Forgiving the Abuser and the Scapegoat

The idea behind this is that if some of the people on this planet are being manipulated, then forgiveness is going to play a major role in restoring the consciousness to a balanced frequency.

With the magnitude of influence this time has on the rest of this civilization, allowing the lower frequencies to play out with our conscious or unconscious participation will bring a far greater response in one direction or the other.

People don’t know this is the power of mind and the flow of the collective unconscious generating changes in reality. This is used against people so they support, or have the perception of finding reason to support, the kind of behavior that artificially engages the population in order to produce a certain response. When one thinks they have found a reason to get involved, that is the paradigm system playing itself out. This participation goes to the next level when common citizens are shown on the media as an example of the way people feel.

So this kind of response is not even warranted by people in the first place, it is that they assume the role of the reactionary stance depending on the depth and angle of each piece of information as it’s presented.

To disable the self-destructive cycle we have to make a conscious effort to forgive the influence of these energies in your life and realize that whichever energy you are feeling reason to isolate and deliver blame, is actually the scapegoat for another scapegoat.

Another way to say this is that the only way to heal in the face of frequency wars that are ongoing is to increase one’s frequency. The only way one can do this is by wholly embodying clear mindedness, emotional intelligence, and a balance between the various components of the self which work to generate the overall ‘tone’ or perception of awareness.

Consciousness is not awareness, consciousness can be very active while a person’s awareness is asleep. Awareness is the wakefulness or lucidity that is associated with the presence of the self even when the conscious mind seems to have no bearing on the situation. Note how in dreams you may have the consciousness of a person that is just like you, but lives in a strange world or another version of the life you live now. When you are in this dream do you think, “Wow, I’m so different.” Or do you naturally go along with it, feeling right like yourself and possibly better or worse, and accepting that alternate reality? So your awareness is there in the same format, but consciousness is switched about and reflected through to various impressions of existences which we call life. The fluidity through which consciousness harbors true awareness is the difference in each version as the emotional, mental, and physical variables will always be changing or never the same twice.

So to heal the influence and effect of such conscious mind control, mind manipulation techniques, we have to increase frequency and to do this we would not be led down a self-destructive path which clearly shows that we do not have control over how our own ‘self’ energy is spent in life.

Most people do not have conscious control, but to remain aware of the process with the intention of finding the true self we can bring to the surface areas where there are contraindications with the belief system of the consciousness and the underlying mental and emotional bodies which can become distorted in various situations.

In yet another way, healing the bodies mental and emotional electromagnetic fields is related to healing the mental and emotional fields of the collective unconscious. When this is strengthened there will no vulnerability to the problems that have been plaguing people in this era. Getting past this vulnerability without first coming to observe and guide our own internal processes and psyche would only result in the same pattern being formed again.

What can be learned is neutrality or a calm center. When people react with anger, it is often overblown and misguided resulting in no long-term change. When people try to be calm and peacefully produce change, they usually just end up being ignored because they can’t find the right channels to voice their intent. Knowing that what happens in life is usually the neutrality zone between two complete extremes, we can expect that a short fix won’t last or have any results at this point.

This is the understanding of the true importance of what is taking place and what people are shown. What they are shown is the show that is in front of the real events taking place. They are also, subsequently geared towards inducing a specific overblown response to create the initiative of personal drama. This replaces the cosmic drama and is a reflection of it.

It is actually a reflection of the cosmic drama that we see in ancient myth, and these people are simply presented to individuals and this incurs a kind of genetic memory emotional or automatic response of the archetypal energies involved.

Knowing the power in this, as well as the power is detaching from manipulation is the key, while seeing it for face value and allowing it to induce the desired response only furthers the entanglement of their power over the collective unconscious mind.

Technology has a certain place within this society, and this is to enhance the natural capabilities a person has and introduce new and more efficient ways of experiencing the truth of reality whether it be through understanding biology or the theoretical notions regarding spaces and times that are not yet seen. Is a civilization a group people undergoing the process of becoming civilized? Is this not what we are seeing through the charades and technological influence on our existence?

The question is, does ‘civilized’ indicate a state akin to an animal that has been domesticated or a person who has received insights regarding their cosmic existence.

Reacting or Contemplating and Choosing to Respond



One thought on “Forgiving the Abuser and the Scapegoat

  1. Thank you, that was nice.

    I am wondering when civilized means people in communities taking action to end homelessness and poverty and suffering in our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, corporations, groups, clubs, congregations, prisons, etc. And when they who appear to and make themselves look civilized, will want to stop inflicting these things or esteeming themselves above anyone. It will be nice when civilized means honest.


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