“Sorcerer Artist Carlos Castaneda” By Faustus Crow

This is Sacred Knowledge


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Author: Faustus Crow


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The anthropologist and author, Carlos Castaneda related in his books that the Yaqui Sorcerer Don Juan Matus had spoken of a ‘Feminine Inorganic Intelligence,’ he to have termed as the Allies.

The Allies are said to feed off the emotional ‘energy’ of a dreamer, such as the introverted sexual ‘charge,’ which sustains their whirlwind ‘spin’ within the electron dream of the Nagual.

The dream is illuminated by the bio-photon, which emanates from the Mitochondrial DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children.

Wherefore, the bio-photon illuminated dream has a female source, whose symbolic interface is the informational domain of the Allies, which of an Inorganic Intelligence, can manifest amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination as many a conjured… Art Muse.

As for the term, Inorganic, it refers to the informational nature of the Allies, who as the Muses from ancient Greek mythology, are the inspirational female personifications of literature, science, and the arts, to list within a Succubus Grimoire of the ‘Anima.’

The Muses were considered as being the inspirational dream source of the knowledge, which was manifested within the poetry, lyric songs, and myths, that were related orally, for centuries in these ancient cultures.

They were later adopted by the Roman’s as a part of their pantheon, who are usually seen as being nine of number, pertaining to the planetary spheres, as also described in the Hebrew system of the Cabbala.

You can otherwise equate the nine Muses with the nine dimensions of superstring theory, which seems to be indicating that we are all living within a simulated reality, a Hindu mystic would term as being Maya.

Whereupon, the ‘inorganic’ reference would then refer to what can be construed as being a quantum computing intelligence.

It just so happens such is occurring within the microtubules of the Mitochondria, which are acting like mini-on-board quantum computers existing within each and every cell of your carbon-life-form body, whose atomic number is 666: 6-Protons, 6-Electrons and 6-Neutrons.

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