Nothing is As It Seems, When People Want to Help The World, They Will Be United

As much as you may feel that everything here is done against your interests, the events that have been taking place are actually to produce a viable outcome for the majority, rather than just one group of people.

With the current ‘scapegoat’ based power-structure in the West, people tend to only want power for themselves and their “nation” (which is not theirs, or does not exist in the way they believe it does). Yet for every pleasure the West has, the East is suffering because of the format in which the west gains that superficial pleasure.

If the citizens themselves would unite, TO HELP the WHOLE world, rather than just themselves, then we would watch this system evolve into something more balanced.

If people fight for the cause of helping themselves, then the hoops that they have to jump through are actually keeping a balance for the whole world.

This seems counter-intuitive  but that is because on a superficial level everyone wants peace through the acquisition of peace and pleasure FOR THEMSELVES.

This is not true peace. If people want peace, they would want to help the world. IF people want to help the world, then they would do it, they would not rely on someone else’s promises of hope in order to satitiate that lust. It’s a kind of sensory related illusion due to the lack of connection as one people to fall into that program.

That’s the whole idea though, if the people as a whole can wake up to the program, then they will simply create what they want to see instead of basically taking the easy route and ‘cheating’ by attempting to have it done for them  by putting all of their energy into others who promise to do it for them.

Think about it, that is the cosmic version of attempting to look for the remote control for days instead of just getting up and turning the dial manually.

It’s a game to rely on others and leads to an eventually disappointment from the lack of truly original and personal results. This is a personal world under the guise of a collective realm and so we must strive for personal change and realize this is the highest duty we have rather than giving power to others who would then change the world for us.

These are the charades and if we allow the charades to go on so long that it brings harm to the world, and yet the people supported it and without their support it could go no where, then the blame must be accepted by the people as a whole. That is the only way to solve this, the only way to root out the distortion at the source, in the collective psyche.

If it is healed at that level, then it is healed forever. If another, more pleasant illusion is maintained, then that problem still exists and will rise to the surface again.

To hate the system is to miss the point, simply retain your energy and will-power and truly apply it towards helping others and helping to clear the collective psyche. That will result in actual change while the former simply places one into a revolving wheel of reactions and responses to predetermined scenarios.


3 thoughts on “Nothing is As It Seems, When People Want to Help The World, They Will Be United

  1. Thanks Aug T. One way I see this is Do I want to keep trying to fix the thing that broke, or Do I want to create something that works? Usually these things are concepts rather than actual physical matter. Of course if a body part is injured, I will be working on fixing that. So, no worries about the past and what’s not working. This allows me to let go of all the junk I don’t care for and focus on what I want in life – I use my energy to create that.

    Yes, I feel that focusing on what I want to create is much more productive for me than what currently exists, and I’ve often felt that if more people did this, the world would truly be peaceful and much more enjoyable in general. I’ve been focusing on what I want in my life, clearing space, and taking the actions toward creating, using my force/energy in imagining a world where peace is actual and true for all, not just for myself, but yes, for myself first. Just as the air flight attendants instruct before take-off: Place your oxygen mask on first, and then you can be of assistance to others.

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  2. I love this article! It touches on many things for me. Helping is all it seems I do. But in so doing, I one day asked myself why because everything I was doing was not working. I had to do serious self reflection. In it I found I had forgotten my first heart here to help without second thoughts. I became aware that I was helping others or the world because I wanted my children and grandchildren to have a loving world to live in. Because to me this world is anything but love, or kind. The methods used to control, manipulate and guide what is called humanity makes me sick to my stomach on all accounts. In realizing I was feeling this way, I became aware that I was feeling like I was so angry and hurt with myself for even being what I came to look at as pure selfishness. I had children when I was shown not to. Because it prevented me from honoring what I thought is why I’m here. Until I woke up and realized everything here is a game. An experiment. It was too late. My hope for having children to experience love, ended up pure selfishness it seemed. The control system destroyed any hope of this and my children were harmed as anyone here who wants to be loving, kind, happy and free.

    I came to feel even wanting to share kind love in this world is selfishness. I had to look at what I thought love was or is. I ended up remembering my heart when I came here. And began my healing and want for freedom from the hell of control, greed, lust and being other beings experiments.

    I remembered love is not how you make me feel. It’s how can I help you. Since then many layers of healing have come. And now today I accept the loneliness. And welcome the ingathering of others like me who live for all of us. Not just some.

    Before, any small or large thing I have done for good has been destroyed by those who only have credit and connections and power to steal all I do for their plans of more destruction and control.

    If I don’t get stopped this time from gathering people and seeking healing for everyone, it will be the first and only time in my entire life.

    I ended up remembering no one is an island. Yet we all are. And when you beings who control read this. Maybe you will ask yourselves when the hell you create will end. And when you will use your resources to let humanity heal instead of us being mutilated for giving ourselves to caring about the lives of those you harm live.

    It is going to take all of us together holding hands. But the selfishness of needing DNA to get into a body when that DNA isn’t yours is the root problem on earth.

    When this is addressed, true healing for everyone and everything will not be healing. It will be called ending the manipulation of that which is not yours. You being the controller beings on every level down to the police and thugs on the streets.

    It will be called restoration. The healing is needed for the controller beings who are infested with AI and haven’t ever begun to comprehend selfless love.

    The only way it seems for kind and helpful people to be free to be who we are is for the controller beings to reprogram the machines to stop causing abuse.

    Kind people only need confort to learn the hell matrix we are in so we don’t take it personally anymore. It’s the greedy, selfishness of certain races of non earthling DNA who was jealous of the original beings here that began this hell. And when these beings are stopped, taken off world or taken away from the masses, people who are kind automatically help and the game is over.

    You say we can all help each other and the madness will end. But the kind people already do that.

    The issue is how to support those who need greed, control, competition, jealousy, envy, lust and power to value kindness. Or caring at all about heart.

    If Solar Warden created this game. It’s Solar Warden who needs to end it. I’m here because if the system knew how to be kind it never would have created this mess to begin with.

    I’m here to forgive you in your face. And to give you yet one more opportunity to show me you guys and those who control the money you need have come to realize if we don’t hold hands we all become extinct. Isn’t that a form of selfishness anyway?

    How to help service to self beings who use artificial intelligence to gain desired results is the only question anyone kind has ever asked. While we comfort the broken hearts of earth.

    I’m here because it will be wonderful to see everyone wake up. Meaning the controller folks on every level.

    Such as living the teachings. The greatest master is the greatest student. Try letting kind people in your lives show you how to unravel the mess you made. And life will become amazing for everyone.

    With a love that cares about everything and everyone.

    And as always, thank you Aug. This blog is crucial. All students and employees of the military industrial complex need it badly.


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