races of off world beings participated in creating humanity. With their DNA mixed with earthling DNA.

    What about the earthlings that escaped and survived when the dark one’s came and destroyed everyone and earths surface, then put the net on or however the order went.

    So,,, “The Event”… Does this mean all the earthlings now off world, under the surface and on the surface somehow get to go backwards? Hmmmm….

    I’m stopping there. I have more curious thoughts but it’s so what now what. If the control beings were forced to expose this stuff, we would also see the end of political games and war. So I’m wondering if the control beings are having you Aug, Corey Goode, Randy Kramer, So on and so forth with more folks come out this far to simply get a hold of the rest of anyone possible who is positive. So the AI and the matrix machines will gather the missing pieces of the mindset of positive, unconditional love. To pretend that more enslavement will feel good.

    I don’t see many getting this information. Not many can even grasp it. I don’t see leaders coming forward to share offline or in real community living.

    I don’t see the alternative media paying attention to updated posts here.

    Thoughts Are Things
    Love won

    Wars are illusion. Money makers and control systems.

    Love is unconditional and lives in a different space than negative thinking and feeling.

    It’s nice to look at ways to attain this state of mind. Then facing the complexities of the matrix net covering us here are possible to understand without getting sucked in.

    I am wondering when the people who flip burgers and make the beds in fancy hotels and close the deals for investors will find out.

    It’s amazing watching the endless layers of the onion of control unravel as it tightens.

    When will folks begin to realize the machines only work in negativity. The programmers who played light workers and dark are all creations of the machines. Unconditional love has the only clear lense for observing this. Or even beginning to get it.

    Love won, this is only a clean up.

    Air hugs of forgiveness, compassion, kindness with true purity of heart, abundant desires of good will for all!


  2. Hi Aug,

    Love your site and the (far out) info. But sometimes it’s hard to tell what is going on. This article starts out with some random bullet points but no context. It needs some sort of introduction like ‘these are the facts from Ahlex, when he was….blah blah….’ I don’t know where those facts are from, and then it goes into the video of him telling his story. Maybe you are just reposting this from another site but some background from you would be good. There are also some spelling errors. In the first sentence you misspell Arctic ‘Artic’, no big deal tho.

    Thanks Jim


      1. It’s not strange. It would be nice to hear more about what you’ve been given about the various sciences and how they are playing out right about now.

        And wishing something good for you Aug. Something that makes the journey another thing over there because what will come is so amazing and wonderful for you. I wish this for everyone.
        Kindness to everyone


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