Out of Mind Forums: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock, Natural Law and Commercial Code

This is a sign of the times.

Can it be more obvious? This is explained as the efforts of those at Standing Rock who want to bring attention to the situation as well as the failed attempts by the authorities to control the herd through fear.

The people who are spoiling the land are given a clear sign that this is not what the collective spirit desires. This is a CLEAR SIGN.

As well with this whole event people are passing around the names of the corporations and business partners who are MOTIVATING/IE: setting up the command for the PUBLIC AGENTS/authorities to CONTROL the PEOPLE.

Do you get it?

The corporations are funding and commanding the public agents who are there to protect the people. to hold the people back from protecting their land.

This is not about a protest, about people sitting in the streets like that will change something. This is not about people picking someone out and demanding an answer, no. This is literally directly about the people, and the land. Now it is shown who the foreigners are and why it is that the people are not served or protected by the business groups but are simply accessories to the overall profiteering.



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  1. About Natural Law
    It is also important to begin conversation about natural law. What is it. What is common law. And how to heal America.

    I see a humanity willing to grapple with and grow to learn how to rid self of the programs and negative beings who control us in the unseen until we say no.

    I see people caring enough about kindness and life to want to face their demons.

    But Aug, your feedback is needed here. How do you all expect the masses to take personal responsibility under natural law, when they don’t even know maritime law isn’t legal outside of the district of Columbia and DC?

    We have a massive clean up to do. I know we haven’t done this before. Choosing to get along instead of killing everything off.

    I just wonder when Solar Warden will begin speaking to the schools. And when the people will kindly offer politicians jobs so they can stop vamping on people who do work.

    When will those who elect the sheriff’s gather to lead the prisons into healing centers. With business so people who live in fear still see no reason to freak.

    When will people who talk in coffee shops realize they matter.

    When will we as a collective listen to you Aug. When everyone is to burned out?

    It’s time we all hold hands


    • Overt actions are avoided because this removes the free-will aspect of humanity’s coming to awareness and healing themselves. As well, there is a non-interference agreement. This is to prevent the situation from degrading into more hostility than is already occurring. If one side breaches this and influences the masses, then the other side has free range to do so as well.

      The change must come from within, that is how the change is experienced, it is not an external event that causes this maturation. It is the process within.

      With that said, if we experience an acceleration of events and people are not prepared, then they will experience further distortion of their consciousness.

      What we can do now is share information with those who find it relevant. Build a collective, a group of individuals that can integrate their knowledge in a way that benefits the whole.

      The internet serves a purpose for this, but the internet only works when people can actively organize. With too much filler, or too many distractions, the efficiency of results depends on what kind of information people are interested in.

      As more events take place, people will become more interested in finding out the truth. The way people can find a common resolution is by maintaining a high frequency, benevolent, self-respecting and other-self respecting attitude. This is what people struggle with as a process of maturing the awareness of the soul.


  2. This subject is heavy on my heart. I wonder how General Dunford addressed the New Republic after the US Fed defaulted, and most Americans don’t know. Most attorneys I ask don’t know. The Native American people’s are posting on YouTube asking for Obama, politicians and God to please help.

    When will they know this isn’t the US anymore…

    When will the marketers and techies who know make sure everyone knows…

    Since 2012 I’ve read so many blogs, forums, etc… People post silly remarks most of the time and others make political comments on one side or the other. But I haven’t seen one blogger except Thomas Williams who is asking people to get out and do something.

    Aug, you come from Solar Warden. If all you guys claim about yourselves is true, then it’s up to you to take action now. Not just in blogs.

    Corey Goode says he defected from Solar Warden. You indicate that you have left but are still involved. Randy Cramer says he is an active marine.

    All of you say this is about disconnecting from AI. And learning how to control self. But very, very, very few even know you are here.

    The secret space program had a convention in central Texas for the public. And most I ask in central Texas don’t even know this took place.

    So it’s a game to say this is about freeing humanity. Or letting humanity free itself. This idea that the amplifier of negativity to cause humanity to stand is more abuse. More loosh making. People are to broken and busy to know about the pipeline. And don’t know if we don’t gather to create business alternatives to offer the corporate owners who don’t care that they are killing earth and her inhabitants, unless you guys Solar Warden step in,,, hmm. Kindofa poetic way to put this.

    I just don’t see how any good will come saying humanity needs to stand when they don’t know how or they would.

    Standing in compassion, do we think cops and military or doctors or professional leaders all know of the corruption going in? And once there, what to do when the baby needs new shoes. It’s not easy to stand.

    But in positive energy all things are possible. The elite know this is the era of returning the resources to the people. Surely Solar Warden who was financed to do what’s happened should be supported to help massively right now.

    Ask we must.
    So here I am, Solar Warden and those behind the elite, please do your part for healing what you harmed. Please, it is time.

    With compassion for the temporal and a knowing a beautiful path is possible for all who aren’t afraid to learn how to be positive.

    Please offer this Texas oil company insentives for switching industries.


    • Please watch/listen to my interviews and discussion if you are interested in my information. Share this information and share your information with as many people as you want to influence. https://augtellez.wordpress.com/interviewspanel-chats/

      Each person is responsible for their own actions. If people are to rely on others then they will be giving their power away.

      The change that benefits the whole must come from people otherwise the same problems will occur again.


      • Thank you for responding Aug. Thank you for enduring the pain you’ve been tortured to live so you can share this information.
        And yes, sharing as far an wide as we can see how to.

        I would appreciate you giving us a description of Solar Warden people who are sleeping can handle as their first impression (contact) because all of us who read this information are already prepared and seeking. But it’s to scary for the people. And seeming death for those already intrenched in the negativity.

        Full disclosure is possible and needed because partial is still a manipulation.

        But we need you guys boots on the ground. You guys have the technology to fix everything. Free will isn’t free when people don’t know what is happening. Free thinking isn’t really happening while people are still programmed and don’t know it.

        Aug, I’ve shared your site with some leading the Native American
        efforts on the pipeline. They are racing and to busy to hear.

        So I say of us, if we care, it’s about gathering. My hearts renderings Aug are nearly pointless without your knowledge and willingness to explain and or define the science behind my words.

        My creations touch hearts. They heal the pain. But people don’t understand how. They need you to learn the science so the mind and heart can take action.

        And life needs all who read this information to share it in conversation offline not just to repost on another cyberspace channel.

        People in my town are waking up and beginning to talk openly about the unveiling. It’s time for you Solar Warden to help the matrix players like the police, attorneys, judges and thugs on the streets to know you. I’ve already begun sharing this blog with these people.

        But we need you guys who are behind Aug to please stop the games. Please introduce yourselves to the firemen, nurses, teachers, etc.

        And to those behind Solar Warden, we can do this! Please disconnect from the AI that controls most of you.

        Please everyone, look at the Apple from every emotion. Notice how you feel about the apple through each emotion. Notice how you think about the apple when you are fussy. Then try jealous. Then try insecure. Then try compassion. Then try forgiveness. Then gratitude. And notice how each emotion sees the apple differently.

        This is a beginners path to knowing self.

        Now do this exercise with your life. How you shop, why, when. Begin with what comes naturally. And take notes so you can begin to control your reactions.

        After that, begin to cleanse the diet. Because until the body has living food it can only die a slow and painful death.

        As the body is relieved of toxins the mind and heart automatically awaken with unconditional love, when the body has enough earthling DNA.

        We don’t have time to cleanse and learn these things with the pipeline mess going.

        So you see, Aug and Solar Warden, even the best of us, can’t do this without you.

        Looking up for miracles!!! Yay!!!


        • And Aug thank you deeply for also bringing up how each individual must stand to avoid repeat. Like when stuff happens and people leave town instead of facing stuff to work it out. To own what parts we play in how our lives play out.

          I did that several times thinking I was protecting myself and my children. Only to live the same scenarios, different day. Until finally, I realized if I didn’t leave, in positive energy, the crap stops.

          I hope people will grasp how deeply crucial your work is Aug. Thank you so much. I keep thanking you feeling like it’s to much but you keep writing things that touch my core knowing that your work is maybe more important than we might all realize.

          It will be nice when your work becomes homework for all educational institutions.


  3. Aug, please tell us your take on this! Do you agree that as people learn about the reptilian brain inserted into the human body and the programs inserted into the DNA that they will grasp the difference between positive and negative energy?.

    It looks to me that if people will stand in the choice to say no to negative thinking and feeling, in a positive energy field they can gather to find creative solutions to stopping the pipeline mess. Which is already leaking and destroying the drinking water for America.

    Do you agree Aug?

    I keep seeing people calling the right offices so much the mess ends. Just as the Bundy ranch mess was tossed out by the supreme court. I know if they took a negative stand no good would have come.

    I often feel the crazy with the pipeline, the fact that the Fed ended in May of this year and we are pretending elections and why? The elite have always known this era would be about returning the wealth of earth and earth, Gaia to the people.
    So it looks like all the crazy is an attempt to see who is awake spiritually and who isn’t. Who grasps energy and who doesn’t.

    No one seems to be educating the Native American people’s about how this is about heart and attitude. We either forgive and choose compassion for everyone and everything or more blood will be shed. We don’t need this loosh being generated.

    We need the marketers to stand up and begin emailing the schools and groups.

    People are too busy to know about the pipeline issues. I’m in Texas and they are building another one here. And even in Texas so many don’t even know about the pipeline in Texas much less Dakota.

    Given all of this, Aug do you agree that once humanity is Given knowledge of the programs and how to be an observer of self vs simply reacting, as a collective we will have the ability to solve this.

    I know we can stop the pipeline mess. We do business instead of protesting.

    This is so important. The Corp of engineers and this Texas oil company have the ability to turn this around and make a profit by going in another direction. And will also have support of humanity when they do. Everyone in business knows it’s easier to make money when the customer is happy.

    Aug, we need your explanation of the science of what is happening in a way the average person can understand.

    I believe in every one of us to do the right thing. Everyone must take action here. Everyone must get involved. And we need creativity not repeat broken records of protesting when that only makes everyone angry.

    Please Aug, maybe even share so a child can understand. Because it is the children who will suffer most I’d we don’t stop talking and start acting. Schools should be on this. Congregations of all religions. The Girls and Boys clubs. Everyone is needed and I’m amazed to see how few even know if we don’t hurry up, everyone will have to leave America.

    I am very much looking forward to your response Aug. And it would be thrilling to see folks offer suggestions here!

    After all, the Buffalo get it. What are we doing?


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