Atlantean Gardens – I am the Light

The Visuals Alone are literally soft-disclosure.

Art is capable of containing so much hidden and visible wisdom without having to communicate to the receiver using written language.

The comments from interested people are invigorating.


“You don’t have to know how to know yourself, just like you don’t have to know how your thyroid works.”

It just is. You may however learn how to keep everything healthy and balanced.

A simultaneous occurrence across planes. It is not that death is not real, but that time is an illusion projected by the brain.

“If I am my foot, I am the sun.”

Identifying with only the conscious aspect is like the body identifying as an arm.

Geometry is how the immaterial maps the material. Nature is hidden geometry, mathematics and symbols convert that invisible mind of God into the language of man, the food of the angels the spirit of man.

The brain is the trouble-shooter.

“If you define your self with your trouble-shooter you will always be in a state of perpetual anxiety.” – Alan Watts

Consciousness is like a spiraled clock with many notches going around in a circle and making a path that then links back up with itself in a larger circle made out of that spiraled path. Then when those cycles are all traversed a larger spiraled path becomes acknowledged. All of geometry and consciousness relies on this spiraled path of fractions to wholes, angles to planes. Energy toroids in the aura are composed of these. It is what the shining/golden garment” is made of. When person merges with the divine.

Staying within the electromagnetic neutrality zone/core, keeps that pattern balanced and allows for motion to shift from the binary sine wave to a fractal pattern that can shift the information, translating it from one part of the spiral to a much farther up part of the spiral. If the information is congruent all the way up and down then expanding on part or shrinking into another is possible. Then consciousness can move through “time”, the “4th dimension” in shifts and leaps and this allows for super-consciousness.

The soul connecting the immaterial to the material.

Alan is talking about the twin universe theory before his time. A light universe and a dark universe. We would be in the entropy universe now, the “dark” universe where the underside of the cosmic plane exists and reflects the light of the light side of the cosmic plane where there is only abundance.

The soul of man is tempered by lower emotions in order to reinforce the higher.

The truth can only be attained up to “99.99%”, to gain the whole truth would be to lose the contrast between self and reality and the lesson plan would be over, one would become all. The idea with the neverending geometry is that one can only get half of the equation at a time. As soon as the “whole” image is seen, then there is enough information to gain access of that which exists outside of the whole and the universe, reality expands and complexifies again.


6 thoughts on “Atlantean Gardens – I am the Light

  1. Is your knowledge of how the human/universe works from your own observations and ideas or from somewhere outside of your self?


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