The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity

This is a metaphor that may help one visualization the configuration of this reality.

What we experience is similar to a projection system. It can be described relative to the large, “overhead” projector systems that are placed on a rolling cart. This also works with a reel to reel projection system, like in movie theaters.

In this metaphor, the projection device is the physical object which acts as the construct to support everything needed to project the information. The glass display is covered with slides that are filled with information written or drawn by the “teacher”. The power comes from a tube/channel that is filled with electricity and connected to a plug in the wall where there is infrastructure connecting to a grid and relay station. This is synonymous with a “world of energy”.

The light that is shone up through the display and the slides (or horizontally through each frame on the movie reel as it turns) is then projected outward onto a display that is usually a hanging screen that is a solid color to easily show contrast and details.

The metaphor is as follows: the electrical energy from the wall and grid is the ‘source’ energy or pure spirit that is flowing from the “world of spirit”. This is the raw spiritual energy that ‘lives’ through the body and the body experiences life as long as this energy is present.

The slides or the movie reel contains information that is ‘produced’, by design (with foresight of the resulting experience) by a “teacher” who is presenting a lesson to those in the classroom. The lessons is always about the true nature of the self.

The projector device itself, the light bulb, the mirrors, the frame, that is the physical biological construct which allows the whole process to occur. This is the physical body and brain.

The mind is the immaterial information, the drawings, equations, writings, or scenes that are expressed as a result of the soul information projected from each slide. This information is the immaterial mind, the connection between the body and the realm of the soul. The slides themselves contain the information that the self is identifying through on the projection while simultaneously containing information relative to the identity of the teacher designing or teaching the lesson. This is the soul energy, the blueprint, the information that pours through. The changing of these slides is actually the perception of time. The rotation of the movie reel, or the changing of the slides as the teacher moves on with each sub-lesson, creates the sensation of time. There is no actual change, no actual motion, it is about the angle of perspective and the process that takes place outside of the “projected realm”.

The screen across the room hanging from the ceiling or the wall, that is this physical realm. It is a two-dimensional surface that acts as a surface area for the projections to form and as we know these projections can easily give the illusion of three-dimensional space and the 3.5 dimensional organization of information of a “movie” or life.

While present here in this plane, we disconnect from the view of the teacher who is designing the slides, scene by scene, one lesson plan at a time with a foreknowledge of how it will play out. The characters on the screen, they believe that their existence is solidified on that screens, that it begins and ends there. This is the illusion.

This is also relative to the recent scientific discoveries that we are existing within a dimensional ‘membrane’ a ‘flat’ surface which is actually acting as a projection screen for higher-dimensional information.

The nature of the lesson is to comprehend the true reality of the process and to cultivate the awareness of the original state, the true self, that exists outside the projected realm and is actively guiding reality as we experience it. This is the larger self, the true self. This is the “teacher” who writes on the slides, or the producer of the movie on the reel. We are that identity.

On this screen, there are many characters who simply accept that the projected realm is the limitation of the universe and their experience. As a result then, the screenplay of each scene will be influenced by external stimuli and ‘props’ which are relative to that level of understanding. This is because each scene connects together in a congruent fashion that follows along an underlying ‘storyline’ which equates to a lesson plan for a person’s life.

This ‘storyline’, the lesson plan, that is the soul blueprint. Each slide or scene of the movie reel is filled with information that allows for an expansion or regression of the storyline to an awareness that is closer or farther away from the identity of the teacher who writes and changes each slide.

You could say we see through the eyes of the soul, that information is encoded onto each slide in order to represent an aspect of the self that is then shaded in, drawn, or written carefully and will produce an overall effect on the ‘other side’ of the soul-realm, the projected realm on the screen. Each slide belongs to a folder where the entire lesson plan is contained, or the movie reel is protected within the case and labeled.

Only when the character on that screen comes to know that they are actually the teacher and that their lesson plan is the soul information streaming into this projected reality will they have control over the self and come to witness the true nature of the self. Interacting from the view of the pre-designed character on the screen only strengthens the perception that the projected realm is the actual reality. This leads into many stories, entanglements, and complicated lesson plans which can serve a purpose to fulfill many.

Now we can get to the actual working of the projected information and the light itself. Imagine a person places their hands over the display of the overhead projector. What will they see on the wall? Shadow puppets. How are the shadow puppets defined? They are defined by the absence of the light shining through the area where the hands are and thus they are defined by a contrast of information on the screen. Think it over, where the light information is being blocked out 100%, you get a dark shadow on the screen and this is actually what we perceive as the “object” of the shadow puppet.

So now instead of using one’s hands to block out the light at 100% to create such a contrast. Let’s use something like the colored markers a teacher might use. So then we are blocking out much less of the light information and the various colors allow for shading, contrast, and diversity between the geometries or shapes of information and as we know this can create scenery, people, even movies or cartoons. Be sure though, this information is being projected in the same way as the shadow puppets. Light is blocked out to just an amount to create contrast with the surrounding area and shaded with a specific frequency/color which gives rise to layers of substance within the view. The projection of scenery, objects, or even written language on the wall is actually obtained by blocking out just enough of that light to produce contrast and it is the absence of light information which is being perceived here as an objective reality. This objective reality is actually only perceived due to some of that total amount of light information being blocked out and shaded to various degrees.

What happens if the light is blocked out 100% where there are objects? Then there is a basic, shadow puppet world of duality and 2-dimensionality. What if the light is released 100% Then you simply get a bright wall of light on the projection screen and there is no change, no contrast, no particular individualization of information being projected.
So each and every lesson plan or projected scene is actually obtained by blocking out just enough of that 100% pure light/awareness in order to create a reality which is some degree from 1% to 99.99% of what it actually is. This is the projected illusion. We can only ever reach towards 99.99% because reaching 100% would instantly light the entire screen up and the lesson plan would be over!

So now, to extrapolate what has now become an allegory, what happens throughout the course of “time” in the room, versus the projection? At the end of the day what does the teacher do? The teacher turns off the device removing the electrical/spiritual supply to power the projection through the slides/soul blueprint. The screen goes dark and the teacher will often roll the screen up into an “alternate” dimension for storage and this is where and when there is no longer any light, any possibility of movement or change.

What would happen to a “character” identity that would fully believe they are the character on the screen? One could say they would remain rolled up in an awkward, substance-less dimension without the variability for change or escape and that they would have to wait their until the teacher returned in the morning with a new lesson plan.

One question is, would that identity, character still exist to recognize the new lesson plan in the morning? Would the same lesson plan be repeated so they may reorganize and synchronize their awareness/identity with that of the true nature? Or would they not at all be left on the screen, quickly coming to understand their true role as the teacher or the information on the slides without having actualized this awareness while in the world of the projected experience directly?

Be assured that the teacher will remove all slides or the movie reel and this soul information will be stored away in a library of sorts where it will remain safely “outside” of the time or space of the projected realm. This is “eternal” information, yet it is dependent on the identity of the individual and whether they come to know the true self as the teacher writing the soul blueprint information into lesson plan lives of a projected experience in this reality.

Related to this as a continuation is the concept of a holographic disc. If a holographic disc is broken into many pieces and light is shined through it onto a wall then many little complete images of the holographic information will be displayed. This realm is akin to the surface membrane of such a holographic disc where everything that is projected into a seemingly 3.5 dimensional surface is actually all contained within the surface of the holographic ‘sheet’, disc, or slides.

This also then goes to relate to the holographic generation of the personality as a result of the combination of all aspects of the brain and the energy system into one congruent identity. This identity is not contained in location of the brain or another, it is contained in a collection of all parts and as a result this personality is actually a holographic representation. As long as enough material is there to form cognition, then that personality will shine through similar to a holographic disc being broken and still retaining the complete image of the whole. Sure, there can be distortions and scratches on the surface but the information is still contained.



One thought on “The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity

  1. I don’t even have Linear Time to sit and “absorb” all this yet, Aug. . But I can tell from scanning this, this explanation is just the greatest thing since Vanilla Ice Cream. LOL


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