Integrating Duality: Respecting Each Other’s Differences and Similarities As Insight Into The Universe

The most important aspect of disclosure is respecting each other. Those in our lives who trash violently against new information to the degree where it shocks us out of our comfort zone is simultaneously a lesson for both people. These individuals are teaching us how to handle the friction between two opposing internal experiences and how to respect one another.

Respect is truly an aspect of the awakened individual who sees their inherent similarity and connection to all those around them whether the people are largely different or largely similar.

This is an energetic notion, not so much physical. The physical is just a representation of those energetic differences of the mind.

Each successive layer of mind and genetics fits over one another and together, they collectively comprise the universe itself.

You can’t have one without the other, the higher without the lower and so it is that very contrast that seems to create the differences which is actually each of us expressing our capacity to work in unison for a larger system that coordinates all life.

The system of contrast can be very high and everything is polarized dual to the point of a shadow and light kind of existence. Or the contrast can be merged and managed in system of integration where the information can flow freely from one end to the other allowing perceptions to expand beyond the current model of extremes and duality and generate another, larger system which both predates and supersedes the temporal and mental confines of the current.

Some people are already making this shift and others are just coming into acknowledgement that there is something ‘missing’ in their lives. This ‘missing’ element is not an object but an experience of integration of their dual nature which drives us into seeing separation rather than similarity and congruence.

Without the harsh experience of communicating with others who do not share your beliefs and for them as well, there would be no comprehension of how complex our internal and external configurations can be allowing for entirely different experiences.

Which one is the ‘correct’ experience? Which is which? They are more reflections of each other than they are entirely different essences from entirely different worlds. If it can be experienced, it is part of one overarching world called the universe where all can exist.

Seeing what we lack in each experience is the key to improving ourselves. Thus, some people find it helpful to define their current imperfections by knowingly putting themselves in situations that will test their will-power, creativity and focus. This is part of an eternal process that each civilization partakes in merely by existing in the first place.

Each cycle of the process unveils new comprehension of the self. These cycles occur in rhythmic “processions” of bringing the internal to the physical world and seeing life in a new way each time. When we are in a cycle of high rhythmic integration, we experience a collusion and synchronization of similarities and this empowers the whole.

When we are in cycles of low rhythmic integration we experience a collusion of disorder and this empowers the individual to find themselves and their role in that larger system.


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