Transtemporal Operations

The meetings that took place between myself and what you could call the guardians of the sacred knowledge occurred in a reverse temporal order.

The first time I met them, as a child, was the last time they met with me. During each successive meeting, I was informed of what was to come as that next phase for this world was the previous phase that they had just traveled from.

This results in them moving backwards through time to organize the answers regarding the eventual existence of humanity, coming from a society that exists in a harmonic universe ‘above’ the one we are currently in now.

Those from these operations are individuals that are a part of this group and we have come back to this harmonic universe in order to inform the public and prepare them for the shift to come that is the convergence of the knowledge of these two societies.

This can happen continually in time until the knowledge of this civilization spans across multiple harmonic universes.


This is what I am describing in all my previous posts.

Imagine there were explorations that covered all areas of existence and knowledge. Where would you start transferring the information to others? Through a linear outline as they occurred? What if they occurred in a web pattern across time? Would you start at the most important topic? What if there re both threats as well as discoveries that help us fulfill our potential? Would you start where it is easiest to understand? What if each concept requires other concepts to explain and there is a complex matrix of interaction, deception, the truth about reality, and the very nature of existence? What if every single explanation is outside of what people are taught and this is intentional in order to keep them from the truth?

This is all more direct in planning, but the resistance of people to new information is actually the difficulty. Presenting the information as it exists, is fairly simple. Maintaining a conscious link to a varied group of individuals that all process information at different rates and with different amounts of distortion due to the belief-control system takes more effort than speaking simply to those who are ready and thus it is more effective to conform to the few who are already keeping up with the knowledge than to try to present different writings that apply to each individual layer of awareness.

Some have known these truths for all of time. Humanity itself is a multidimensional species on a living dimensional ship. Yet if people are informed that there is a group of individual who activated this potential for their civilization, they have trouble believing it even when it is of their own nature. Thus, cognitive dissonance is demonstrated.

I feel this blog is all over the place because I did exactly what I described above. I wrote to some people, then to others at another layer, and then others. Each writing attempts to communicate the same information across multiple degrees of variance from the generally accepted notions, each at different times and all from the same source/writer on the same blog. Of course what results is as jumbled as is peoples’ collective and personal history of existence.

The truth will become clearer and the knowledge will be known as that is part of the cycle of existence. It’s just whether we will be around to see humanity flourish in their acceptance of self-responsibility and thus the application of the truth of humanity’s reality.

This is the time of the convergence. Everyone will chose their path if they haven’t already. Either trust is known liars who benefit for your lack of power, or begin to decipher the system of deception that has been pulled over your eyes for generations and polluted your environment and bodies. One path everyone takes responsibility for their actions, the other path, people are no longer capable of being responsible for themselves as it is decided that the best option is to take care of people’s individuals responsibilities for them, for their own safety.

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5 thoughts on “Transtemporal Operations

  1. Thank you Aug! I just read this post to my teenager. I create my own income and the folks who need greed destroy me time and time again for not selling my soul off for money and material comfort. We suffer things those around us don’t. And right now someone is claiming to be a client and instead of paying me she is working to control me with no vision in site for me to have space to get new clients who will simply buy my art for what it’s worth. Instead of trying to see what I need and arguing with me like a client has a right to do this. But I’m an artist and haven’t had a job in thirty years. I do projects. But she found me when I was on the ground wobbling back to life after two reptilian beings tried to own me for six years all the while I was tortured and never gave in. They finally destroyed me until we were homeless. But I never gave in. And it took a lot and wore me out. She found me licking my wounds between accounts. And decided that I needed to be controlled because I was between accounts and lost everything in Katrina and still don’t have savings. Because I’m willing to live on the edge until suitable accounts are established, she felt it was a good time to show me that because of material lack that I’m not ready to return to business yet. So she piece mealed my income from our deal to watch how I would react. She isn’t doing business,she’s stuck in church benevolency and looking down on those who aren’t privy to the finer things in life. She’s a control being in finance and certain she’s right. We went to the grocery store for example because I don’t have a vehicle yet due to the physical wounds from Katrina. While with my teenager, she grabbed my cart. And began pulling my bags out of my hands demanding she was doing this. She wouldn’t let me push my own cart or handle my own bags. I pulled them from her but she pulled back. So I had to raise my voice in the store and I said, “stop it! Just because you are here doesn’t give you any power or authority to control me. Let go and I’m shopping for myself now. Thank you, I appreciate the ride but I will handle my shopping.”

    She got really mad at me. Well months back we talked about doing a business deal to help people who don’t know how to work for themselves to learn how.

    Last week she said she isn’t interested because I need to much control. I looked at her and asked her what is wrong with me needing and demanding control over my own life?! She was quiet. And I served her a yummy cup of coffee and let her think about it.

    I’m sharing this because it’s a very tangible example of what Aug is talking about. And I’m Sharing this for you readers who can use this for yourselves. And or to share this with others.

    Since 2012 my every effort is teaching self reliance. How when someone is hungry don’t send them to a food bank. Let them mow the lawn. Clean the car. Something, anything wholesome instead. We need to help by enabling self reliance not hindering it.

    When people are needing help don’t send them to the church or welfare. No more food stamps. Before the expired Fed was created, we didn’t have welfare and food stamps. We didn’t have roommate living. We had bording houses. Meals were good and well balanced and everyone are well.

    Since 2012 I’ve asked folks who don’t work for the industrial military complex what will they do for family who do work for them as the system shuts down.

    Every day I find folks who are up for a chat, I ask them if they are prepared to help thier relative who became a lawyer while the family remained working class. I ask if they will be able to forgive the arrogance and greed of that family member. And if they will invite that family member and their spouse and children to stay with them as they have never been legally allowed to practice maritime law outside of the district of Columbia and DC. And as the people find out the US Fed expired in May and we are no longer the United states of America, folks will demand a shift. I ask if they are prepared to help clean up the mess?

    I ask attorneys if they will study common law and how they can leave the bar and get a trade that isn’t treason against us. They often blush and tell me it’s time to look at this. Other attorneys just get choked up.

    I was sued by a massive global conglomerate who had no right to sue me. I asked the judge if she sees me as a straw man or a being, a living,breathing being. She said she sees me both ways. I then told her in the court room I thought we ended these games in 2012? She smiled and I said, I need you to explain the meaning of this continued tyranny. And I need you to know I see you as a being who has worked hard to become a judge. And I’m working so you playing the roles in the holy sea won’t be arrested for continuing to play this game. She told me that was kind of me. I told her she is needed to fix this mess. And that I believe in her and the officer who was there to remember we are all really family. And we need all hands on deck. To please confess the wrong so pardon can come and together we can rebuild. She said she wishes the best for all of us.

    After court someone asked me how I did that. Because she could have called for contempt of court. I responded, this is my life. It’s my job to own it and take care of it. So it’s my job to seek to help all of us. I didn’t attack her. I was simply honest and firm about the fact that this is illegal, unacceptable and together we have to fix it. The person was dumbfounded.

    So here is another example of what you Aug are saying.

    And so we can take this information and begin to look at ways we can think and do for ourselves.

    Another way is to create things you can trade instead of using fiat.

    I look forward to everyone who gets it helping folks we live around learn how to remember and relearn how humanity knows how to take care of itself.

    We are all more capable than we realize.


  2. “the resistance of people to new information is actually the difficulty”

    This quote explains the central problem we are facing right now. The humans who do not have “open minds” – for whatever reason – are a major cause of the continuance of the suffering on this planet. My direct experience is that it is survival fears – subconscious and conscious that cause their minds to stay closed. Religion was the perfect tool for control – keep them all scared of hellfire and damnation and they will say and do anything to avoid that. Nor will they listen to any idea or information that threaten those they think are their ticket to Heaven.
    That is about to change. And if I ever have enjoyed anything in my life, it will not compare to how I am going to enjoy what is about to happen.
    Those of us who LOVE this Planet are having an effect. We have asked for assistance and we are getting it. Love, Compassion, Reverence for All Life is taking over the Wheel.

    You are doing a good job Aug. I doubt very seriously that they have a “Creative Writing Course” in the DUM Bases or the DSF. No one expects you to be a professional author — they all have Editors. You are providing a Service to Others project of giving information out for free to those of us who would not be able to afford it or obtain it otherwise. I am grateful for your work and hope that you are infinitely blessed in return.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes Tweetypie, it’s also great for those who can afford it but won’t. I’ve experienced the same you have. Wondering why sleeping is better.

      Simply the plan to destroy American people almost worked.

      Folks think the games are life.

      That’s why folks like me showed up. We radiate our frequency and no one needs to understand. They just know they feel better and begin thinking first instead of reacting and feeling regret.

      But I’ve come to realize this isn’t helping the individual.

      If we do as Aug suggested, critical mass will have the information. And then it will become part of daily conversation as we heal and rise up!

      If everyone awake enough to read this information will share it everywhere, amazing results will come. We will as a group be making miracles if we share with unconditional love.
      I’m grateful for you Tweetypie and you Aug and everyone.


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