The Nature of Dreaming

“The nature of the Godhead is to play that he’s not. The first thing the Godhead says to itself is, ‘Get lost man.'”

“If you could dream for 75 years…”

If you could go into a cave or a temple and fall asleep from a drug or a piece of advanced technology and dream a dream so real that you would only wake up when the dreamer “dies” in that dream after an entire lifetime similar to the one you experience now, what would you dream?

First, would you not dream the most pleasurable dreams with everything that you want? Would you not do this again and again? If you did this so many times would you not eventually want new experience? If you had all the basis for pleasurable experiences and dreams would you not come to the conclusion that it would be interesting to dream dreams that you no longer had control over?

Would this not be a fulfilling surprise?

If you had enough time to do this, and there are enough possibilities, would you not dream the life that you are living now?

Like a dealer dealing a pack of cards and then playing each hand apart, he only knows he’s the dealer when he’s dealing he cards. This life is the individual hands that are being played individually.

So the question is, what is the original dream and who is the dealer?

Would it be no dream, or nothing? Well what would that look like? Darkness? Is darkness nothing? Or is darkness the experience of the absence of light in a world full of something? Is darkness the experience of nothing? Or is nothing the experience of nothing because nothing cannot be experienced? So if that is the end of that end of the spectrum, and the other end is everything, then would not the true dream actually be a world full of or comprised of light/information?

Is this not the universe we experience now where everything is encoded as biological, molecular, or energetic information? Would this not be the dealer’s view of every dream being played out, simultaneously without the perceived boundary of individualization? Would this look like a world of light, where something is everything because that is all there can be?


Questions and Comments

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