On The Coming Events –

Preface: I am just a person with ideas, I have had experiences and been shown things by those who have the power and knowledge to see beyond the limited scope that most have.

I often get so discouraged going back and re-reading my posts after a few days or hours. Who do I think I am? I’m just someone who has had experiences and there are literally thousands of people who have also had experiences. Everyone has seen something. I want to make that clear, it would be inaccurate to say represent myself as something I’m not, anything other than a person who has had experiences that has given him insights. Thank you for reading, have a look, maybe you’ll see something you like. I enjoy discussing philosophy, psychology, theoretical concepts, thought-experiments, and a lot of other subjects.

I was informed how the public would be given the required hints and cues to wake up. It’s just that simple. You are watching the exposure of the mainstream media.

How is the exposure of the mainstream media related to the “reality” of the situation? The mainstream media is controlled and operated by a few powerful groups.

Is that news? Is that reasonable? No more than if you wanted all of the money in the world controlled by a single group who decides who suffers and who lives easily based on cronyism alone rather than some kind of deeper spiritual process.

Is news “news” if it is selected information that is ALWAYS stripped of anything relevant to that which would inform people of the truth? What is it then?

So what does it mean if this situation is fueled by ignorance and distortion of the truth?

What does this indicate beyond this or how this is related to the larger picture?

What does the media have to do with the authoritative process regarding this society and the power-structure?

Could it be that the apocalyptic disclosure, a part of the ‘unveiling’ (phase 1 to be specific http://theunveilingofthehiddenknowledge.wordpress.com/) is simply that hundreds of millions of people will suddenly have to accept that their entire foundation of ‘civility’ and ‘security’ is shown to be a lie based on false premises that were pulled over their ancestor’s eyes hundreds of years ago?

Would that be enough to “pop” the minds of many and cause a cathartic process of acknowledging the deception, the suffering, the manipulation, the mental and emotional pain that has been caused? Would it be enough to find out it was all because people were too caught up in their own affairs to realize they are going to wake up finding themselves in a house of mirrors and horrors?

Who’s responsible for who? People are responsible for themselves. If people want to blame others, then they are claiming that they are not responsible for their own attention and focus and thus welcoming a deeper measure of control and they will receive it through willful ignorance leading to a lack of personal power or the.

Here’s the kicker.

Click read more to read the rest. Just like if some from the “light” factions choose to present themselves to “save” humanity, well what then stops the “dark” faction from going and unleashing all out hell? That is per the non-interference agreement as well as common sense. If people do not know there are secret space factions of the military with advanced technology and knowledge, then they do not know there are dark factions as well. If the light factions go overt, then so do the dark factions. Which option is safer? Jumping the gun, or waiting for the right moment?

When is the right moment? When people can handle the information and the knowledge it leads to.

What’s stopping people from being capable? Are they not already capable. Yes (I have to answer my own questions because no one will ask them!), people are capable. They are given a life plan that perfectly matches what they desire.

The issue is what has to happen for people to learn that nothing is as it seems? How will their psychology be affected by discovering the corruption, and then the deep knowledge that has been around for millenia and just so happens to be known by all those in power?

There is a gradient, a spectrum of response. People will initially reject and react to the truth as if it is the most dangerous information to their existence. That is because they are wrapped up in a false-persona which is generated via the introduction of little false-beliefs one at a time until a completely false-belief system is generated.

Then, to defend this false-belief system, people generate a false sense of self to fit right in. It is this false sense of self, this imbalanced ego which serves to defend the illusion, to convince people that it’s ok just because everyone else is doing it. This is NOT THE SELF. This is the ILLUSION.

This ILLUSION is what POWERS the CHARADES. The false PERSONA which is developed from the introduction of DISTORTED PERCEPTIONS is CONSTRUCTED carefully over hundreds and thousands of years. The end result is the PRODUCTION of an IDENTITY that is MANUFACTURED by those who are manipulating the psychology of the people through reinforced distorted perceptions.

As soon as people agree to partake in actions that harm the SELF, which is ALSO the WHOLE of the universe, then people will generate excuses that belong to a BELIEF-SYSTEM which then allows the individual to convince themselves that what they are doing is appropriate, even though it is HARMFUL and DISHARMONIC. Say no to evil!

This is the most articulate psychological manipulation by groups who have very very deep knowledge of the human mind or soul.

When these artificial delusions are shattered, people who experience life from the seat of the EGO, then perceive that their world is crashing down around them.

Could you see how others who know the truth would perceive this as their world finally being LIBERATED?

So what happens is there is resistance to what is happening and this is like a psychological process of accepting something that someone does not want to accept. First the ego perceived ego-death whereas there is no longer a viable reference point from which the identity, the self can be comparatively derived.

If the people in power are presenting a false-reality, a show, what does that mean about the individuals who believed it? Is their reality a show? Are they fake? Do they no longer exist or have a place in the universe?

These are all the symptoms of the false-belief system connected to the false-persona that people generated to convince themselves that something harmful is acceptable for reasons that do not change the premise! It’s a form of collective psychosis!

So this must be healed. People will resist and reject however those who have sought the truth will know what is happening and be able to understand that it was NEVER REAL. There is TOO much knowledge found in secret for the ENTIRE population to be filled in simultaneously. Most people wouldn’t understand.

So this is an individual process of self-discovery that people go through and there will be signs and events that encourage a greater degree of self-discovery whether some perceive this as ‘good’ or some perceive this as ‘bad’. Truth is TRUTH.

So this brings us to a moderately deliberated conclusion. People must go through this cathartic process of self-discovery and an unveiling of the darkness or shadow consciousness counterpart of the conscious mind and this is something that influences and activates the whole being.

Why is this the way it is? Because the deeper truth is that NOTHING is as it seems, we are experiencing life through a conscious/unconscious feedback loop where we are simultaneously creating the next moments unconsciously while experiencing them consciously. Humanity is split mind because the unconscious and the conscious are perceived as too separate concepts! They are two sides of the same coin just like this universe is one side of a counterpart! The diversal continuum is WITHIN people! “Out here” we are experiencing what can be described as a biological entrainment with a collective realm that can bend or sway depending on the INTENTION and CREATIVE POWER of the individual and the collective!

Because of this very notion, we can see that what we are experiencing here is akin to a dream! It’s not that “NOTHING” is real! That doesn’t even make sense! It’s that this is just one layer of a multidimensional universe and the physical layer, being fleeting and infinitesimally temporary, can only reflect upon a portion of the whole in each moment! It’s inherently half of the equation! The rest must be identified and developed through introspection and psycho-analysis of the self and the universe and this is simultaneously creation and reconnection with what actually exists out there, through what is within us!

The big secret is everyone in the charades is attempting to show you this, albeit through whatever means necessary and some people would like a swift kick in the ass before they accept the truth! Ultimately, everyone is here for the truth otherwise we wouldn’t be here at all! It’s just about what kind of gradient of rejection and struggling people will force themselves to go through until they comprehend that they can simply let go of the false sense of the self, the illusory persona, the imbalanced ego that first feels fear at the sight of the unknown and then seeks revenge. That is the illusion!

This is the time where people come together and change history for the first time ever by actually generating it from within based on what we know of the self and the way the soul relates to the truth, how awareness relates to reality, and how the conscious mind relates to PERCEPTION. REGARDLESS of what happens, this is what’s going to play out because this is the TURNING POINT whether people go one way or the other.

The second kicker is that once some of the truth begins to show, ALL OF IT will be revealed. You can’t figure out that a part of the system is based in deception and manipulation without seeing how it connects to every other part!

So once it starts, it won’t stop! That’s the kicker! People must prepare by looking within, introspecting and determining whether their true self, the eternal awareness is respected by simply reacting or by becoming AWARE of the nature of the lower consciousness as a kind of mind of it’s own that can REACT and CHOOSING to contemplate the nature of existence and creatively GENERATING the most beneficial and productive RESPONSE for the whole in any given situation.

This is the same format it has always been, it’s just that now the props of this reality, the “stakes” are perceived as that much more rewarding for those who take the initiative! It has always been a journey of the self, a re-discovery of the true nature of being.

To put this in perspective, Phase 3 of what was described to me as “The Unveiling” which has taken place before in other ways (https://theunveilingofthehiddenknowledge.wordpress.com/) consists in part of the disclosure of the discoveries relative to the ORIGINS OF THE HUMAN RACE.

People must learn to let go of emotional baggage and CHOOSE HEALING instead of reacting through lower consciousness. This is all planned as part of a process that takes place and ultimately unveils the soul.



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