Out of Mind Forums: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock, Natural Law and Commercial Code

This is a sign of the times.

Can it be more obvious? This is explained as the efforts of those at Standing Rock who want to bring attention to the situation as well as the failed attempts by the authorities to control the herd through fear.

The people who are spoiling the land are given a clear sign that this is not what the collective spirit desires. This is a CLEAR SIGN.

As well with this whole event people are passing around the names of the corporations and business partners who are MOTIVATING/IE: setting up the command for the PUBLIC AGENTS/authorities to CONTROL the PEOPLE.

Do you get it?

The corporations are funding and commanding the public agents who are there to protect the people. to hold the people back from protecting their land.

This is not about a protest, about people sitting in the streets like that will change something. This is not about people picking someone out and demanding an answer, no. This is literally directly about the people, and the land. Now it is shown who the foreigners are and why it is that the people are not served or protected by the business groups but are simply accessories to the overall profiteering.



9 thoughts on “Out of Mind Forums: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock, Natural Law and Commercial Code

  1. Aug, please tell us your take on this! Do you agree that as people learn about the reptilian brain inserted into the human body and the programs inserted into the DNA that they will grasp the difference between positive and negative energy?.

    It looks to me that if people will stand in the choice to say no to negative thinking and feeling, in a positive energy field they can gather to find creative solutions to stopping the pipeline mess. Which is already leaking and destroying the drinking water for America.

    Do you agree Aug?

    I keep seeing people calling the right offices so much the mess ends. Just as the Bundy ranch mess was tossed out by the supreme court. I know if they took a negative stand no good would have come.

    I often feel the crazy with the pipeline, the fact that the Fed ended in May of this year and we are pretending elections and why? The elite have always known this era would be about returning the wealth of earth and earth, Gaia to the people.
    So it looks like all the crazy is an attempt to see who is awake spiritually and who isn’t. Who grasps energy and who doesn’t.

    No one seems to be educating the Native American people’s about how this is about heart and attitude. We either forgive and choose compassion for everyone and everything or more blood will be shed. We don’t need this loosh being generated.

    We need the marketers to stand up and begin emailing the schools and groups.

    People are too busy to know about the pipeline issues. I’m in Texas and they are building another one here. And even in Texas so many don’t even know about the pipeline in Texas much less Dakota.

    Given all of this, Aug do you agree that once humanity is Given knowledge of the programs and how to be an observer of self vs simply reacting, as a collective we will have the ability to solve this.

    I know we can stop the pipeline mess. We do business instead of protesting.

    This is so important. The Corp of engineers and this Texas oil company have the ability to turn this around and make a profit by going in another direction. And will also have support of humanity when they do. Everyone in business knows it’s easier to make money when the customer is happy.

    Aug, we need your explanation of the science of what is happening in a way the average person can understand.

    I believe in every one of us to do the right thing. Everyone must take action here. Everyone must get involved. And we need creativity not repeat broken records of protesting when that only makes everyone angry.

    Please Aug, maybe even share so a child can understand. Because it is the children who will suffer most I’d we don’t stop talking and start acting. Schools should be on this. Congregations of all religions. The Girls and Boys clubs. Everyone is needed and I’m amazed to see how few even know if we don’t hurry up, everyone will have to leave America.

    I am very much looking forward to your response Aug. And it would be thrilling to see folks offer suggestions here!

    After all, the Buffalo get it. What are we doing?


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