Beyond Discernment: Aug Tellez Advanced Technology, Mental Interface, psychological manipulation, Trauma clearing/ assisted learning

Beyond Discernment: Hosted by Justin Deschamps and Yvonne Palermo

Outline by Yvonne

Shared on Stillness In The Storm by Justin Deschamps –

In preparation for this show Yvonne recorded a pre-show introduction, which can be heard below.


2 thoughts on “Beyond Discernment: Aug Tellez Advanced Technology, Mental Interface, psychological manipulation, Trauma clearing/ assisted learning

  1. Related to this discussion, some concepts for consideration:

    “The atoms and molecules that make up all physical cells are not basically bound by your time. They act within the framework of your time but the condensed knowledge that they contain carries with it its own peculiar and unique consciousness that is not bound by your physical laws.

    All the cells in the body are individual and have a separate consciousness. There are certainly gradations here, but the fact remains that every cell is a conscious cell. There is conscious cooperation between the cells in all the organs and between all the organs themselves.

    The molecules and atoms and even smaller particles all contain their separate consciousness. They form into cells.

    Although the cells maintain individuality and do not lose any of their abilities, in this formation into cells there is actually a pooling of individual consciousness of atoms and molecules to form an individual cellular consciousness. Here the consciousness of each individual molecule or atom gains immeasurably by this psychic gestalt.

    The combination of individual consciousness forms a new, enlarged, more powerful consciousness that is capable of much more experience and fulfillment than would be possible for the isolated atom or molecule.

    You end up with organs composed of literally unnumbered individual cells, resulting in the formation of a larger consciousness.

    This goes on ad infinitum and yet even the lowest particle retains its own individuality and is not stripped of any ability. Indeed, its ability is multiplied a million-fold.

    The generalized consciousness, which you call the subconscious, is composed of the combination of generalized consciousness from the individual cells and molecules.”


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