Gaia, DNA Activation, The Timelike Curve and Breakaway Civilizations, Mountains of Time, Distortions of Consciousness and Harmonic Resonance

From what I was told basically there is a rogue group, that wants to destroy Earth’s chances of returning to Gaia. This was known by the effects of attempts to delineate Human efforts and suppress memory, self-awareness, discovery, and activation of Human potential.

Accessing the Eternity Planes Through An Artificial or Organic Light-Body

Most of the directions of everyone’s relations may be neutral and some want to directly intervene whether secretly or openly to close access to what are called the ‘deity planes’ or eternally conscious living energy fields above Earth, frequency wise. The physical density experience must be experienced within a body. Awareness exists outside of the body. If the soul-blueprint is activated through a energizing of the DNA to produce a geometrically harmonic “light field” or light body, then this is sufficient to produce a tachyon field that is capable of allowing for a personal level fluidity of consciousness through accelerated or decelerated time. The difference here is that instead of using a physical technology to generate an abstracted ‘base frequency’ or source frequency from which to expand a generated “timelike curve” to experience time in the universe from, this abstraction frequency comes from the DNA as a source of the information. So this is actually more accurate, time/information wise, to the overall universe, than this physical universe is here. This physical universe is like a temporal projection of the information and light within the DNA acting as a chain of particular folds and organically generated time-cycles within a living body’s reality.

RNA Codons, Distortions, Time Cycles, “Inner-Light”

It was found that DNA generates the perception of time in this reality and that by unlocking more light access from the DNA, specifically RNA codons, a permeability is opened up with allows for conscious memory of the larger cycles of ‘time’ or experience. We are literally wrapped within a frequency coil like layers upon layers of ferris wheels, wheels, or gears being ridden and cycled as consciousness cycles through cosmic space/hyperspace. We are naturally within this system, layers upon layers deep, that is how physical perception begins. Through the activation of the comprehension of each successive layer starting with the present, we gain access to a level of information that represents the possibilities that are not directly access here. That is what the DNA connects to. Each DNA molecule is specific to a specific person and there are multiple ‘streams’ of collective data representing timelines probability within Earth’s field. The DNA molecule, only existing in each person, yet also existing in each successive ‘layer’ of the universal timeline where one’s actions and intentions harmonize with the frequencies of the eternal archetypal functions that preserve and support the existence of the ‘psychologically fulfilled’, activated awareness.

Psychological Activation, Tertiary Awareness, Harmonic Resonance of All Individual Bodies

This activation is said to exist as a third probability between the duality of having happened or not having happened and it allows one to stabilize consciously in what would otherwise be experienced as a kind of endless dream world. When this capacity is recognized a creative potential extends forth which empowers the consciousness to become self-awareness and present on the soul level through imparting wisdom which does not exist in the body but exists in the aura or the mind field and this acts as a download link to the soul level upon transfer of the consciousness into the immaterial fields. Ego consciousness is rejected, through frequency as geometry (square goes into the square whole), and it is reflected back out of the singularity as if a gravity wave is pushing back like the consciousness is climbing a mountain of time.

Time Mountains, Timelike Curve and an Exponential Shift of Variables

This mountain of time is an exponential shift in the increase of the conscious frequencies and when this rate goes exponential a gradient of acceleration is perceived which is akin to activating the ‘light speed’ mode in a ‘space craft’. The craft is the body, the frequency cycles of the brain and the electromagnetic fields from each organ, the blood, and the light of the DNA is the tuning which enables the electromagnetic fuel, tachyons, to release from the interactions and allow for fluidity of consciousness. It was made apparent or at least proposed that when one fully activates this capability, their entire body is enveloped in a glowing ‘light/tachyon’ field which enables the physical molecules to transmutate directly into living conscious, eternal energy that retains enough continuous power to generate a consciously superimposed holographic representation of the human body which can choose to become physical at will. However this would take much energy and so it is not the same as using a craft yet using a craft is not the same as converting your whole body to light.

Accessing Eternity Through a Timelike Curve

This capability cannot be artificially generated yet can be technologically stimulated. But it is the DNA and the emotional resonance and competence of the individual that either allows for a clear channel or retains distortions and kinks. This resonance is like a sound harmonic/electromagnetic conductivity to the light body and thus the physical body-consciousness is influenced. This information can influence consciousness, and is veritably generated out of pure awareness. In this view, consciousness is just the electromagnetic programming of the brain, the personality. Pure awareness is the knowing from beyond all that.

Accessing eternity is essentially the ‘speed’ one generates in this ‘rate of acceleration of the rate of acceleration’, an exponential simultaneously coinciding acceleration of multiple layers of consciousness. This generates a conscious gradient into a generated abstract-time that accelerates the cycles of one’s consciousness until they are moving in such a way so as to interact with each successive frequency harmonic of the universe layers all the way up from the physical to the eternal energetic. One’s consciousness literally becomes activated in the field around the body as well as the physical eyes and senses which is just one layer of that in one “moment” while the energy is not only from ‘around’ time in this life and beyond the single moment, it is actually eternally in history and the universe field with Earth through the connection of Terra, Tara, and Gaia. These lowest three frequency fields are generated and represent the collective timelike curve extension from one universe to the next in more and more separated layers from what can be called the “original” time by comparison of how much knowledge and access to memory we have now and what can be viewed then or from the higher layers.

Apparently each universe is literally successively limited from each other layers position when perceiving time moving from the physical back up to the higher harmonic. We can interact in this direction to create this eternal exist, to shape it. But from this perspective we cannot access the memory of eternal time. Coming from the other direction in the previous motion (one half of a wave; the timelike curve reversed) all of eternity reflected on and projected access to the awareness of what is happening on the physical layer, but there is no physical interaction possible. This is like two ends of an hour glass or a coiled radiant energy device spiraling outwards in both directions simultaneously. In short, everything is blueprinted from the soul level then projected here and experienced. It’s like a teacher writing a series of hieroglyphs on a slide and then becoming the screen to experience them. Things go so complicated that people don’t even remember that this is a projection of consciousness, not the actual essence itself.

Two Timelike Curve Non-Earth Based Civilizations

Then there is a group that contains the information, contact or memories from Gaia level existence and is pushing for a beneficial resolve. Both are eternal or beyond Earth time level races, so if we fail, they don’t suffer which is kind of crazy. The one’s attempting to destroy, it doesn’t even truly matter if they destroy or not, they won’t die off or even gain at all. They just feel it is safer for themselves to not have Earth humans come to the Tara and Gaia level of existence which is like a ‘deity’ or eternity plane. The rest feel Earth humanity can become a beneficial or benevolent aspect of the larger/actual universe beyond the physical projection limitations. There is also a simultaneous explanation of the time grid/matrix system which limits one’s consciousness to the degree of “eternity” that they can remember. Eternity doesn’t happen, it already happened and is happening. We either move back into frequency/proximity with that level of existence, or the channel between our past and that level is broken in a way that can’t be repaired. There was talk of a default recycling or reset that occurs if time breaks and how this has happened 6 times before. It is basically like time has been reseting itself based on the layers of distortions that locked us into a common projection with each other in a sea of relative darkness. That is the physical perceptions that the body is geared to run off of and only includes surface level sensations via the detection of visible light, sensation, and linearity via reactionary thoughts.

Distortions Between Right and Left, Higher and Lower Brain, ‘1000 Years Energy War’, “Fall of Man”

This is said to be related to the combination of the aspects of the brain and the life system where the higher and lower brain are uniquely enlarged and thus contain a literal energetic hierarchy within the brain and the body-mind system.

This relates to multiple explanations regarding the activating of dormant areas which were modified recently, are designed externally, or have developed as a result of humanities ‘fall’ particularly the ‘fall of man’. And may include or reflect the “1000 years electric/psychic wars”. These wars were the wars that humanity experienced as a result of the technology in the 40’s-60’s based on radiant energy, electrogravitic devices, cloning and consciousness transfer, consciousness expansion or enhancement, DNA activation and healing, and quantum teleportation or remote viewing and interacting with immaterial/hyperspacial and cross-temporal planes. Except the idea here is that this version of Humanity along with other breakaway civilizations that made the jump in previous times, they have experienced multiple “cycles” of history, so it would not be applicable to say that they come from any one given time. It would be like saying they come from that time, in an alternative universe. Then there is the notion that there are races that simply come from before Earth Humanity all together and exist beyond our bounds of time.

Frequency “Distorting”, Diverting the Base/Abstract Timelike curve frequency away from the Collective Earth

Ultimately time is the next frontier, when one travels space they are traveling time and this is the key to actually shifting into alternate gradients using electromagnetic fields that can generate electronic/non-hertzian/teslian waves that produce the sensation of gravity but at a level tuned into like a mathematically controlled joystick. As a result, the intertia of empty space itself can be turned, stretched, spun, tuned, pitched, or spiraled to produce a variety of effects that are akin to an acceleration of metal through a magnetic field to produce an electrical charge or motional emf. When this is done properly tachyon particles are created and with advanced and carefully tuned radiant energy generators tachyon fields can be produced which allow for fluidity in a consciousness through an acceleration or deceleration of the occurrence of time. This is not just the perception of time but an actual controlled gradient into a diverging of the relativity between your environment and the overall environment of physical Earth.

When this is used to alter time it is literally through the connection of the area of your space you are in to an abstract relativity that is away from the ‘current’ physical frequency that Earth and society is ‘dwelling’ at based upon that fastest movers of time and consciousness and the slowest combined in a central field. Outside this field, all the other histories of Earth are contained in an immaterial, semi-electromagnetic field of energy that permeates the space above and below the surface level of Earth. Earth is, and the physical realm is, in this way, just one frequency layer of existences that have developed here, some being eternal, and some being fleeting, not solidifying in the higher frequency field and moving ‘upwards’ or ‘backwards’ through the harmonic layers towards the knowledge of the entire pattern of energy that contains each story of existence here and thus knowing where and how Earth fits into the electromagnetic ‘soul’ field and being able to rationally organize one’s self in the immaterial side of this universe and stabilize consciously in eternity.

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