pocketsofthefuture – Suicide The Spiritual Trap

This is related to the information I am bringing you regarding the bases and extra-dimensional activity that we have seen.

We are existing in what are called “closed timelike curves” or time loops. Every action is played out in many different planes and directions, and each thought is actually a kind of attractor for different experiences.

We had to track people down in the time matrix who disconnected in certain ways and apply much effort to bring them back into congruence.

Note: I AM merely a witness, an observer, and was trained for certain processes. There are teams of individuals who’s efforts or devoted to certain operations and it requires a team of individual to move through the time matrix in this way.

I am merely a student, an observer, and a teacher (creative healer, at my highest potential) to those who are on a similar path.

Clarification: the idea behind this is that time is a continuum, if a person tries to disconnect from that continuum through an improper channel then it would be like a VHS tape coming off the track while still inside the VCR.