On The Internet “TRAP” Deal and the Treaty For Genetic Rejuvenation (termed as “Bio-Regenesis Treaty”

These are some responses to a fairly relevant conversation on the internet regarding some information about this system.

I was told the same thing, the laws here are designed to conform to spiritual laws elsewhere and this is basically a cross-dimensional operation of this society from that one.

I work with Solar Warden a space-faring race and was utilized by “dark factions” through MiLabs where cloning, mind control and quantum teleportation has been used to manipulate Humanity for many cycles. We were given allowance to tell the truth now, all who don’t get it, in their mind is free-game. Technically, in universal law that would make sense, even if it is harsh. There are more than one species on Earth and humans are largely mistreated due to their ignorance of spiritual law. I have no prior connection with Avalon or what is happening here. I was given instruction to assist in informing the public of the crimes against Humanity. I was informed that unless one formally withdraws from the system in mind, spirit and body that they are owned as chattel through and through. Research the secret projects and the others who I was in operation with if you want to know more.

Strange situation, but the truth is our reality is myth and what we are taught is just myth is actually reality. All I’m saying is what I said above about being informed of this human trading system going on for years. There is more, I will continue to put information about my experiences on my blog.

The closer we get to the acknowledgement of this system the more information will be released from all over. That is part of a plan.

Another aspect is that a kind of genetic rejuvenation plan, a treaty, was developed to try to bring a beneficial conclusion to this human slave system. The people in the secret projects are part of this and many people are not aware of how this plan has effected this civilization. It is basically a plan to help the Humans free themselves through knowledge and compassion and to help those who have been coerced or damaged by the system and the crimes against Earth and Humanity to be able to heal and re-integrate into the universe without being targeted or harmed. This is just what we were told, although there is a lot going on that we can correlate events and positive outlines to (there are still dark agendas), but the people running the show want to avoid a negative outcome and come to a harmonious resolution. It’s up to the individual to decide but I am here as a messenger and if you briefly search around the internet you’ll that others were prepared to inform the public around this time as well. Many events are playing out, the recent “TRAP” deal with the internet was something I was briefed on and it was a part of this.


4 thoughts on “On The Internet “TRAP” Deal and the Treaty For Genetic Rejuvenation (termed as “Bio-Regenesis Treaty”

  1. Thank you again.

    I am glad you say there is more going on than Solar Warden gets. Thanks everyone.

    It would be helpful if you folks will define trusted sites. Because as you say, there are various agendas and those who are wanting to reclaim themselves deserve support. I learned reclaiming myself alone. Totally alone in the physical.
    It’s much, much, much easier and faster with support. That’s why I suggested Eve Lorgan. She helps a lot. But there isn’t a place to heal in communities and that’s what I’m working on and hope you guys share the journey. We all need you offline in the communities. It can be fun to become aware. It doesn’t have to hurt when we choose to stand firm in a heart base of forgiveness, compassion, kindness, unconditional love, respect.

    It may help to comment one last time on my personal experience. It became obvious that everything you share is fact to me. From living it. Period

    I’m here because you guys know how to expose yourselves the way the things you’ve come to believe are fact in the way you want to gain information and give it, use it or change it.

    I’m here because you guys are delivering information saying things that scare the hell into the average person. And Corey Goode says humanity needs a negative shock to wake up. I don’t agree based on experience. I’m here to work with you and to share ensuring we do all we can to share making a smooth transition for everyone. No more chaos because we can stop repeating history. Unless we are all morons.

    You say you left SW Aug in a video you did a while back. You say you are with them now. So I’m hoping that means again. Because I really doubt they can, we can pull this off without you.

    I’m looking forward to the creativity of free expression towards positive actions and sharing the joys of living positive energy with the people you guys have been sharing with others the roles of screwing off beings English calls humanity.

    I’m here because I love us and I must. I’m not military. I’ve just been through all the games so I could help others wake up. I’m not military so I can speak without asking so we can hold hands and hearts and do this!

    For your readers, I chose homelessness over kissing ass. If folks aren’t ready to have a true grit back bone without the grit, ouch just like you say Aug, in so many words.

    It was hard to show up. It was another layer of the onion of fear to pry off. No, it is too strong to pry. We can only step out. The fear traps are so effective. I forget sometimes that we can’t fight ourselves free. We can only become aware and gently shift energy and once in the physical space of positive energy say no.

    It’s beautiful on the other side. Right here.

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