The Mythic Journey

Finding what we require in reality, in order to move to the next level is a paradoxical journey through time and consciousness.

We must find what we are to use, before we reach the time where we are to use it, and in this way each piece of what we are constructing will be intuitively collected before we have the final results in mind.

What this represents is a journey in which we are walking along a path that we can only perceive partially in the present and we intuitively look for and retain tools, objects, ideas, possibilities which serve a larger purpose than is comprehended initially and through this intuition process we gather all the required possibilities in part, that will soon come together and result in a “great work”.

This is like a mythical journey where what we find is only known to be of importance because it relates to something within the soul which we know will play a more important role in material reality later in the story.

Knowing what we are to gather is not a cut and dry schematic, however when one is seeing intuitively and committing to that connection within, then almost everything they come across will in some way be a part of the path that is constructed, as we walk it, to to deliver us to the next phase.


Questions and Comments

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