Pipeline Resistance, Time of Increasing Awareness; Sovereignty and Eminent Domain

This is a time where people will choose one of two paths. To accept the trampling of Earth’s resources or to voice their consent and withdraw from the system of abuse and misuse of authority through coercive and violent means.

Everything is converging to reveal the truth of this reality. The final truth is energetic and purely awareness-based. The unveiling is catalyzed with the realization that the voice of the people is reduced through a contractual acceptance of false-pretenses and suppositions.

There are laws and then there are regularity codes or statutes. Research what is happening here, this is the conflict of commercial statutes or codes and the actual natural law of the land. People must realize they’re in maritime law, effectively in martial law, if they want to understand what is happening and withdraw what is most commonly a ‘manufactured’ consent from that process.

Great Leaks: